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Hitler, Cuckoldry and Racecars: The Story of the Greatest Short Squeeze of All Time

2020.04.09 14:12 KimchiCuresEbola Hitler, Cuckoldry and Racecars: The Story of the Greatest Short Squeeze of All Time

Hitler, Cuckoldry and Racecars: The Story of the Greatest Short Squeeze of All Time
Hi, my name is Kimchi and I'm an...
Whoops, wrong venue... I wrote up the following storytime post last week during the dark times and was going to just let it die after getting automod'ed a few times... but a few of you autists seem to want to read it. Markets have flowed differently (#RIP🌈🐻, #RIP💎🖐) since then, but the story is one worth reading none-the-less. Enjoy and good hunting:
(Originally posted Saturday, April 4th, 2020): It's been one hell of a week... markets fucked the bears, then the bulls then anyone long gamma. Growth died, value (ex-energy) died and momentum died. If your portfolio's still alive... congrats on your #thetagang tendies & there's still the weekend for Trump to tweet something out to completely screw your "portfolio".
With one little tweet on Thursday, Trump got the markets more excited than a teenager discovering porn for the first time:
Note the words \"expect\" and \"hope\"
Damn if that didn't go and destroy 🌈🐻 in a single tweet. Credit spreads led by shitty e&p's tightened, equities ignored the largest initial jobless claims number ever and crude oil had the largest single day return of all time. Straight up boiler room shit. If market-manipulation weren't illegal, he'd be claiming to have engineered the "greatest pump of all time"
Except he'd be wrong. That award goes to a little company called Porsche.
The Squeeze
Remember 2008? Bear Stearns was bailed out, Lehman was allowed to fail and shit was hitting the fan. GM, Ford and Chrysler were begging for handouts in the middle of the worst auto market in 25 years.
Now if I were to tell you that for a brief period that year, that Volkswagen became the largest company in the world, would you believe me?
Now those are some serious gainz
For a few brief minutes on October 28th, 2008, the price of Volkswagen stock was up more than 113% in a day, hitting €1,005/share (for you autists, a € is like a $, except when you put it in the bank they take some away from you instead of giving you more) and beating out ExxonMobil to be the largest company in the world (for a couple minutes). This was after the stock had already shot up 93% the day before.
So how did this epic two day squeeze happen? To explain, we have to look back at history, starting with WWII.
The Part With Hitler
It was the mid-1930's and Hitler was chomping at the bit to get a chance at a rematch with the US for the title belt. He was doing what he could to boost up the German economy and wanted a car that could rival Ford's. He commissioned Volkswagen to create low-cost transportation for the German people and an up-and-coming engineer by the name of Ferdinand Porsche designed the iconic Beetle.
He became famous for his work and left to start making sports cars on his own. Thus Porsche was born.
The Part With the Cuckoldry
Porsche had two kids, a son and a daughter, and the daughter married a dude named Piëch and so the Porsche and Piëch families ended up controlling the Porsche company. Happy ending, right?
The Porsche and Piëch families fucking hated each other. The Porsches looked down upon Piëchs because they weren't real Porsches. The Piëchs looked down upon the Porsches because they were weak and cucks. Literally.
Porsche family tree. This guy fucks.
Ferdinand Piëch (remember the name... he's important later) had a public affair with his cousin's wife for twelve years and even had two children with her. Can see why the two families hated each other, right?
The families fought about everything and finally, in 1970, decided that no member of the Porsche or Piëch family should work at the family company and that outside managers would run the company. Great, right? Well not for Ferdinand Piëch.
You see... our boy Ferdinand was an up and rising star in the automobile world and was the leading contender to take over as CEO of Porsche. But because of this squabble, he was forced out of the company he was a shareholder of and took at job at Audi, a Volkswagen owned brand. He rose up the ranks and became CEO of Audi in 1988 and CEO of Volkswagen in 1993.
The First One's Free
Porsche's long relationship with Volkswagen now spanned three generations. Post-WWII, Porsche relied on Volkswagen more and more as a partner, even to the point of many of their cars essentially being Volkswagen chassis with a Porsche engine.
But there was one issue. Volkswagen was a super low margin company ($125bn in revenue vs $2.2bn net income in 2005) and so as a shitty company, its market cap was only $17bn. Super cheap and open to a hostile takeover (which would've ended this decades old relationship).
The state of Lower Saxony in Germany had held a 20.2% voting block in Volkswagen ever since it was privatized so to prevent any future hostile takeovers of Volkswagen, Porsche really only had to hold a small position. They announced that they were spending $4.2bn for a 18.5% stake in Volkswagen.
Porsche Goes Autist
Like each of you autist knows... there's no feeling like clicking that "buy" button for the first time. Porsche effectively positioned itself to block any hostile takeover of Volkswagen, but it had now tasted the sweet sweet taste of trading and now wanted more.
It started trading Volkswagen. First by buying a few more shares at a time, then by buying calls. Eventually they were doing exotic structured products trades with investment banks with the underlying being... you guessed it, Volkswagen stocks.
By 2008, Porsche had a 35% equity stake in Volkswagen. It was still selling cars, but like a true autist, it was raking in tendies from trading derivatives on Volkswagen. Of its 2Q profits in 2008, only 20% came from making cars and the rest came from "hedging transactions". A true autist and seriously one of us.
Listed companies have different ways they can practice shitty corporate governance and screw over their shareholders. One method is to have two different shares of stocks (see $SNAP, $GOOGL) where one class, the ordinary (ords) have voting rights and the preferred (prefs) have a "guaranteed" dividend, but no voting rights. Depending on the dividend, important shareholder votes, etc the price action of ords and the prefs may be slightly different day to day, but they're still shares of the same company so they should move in sync over the long run.
Chart 1 - Candle: Ords, Green: Prefs [Normalized to 100] // Chart 2 - Red: Spread
In 2008, the candle (Volkswagen ords) and green (Volkswagen pref) lines started moving apart in March and accelerated throughout the year. This got the attention of the guys on Arbitrage desks at hedgies, prop houses.
When you hear "Arbitrage" (See also: LTCM), think "Literally can't go tits up" desk. They do "risk free" trades and this type of trade was perfect.
You see... having a 35% ownership of Volkswagen, Porsche had also announced that it wasn't buying any more shares. So in theory these two lines should've been moving together and there wasn't any risk of this spread going higher. By buying the prefs (the green line) and shorting the voting right ords (candle), hedgies could eat this spread "risk-free". Eventually that spread would come together. By early October 2008, this trade was incredibly popular and short interest on the ords was 12%
Porsche Goes Full Autist
On October 26th, 2008, Porsche, in a press release, stated that instead of 35%, it now owned 42.6% of Volkswagen ordinary shares. It also announced that it owned call options (in the form of structured products) on an additional 31.5% of the company. It was now officially announcing its intention to take out Volkswagen, after saying for over a year it had no intention to.
Ferdinand Piëch who was still CEO (and also a 10% owner of Porsche; board member of both companies... great corporate governance, right?) showed that he had engineered a way to not only cement himself permanently as CEO of Volkswagen, but by combining the two companies, become an even bigger presence in the auto world than his grandpappy.
If you're following along and doing the math.... Porsche with 42.6% of voting equity + 31.5% via calls = 74.1% of the company. Also the state of Lower Saxony owned 20.2% and index funds owned an approx 5%. That's 99% of all the ords. The holders of the 12% short interest were... royally fucked.
Some of the world-famous hedgies that got bent over during those two days include: Steve Cohen, David Einhorn, Paul Singler.
The Aftermath
The funny thing is that Porsche had really, truly gone full autist on the trade. Porsche had borrowed more than €15bn to finance the stock and derivative purchases over 3 years and €10bn of that was due soon (in the middle of the financial crisis... guess if they were able to refinance). To make matters worse... in true autist form, they didn't have the money on hand to take delivery of the shares they had the right to buy via their options.
Ultimately, in what is a fucked up ending to a fucked up story.... Volkswagen bailed out Porsche by buying Porsche AG (the manufacturing arm) from Porsche SE (the holding company) so that Porsche SE (the holding company) could finish buying Volkswagen. Essentially... Porsche SE now owned Volkswagen who owned Porsche AG. Hmm.
Porsche's CEO gets fired for this royal fuck-up and goes to work as a pizza boy at a pizzeria (really). Ferdinand Piëch, as a large stakeholder in Porsche, now controls the company he's the CEO of.
And thus ends the story of the greatest short squeeze of all time.
tl;dr: Germans went full autist, causing an automaker to become the largest company in the world during the middle of the GFC.
Positions: None
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2019.08.30 02:47 JD20shoots3s BSPN: 2014 Playoff Preview

Hello everyone and welcome to the official BSPN playoff preview. This is going to be a in-depth analysis of the 1st round match-ups followed by a less intensive analysis of the predicted match-ups, written by me on behalf of BSPN. This year we will be including other moderator's predictions as well as my own.

Match-up 1: New York Knicks vs. Detroit Pistons

For the 3rd year in a row the New York Knicks hold the number 1 seed in the East. For the 3rd year in a row they should skate through this round fairly easily. They are led by back-to-back Finals MVP Danilo Gallinari and he will surely want to secure his team the three-peat. They return far more than just their star, they are actually returning their top 9 players from their championship team of last year. This season has seen Cole Aldrich finally take over for David Lee in the starting lineup, however David Lee has settled into his role quite nicely as the go-to player on offense off the bench. I expect the Knicks to go very far this post season once again.
The Detroit Pistons have taken a step back from last season, but that is largely due to losing their starting point guard, and only primary ball handler to a season ending ACL tear. The rest of the team is built well, they have reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Greg Monroe, leading the way surrounded with a bunch of long, athletic defenders. They will keep this series low scoring but they lack the star power and fire power to overtake the Knicks in my opinion.
JDshoots3s ClevelandFan sbarros21 Daniel Po
Knicks in 5 Knicks in 6 Knicks in 6 Knicks in 6 Knicks in 5

Match-up 2: Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards

The Boston Celtics are one of the deepest teams in the history of this league, and this depth has led them to their first playoff appearance since 2010. They don't have a true star but they have 8 players who would be solid starters on just about any team. Team legend Paul Pierce is also still on the roster and he looks to end his career on a high note. This team may pose the Knicks an issue as they will be one of the first times they face a team deeper than themselves.
The Wizards have made the conference finals three times. THREE times. That is every time they have made the playoffs. I do not see them doing that this year, however they do have a slight shot. They run a unique lineup that features two PGs and two Cs with a hybrid forward in Michael Beasley. They are led however by Al Horford they are going to need Horford to have the series of a lifetime to take down the depth of the Celtics. I think this is the end of the Wizards deep playoff runs.
JDshoots3s ClevelandFan sbarros21 Daniel Po
Celtics in 6 Celtics in 7 Wizards in 7 Celtics in 7 Celtics in 6

Match-up 3: Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls

The Miami Heat have always felt like they were just off the pace of being contenders. Even when they went to the finals they weren't really ready. I think this year may be their best year. You know what you are going to get from Carmelo Anthony, one of this leagues true elite stars. They also made moves to get a bit deeper and they have gotten significantly better at Center while retaining their former starter as a backup. Yao Ming is the X-factor for this team as his distribution from the post has been essential to this team's offensive revolution. If they can get a good level of production from Melo's very solid supporting cast they could prove very difficult to beat. This is a re-match of the first round match-up last year that saw the Heat win in 7.
The Chicago Bulls will be missing their star point guard Derrick Rose for the first two games of the season. I expect this to have a huge effect on the series and assuming the Bulls don't steal a game without him, they will need him to step up in what would feel like a must win Game 3. Outside of the Rose injury this team is very good. The GM and coach have been oddly silent all year and have been starting Kyle Singler every game even though he has not played up to a starter quality. Terrence Jones should probably start and he has a bright future. If they can steal a game without Rose the Bulls will have a great chance in this series, however I don't see that happening.
JDshoots3s ClevelandFan sbarros21 Daniel Po
Heat in 5 Bulls in 7 Bulls in 7 Heat in 7 Heat in 5

Match-up 4: Toronto Raptors vs. New Jersey Nets

The Raptors have had an incredible season. They have two superstar point guards and they have led this team to the 2 seed for the 2nd time in three years. They do have one flaw however. The starting lineup is very short. They don't have anyone taller than 6'9" in the starting lineup. David West and Marvin Williams will have to play bigger than they are for this team to get further than the 2nd round. This should give everyone big time deja vu, as this exact match-up happened in the 2011 playoffs in which the Nets upset the Raptors in 5 games.
The New Jersey Nets have a love affair with the 7 seed. This is their 3rd time as the 7 seed and they have never been knocked out of the first round when making the playoffs. I can honestly see history repeating itself. They have good enough perimeter defenders and very solid bigs who are TALL. It will be tight but I expect the star backcourt should carry the Raptors through to the 2nd round.
JDshoots3s ClevelandFan sbarros21 Daniel Po
Raptors in 7 Raptors in 6 Nets in 7 Raptors in 4 Raptors in 5

Match-up 5: San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

The San Antonio Spurs have finally gotten the number 1 seed in the Western Conference. Oddly enough this has been their worst season (record wise) since 2010, which saw them get to the conference finals. They have never been knocked out of the 1st round and no one expects them to lose here. This perfectly well balanced roster is once again the favorite to take the West.
For back-to-back seasons the Thunder are the 8 seed. This young team is slowly improving and will likely be a force in the years to come, however this will be another quick exit for the Thunder. The upside of their 4 starters that are younger than 25 is incredible, Anthony Davis is only 21 years old and will only continue to get better.
JDshoots3s ClevelandFan sbarros21 Daniel Po
Spurs in 4 Spurs in 5 Spurs in 4 Spurs in 4 Spurs in 4

Match-up 6: Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets

The Suns have the analytics boys favorite player in the league, DeMarcus Cousins he is a legit force in the paint and he has seen his defensive production improve this season. With a strong partner in crime in Al-Farouq Aminu, and veteran leader Dirk Nowitzki as help for Cousins they are looking poised for a good run. The issue is they have a VERY weak backcourt. They start two very unproven and honestly not very good players in Goran Dragic and Sergey Karasev.
The Nuggets made some big moves to shoot themselves right up the standings and make the playoffs. Mike Conley on his 6th team in 5 years has led a team to the playoffs yet again. The rest of the team is solid however I would love to see Mo Harkless start over Devin Harris at least in this series. Javale McGee will have the biggest assignment of the series and if he can contain Cousins as he did in the regular season, in which the Nuggets split the season series, I see the Nuggets taking this one. However only ClevelandFan agreed with me.
JDshoots3s ClevelandFan sbarros21 Daniel Po
Nuggets in 6 Nuggets in 7 Suns in 6 Suns in 7 Suns in 6

Match-up 7: Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trailblazers

After an off-season that saw drama about Anthony Randolph's age the reining MIP and MVP has had a better season offensively however his defensive numbers have taken a hit. The Warriors have taken a step back due to the trade of Chris Paul which did allow them to get significantly younger, but take a severe hit in point guard play as the highly anticipated Spaniard, Ricky Rubio, has yet to hit his once seen potential. The Warriors may be able to get far on the back of Randolph, but I don't see them as better than the Spurs anymore.
Last year's NBA finalists from the West saw a huge decrease in their record, however they came alive near the end of the season and Brandon Roy is still one of the best guards in the league. They also have a very deep team and have seen many bench players step up to new levels this season. They will give the Warriors everything they have but they don't have anyone to handle Anthony Randolph.
JDshoots3s ClevelandFan sbarros21 Daniel Po
Warriors in 6 Trailblazers in 7 Warriors in 7 Warriors in 7 Warriors in 6

Match-up 8: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Grizzlies were in this game last year, however it was as the 7 seed. The Grizzlies are the most improved team in the league and that is largely due to the acquisition of Ersan Ilyasova from Miami. He has been the main man, while Ekpe Udoh has settled into his Robin role well. Their main distributor is point forward Landry Fields, he has been a great player this season replacing Rudy Gay incredibly, and O.J. Mayo while not making the All-Star team this year saw a slight improvement in his production. They could very well see themselves on a trip to the finals if they can make it past Golden State.
Minnesota has a legit star in Kevin Love, a very solid 2nd option in Gordon Hayward, and the best passer in the league in Chris Paul but after that, they are very lackluster. Also with the rumors of Kevin Love being traded I am sure his mind may be elsewhere. If Love can put his head down and play to his ability the Timberwolves have an outside shot but I see the Grizzlies dominating this series.
JDshoots3s ClevelandFan sbarros21 Daniel Po
Grizzlies in 5 Grizzlies in 6 Grizzlies in 6 Grizzlies in 6 Grizzlies in 7
That concludes the in-depth first round previews I will now do short write-ups for the Conference Semi-Finals, Conference Finals, and the RBL Finals. These match-ups will be done based on the most voted for result by the moderators.

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

New York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics
This will be a huge series, Boston will give New York everything they can handle but this Knicks dynasty has just enough star power to see themselves through to the Conference Finals.
New York Knicks in 7
Toronto Raptors vs. Miami Heat
Miami has the best player who loves to play against these Raptors, however the Raptors are much improved over last season. Ty Lawson and Kyrie Irving the Tobacco Road duo in the backcourt will take these Heat down in another very tight series.
Toronto Raptors in 7

Western Conference Semi-Finals

San Antonio Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns
DeMarcus Cousins is the best player in this series, but the Spurs are the much better overall team. I expect the Spurs to easily move forward again. It will be a gentleman's sweep as Cousins will take a game on his own.
San Antonio Spurs in 5
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors
This is a crazy good match-up. The Warriors have the best player but the Grizzlies are a well-rounded team. The Grizzlies also went 3-1 in the regular season against the Warriors. I expect the same to ring true in the playoffs.
Memphis Grizzlies in 6

Eastern Conference Finals

New York Knicks vs. Toronto Raptors
The Knicks get lucky here and their deep frontcourt heavily out match the Raptors. A rematch of last years 1-8 seed match-up in the East, will end in a largely similar result.
New York Knicks in 5

Western Conference Finals

San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies
The Spurs stop the massively improved Grizzlies and return to the finals. LaMarcus Aldridge will get another chance to bring San Antonio a championship in his time in Texas.
San Antonio Spurs in 6

RBL Finals

New York Knicks vs. San Antonio Spurs
The two best teams in the league. It is just that simple. Will the Knicks get the three-peat? Will Aldridge deliver the Spurs fans their first ring since the Tim Duncan era? I think the Knicks get their three-peat. The Knicks are still the best team in the league and they will still reign supreme in the finals.
New York Knicks in 6
Thank you to all you RBL fans out there and I look forward to many great playoff match-ups!
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2019.08.28 22:10 ilmari07 Best game by each 2008 lottery pick so far

Another repost because the original got deleted, this time without a botched title.

1. Derrick Rose- May 6, 2011, [email protected] 99-82 (GmSc: 37.2)

His 50-point game last year came close, but it's this 2nd round game in his MVP season that steals the show. He scored 44 on 16/27 from the field and even added 4 threes. He also had 5 rebounds and 7 assists with only 2 turnovers in relatively modest (for Thibs standards) 38 minutes. Man, if those injuries didn't happen...

2. Michael Beasley- January 30, 2012, [email protected] 120-108(GmSc: 28.8)

Michael Beasley represents one of the biggest wastes of talent of all time. At times, he could be a great scorer, but his lack of worth ethic or fucks given has almost driven him out of the league. He showed his tremendous talent in this game against the pre-Harden Rockets led by Kevin Martin and Kyle Lowry by scoring 34 off the bench at incredible efficiency (10/14 FG, 2/3 3FG, 12/12 FT).

3. O.J. Mayo- November 1, 2009, [email protected] 123-133 (GmSc: 34.2)

Speaking of waste of talent, here comes another example why you really shouldn't do drugs. Mayo basically peaked in his first two years, but then started to fall off to the point where he was kicked out of the league because of substance abuse. In this game in his sophomore season, he scored 40 points on 25 shot attempts (4/8 from deep) against a very good Nuggets team coming off a WCSF. It wasn't enough because Melo scored 42, but it was still a fine display of his talent. Hasheem Thabeet also played, and fouled out in less than 12 minutes.

4. Russell Westbrook- April 9, 2017, [email protected] 106-105 (GmSc: 45.6)

As a Nuggets fan, I saw this one coming and it still hurts. It's his 50-point TD game which he sealed by a gamewinner. The Nuggets were also one win short of the 8 seed. Ouch. Perhaps Westbrook can still break his record with the Rockets, but it's going to take a lot, even from him, to top a 50/16/10 game.

5. Kevin Love- December 22, 2013, [email protected] 116-120 (OT)(GmSc: 41.0)

This is a pretty good top 5, even if Rose got hurt and Beasleys and Mayos careers went down because of drugs. Twolves Kevin Love used to get some really big stats, with his best being this OT game, in which he got 45 points (15/23, 2/6 3P, 13/15 FT), 19 rebounds and 6 assists. His frontcourt partner Nikola Pekovic got a 34-14 double-double as well, but letdowns (in true Timberwolves fashion) from Ricky Rubio (0 points in 39 minutes) and the entire bench (combined for 18 points on 6/24 from the field) caused them to fall to the Clippers.

6. Danilo Gallinari- April 10, 2015, [email protected] 144-143 (2OT) (GmSc: 41.9)

Another 2OT game leading to some big stats. In fact, Gallo's second best GmSc is over 9 points smaller than this crazy 2OT game decided by a gamewinner by Raymond Felton of all people. The Mavericks also blew a huge lead in the 3rd quarter, also because our hero Gallinari made 13 of his 48 points (15/23, 7/12 from 3, 10/10 from the line) in it. He also collected 9 rebounds.

7. Eric Gordon- December 20, 2010, [email protected] 90-113 (GmSc: 32.8)

Those damn Wolves find a way to appear again on my list. This time it's a blowout delivered by the mediocre pre-CP3 Clips to a catastrophic Kurt-Rambis-led 17-win team. Gordon went off with 36 points (5 threes), 6 assists and 5 steals in 37 minutes and even had a game-best DRtg of 89.

8. Joe Alexander- January 14, 2009, [email protected] 102-99 (GmSc: 15.1)

By far the biggest bust of this draft class. Alexander was a great athlete that wasn't so great at basketball at NBA level. When your best game is a 13-point outing, you haven't made it that far. In fairness, he had also 5 boards and 5 assists, which is really solid for 20 minutes of play. Alexander would end up being out of the NBA in 2010 anyway.

9. D.J. Augustin- January 25, 2015, [email protected] 110-114 (GmSc: 30.2)

Augustin apparently loves to play in Canada, which is further proven by this very efficient 35-point output (12/20, 5/9 3P, 6/6 FT) with 8 assists and only 2 turnovers. Unlike in last year's playoffs, it wasn't quite enough to beat the Raptors, also thanks to Kyle Singler playing 26 minutes for some reason. Also unlike this year's playoffs, the Raptors didn't win the championship, but got embarassed by ~~Lebron~~ the Wizards?

10. Brook Lopez- March 26, 2010, [email protected] 110-118 (GmSc: 35.7)

Before he became Splash Mountain, Brook Lopez was actually a very good inside scorer. In this game, he showed all of his might against the frontcourt of Jason Maxiell and Jonas Jerebko (with Kwame Brown coming off the bench) for a grand total of 37 points on a ridiculous 14/17 from the field and 6 offensive rebounds (10 total). Fun fact: Lopez has, despite coming close multiple times, never scored 40 points in a game.

11. Jerryd Bayless- December 11, 2010, [email protected] 120-116 (GmSc: 28.4)

Jerry Bayless is a career journeyman who never stayed longer than two years on any team. His best performance came on a wild game between two very uninspiring teams. The Pistons managed to blow a 25-point lead thanks to clutch heroics by Bayless and Andrea Bargnani, who hit two threes in the 4th quarter. This game also featured a Ben Wallace three-pointer and almost two made halfcourt heaves, but Tracy McGrady's (yes, TMac played for the Pistons) came just a little bit late. Bayless finished the game with a statline of 31 points (10/12 FG, 1/2 3FG, 10/12 FT), 5 rebounds and 5 assists in just 34 minutes.

12. Jason Thompson- November 13, 2009, [email protected] 100-109 (GmSc: 25.8)

This is the part of this list where the real obscurities are found. Just like when Jason Thompson, an uninspiring part-time starting center on some bad Kings teams dropped a big 27 and 11 (9 offensive boards!) with 2 blocks on a post-TMac/Yao Rockets squad led by Aaron Brooks, Trevor Ariza and Luis Scola.

13. Brandon Rush- March 28, 2009, [email protected] 106-112 (GmSc: 25.2)

An outlier performance for rookie three-point sniper Brandon Rush, who relied less on his three in this game (2/4), but went 13/19 from the field for a career-high 29. He somehow still had a plus-minus of -19 and John Salmons and Ben Gordon had a combined 47 points, so his defense probably spoiled his offensive output.

14. Anthony Randolph- March 24, 2011- [email protected] 96-104 (GmSc: 29.4)

More Timberwolves! This time it's former Summer League darling Anthony Randolph, who decided that a game between an unsurprisingly terrible Timberwolves team and the later champion Mavericks would be the perfect opportunity to take 20 field goals, make 14, and add 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and a block to his 31 points.
All according to Basketball Reference
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2019.07.22 06:39 endmailaifu AC1

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Holland Ac & Htg Services Inc
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2018.07.09 13:36 yusbishyus Remember: The point of moving Melo is to get rid of his money, not take on more.

If we execute a trade with Melo, here's what I think would have to happen
For example, if we wanted to trade with Miami, we'd probably do it to get Dion + someone else who we know we can shop at the end of the deadline. Tyler Johnson has a ridiculous contract no one will want and James Johnson just really ain't that good but I can see us trying JJ. Doing something like this in a Dion + JJ for Melo trade would leave us with Dion's $12m, we trade JJs $14m for someone cheaper or we buy him out for much less than Melo.
I think this is taking so long because we'd rather trade Melo some place that will buy him out. I'm sure other GMs don't want to help us out with that. And I think there's a very small group who can do this. Bulls? Hawks?
And another issue with Melo in Miami is it sounds like they want him to play there. Melo doesn't sound like he wants to (eyes set on Rockets/Lakers) so we're probably trying to find that trade partner that will buy Melo out.
I think if that doesn't happen, we just stretch him ourself by August.
Everyone is coming out with depth charts but I don't think we're done moving yet. I would not be surprised to even see us offer up 2Pat+Abrines+Singler in some package (that's $15m in expiring money right there) to get some other cheapo people and use the MLE on a guy like Luc, giving us Russ/Dre/PG/Grant/Adams and Ray/Diallo (im thinking this dude will play)/Traded Player or Ferg/Luc/Noel.
Edit: I'm actually really surprised so many of you are disagreeing. Moving past the fact this is an amicable decision to move on, do you think the FO wants to pay $100m+ in tax for Dion and James Johnson? Hell nah. Now that Melo wants out, we have to do so while paying attention to the tax implications. Period.
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2018.07.01 20:53 IronSky_ Can we talk real scenarios? Miami trade.

Everyone's elated and happy as fuck. Everyone's also throwing out scenarios that would never work or make any sense. Hopefully we can get some better trade ideas.
• Stretching Melo is an option, he'd be on our books for 2 more years however at $9M a season.
• Melo still has his No Trade Clause, we can't just ship him anywhere, he's not going to the fucking Kings.
• Melo has huge negative value, his contract is for $28M. The best value he has is to a team looking to get off long term money. We don't have the assets to trade him to a rebuild team.
• Melo has also got to agree to go there. So either desirable city or tanking team that will buy him out.
• The destinations I think Melo could waive his NTC for that are realistic trade partners: Miami, LA Clippers, maybe Portland, maybe Charlotte.
Salary- Has $119M committed to 10 players under contract. Tax line is $123M, the Heat would love to get under it. They still have Udonis, Wade and Ellington that they may want to re-sign.
Interesting players-
• Tyler Johnson is on the books for $19.2M for the next two seasons.
• James Johnson is due $14.6, $15.3, and $16M.
• Kelly Olynyk will make $11.1, $11.6, $12.1M.
• Dion Waiters is owed $11.5, $12.1, $12.6M.
When trading salary in a similtaneous trade, you can receive 125%+$100K of outgoing salary. Also means you can receive 80%-$100K.
OKC can take back between $22.3M and $35.1M for Melo.
Miami gets- Carmelo Anthony
OKC gets- Tyler Johnson, James Johnson
Miami saves about $6M this year and about $50M in the future. I think this trade could go a 100 different ways. Plug in Olynyk or Waiters instead of JJ. OKC could add Singler and Abrines and take Olynyk, JJ and TJ back however I think that's too much future money to take back.
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2017.07.01 06:20 feedreddit Paul George Makes The Thunder Contenders Again

Paul George Makes The Thunder Contenders Again
by Kyle Wagner via FiveThirtyEight » Features FiveThirtyEight
Paul George is headed to Oklahoma City, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, and the Thunder may be back to being title contenders — or at least in the mix to be West’s second-best team behind Golden State.
Just hours before the NBA’s free agency period begins, the Indiana Pacers have traded George to the Thunder for former No. 2 overall pick Victor Oladipo and rising sophomore Domantas Sabonis. Oklahoma City had acquired Oladipo and the draft pick that became Sabonis from Orlando in a trade for Serge Ibaka last offseason.
George is a free agent after this coming season, and it’s believed that he has not agreed to sign a contract extension. The assumption around the league has been that the Lakers are his preferred long-term destination, which is a large part of why the Pacers couldn’t even secure a draft pick for their outgoing star. So this is certainly a calculated risk for OKC, but MVP Russell Westbrook can also become a free agent after the 2017-18 season thanks to a player-option. And while he hasn’t been as forthright as George, his hometown Lakers have long been a rumored destination for him as well. So the Thunder are on the clock to sell themselves as a place where Westbrook can contend, or alternatively, to take their last, best shot at winning a title while they still have him. Adding George should accomplish both.
According to FiveThirtyEight’s CARMELO projection system, adding George to the Thunder and subtracting Oladipo and Sabonis should put the team at 51 wins:
The Thunder are backCARMELO projections for the 2017-18 Oklahoma City Thunder
Russell Westbrook35.07.60.7
Alex Abrines15.00.0-1.8
Paul George35.02.40.4
Steven Adams30.0-0.62.0
Enes Kanter25.00.5-1.2
Jerami Grant20.0-2.00.1
Doug McDermott15.0-0.6-2.7
Kyle Singler10.0-2.5-0.3
Terrance Ferguson5.0-1.6-0.1
Semaj Christon5.0-3.0-1.5
Andre Roberson25.0-1.21.8
Norris Cole5.0-1.8-1.4
Nick Collison4.0-3.10.7
Replacement level player11-1.7-0.3
Team total3.70.6
Thunder’s projected record50.831.2
The top-5 of Westbrook, George, Enes Kanter, Steven Adams and Andre Roberson are worth 53 wins all on their own. But CARMELO thinks so little of the Thunder bench that the rest of the roster is worth -2 wins. Their bench was bad this past season, but young players like Alex Abrines and Doug McDermott may improve with an additional season with the team, and this season’s first-round draft pick Terrance Ferguson has potential as a spot-up shooter on the wing, which the team desperately needed last season. Still, with Taj Gibson likely leaving in free agency, the Thunder will be thin. But while their projection doesn’t put the team nearly at the level of the Golden State Warriors, or even the newly minted Chris Paul Houston Rockets, acquiring George should have an outsize effect on the Thunder.
It’s hard to overstate how perfect a fit this is for Oklahoma City. George isn’t Kevin Durant — he doesn’t rebound as well, and isn’t quite the playmaker that Durant can be when called upon — but he replaces a lot of what the former MVP took with him when he departed for Golden State. The most obvious way he helps is by giving Westbrook a legitimate partner in the offense. George is a very good shooter: He shot 39.3 percent last season, and has floated between 36 and 40 percent the past several years despite taking some of the most difficult shots in the league. George shouldn’t have to take on the world quite the same way in Oklahoma City.
George may actually end up fitting slightly better with Westbrook than Durant did — in practice if not in terms of absolute skill. Durant dominated the ball late in games for the Thunder; Westbrook would defer, often to a fault. This left Westbrook, an average at best shooter, on the perimeter, largely wasted. With George new to OKC, where Westbrook is the reigning MVP and undisputed team leader, the Thunder should be able to default to more sensible sets in crucial moments, with the ball in Westbrook’s hands but George actively involved.
That said, George’s ability to get his own shot should also be key for the Thunder. In the team’s first-round loss to the Houston Rockets, the bench units led by Oladipo were overwhelmed, often unable to even get a shot without their star. In Game 5 of that series, Westbrook played 42 minutes, scored 47 points and had a plus-minus of +12. The Thunder lost by six. George can be streaky, but his ability to carry an offense means the Thunder can survive spells without Westbrook.
But it’s George’s defensive ability and versatility that may unlock the Thunder’s potential. Oklahoma City had been constructed with a lopsided allotment of talents. They had more than enough rebounders and interior defenders, but few perimeter scorers or players who could perform the basic three-and-D role so crucial to successful teams. George is one of the best three-and-D players in the league, good enough to compensate for limited defensive players around him when the Thunder need offense.
Lineups featuring both George and Andre Roberson — a converted power forward who plays shooting guard for the Thunder despite being one of the worst shooters in the league — would seem to not only cover Westbrook’s defensive shortcomings, but possibly those of other players, such as Abrines or Kanter. Roberson is restricted free agent and reportedly declined a four-year, $48 million extension last fall, so he may be too expensive to re-sign, but given the Thunder’s lack of depth they may not have much choice. (And in a twist, George actually earns less than Oladipo this season, giving the Thunder a little extra breathing room under the luxury tax.) Giving Roberson’s projected minutes to Abrines results in the team’s CARMELO rating dropping from 51 wins to 47.
The Thunder were a deeply but narrowly flawed team last season. That happens when a Kevin Durant-sized hole is left in the depth chart. Paul George may not fill the whole thing, and he may not do it for every long, but for as long as he and Westbrook are in town, the Thunder are back.
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2017.04.27 15:23 thekaoswithin [OC] A highly optimistic (and maybe unrealistic) look at the offseason

WARNING: I am no salary god so if something doesn't make sense allow it lol
Team Needs
Going into the offseason, we have 3 main holes:
-Shooting -Playmaking/ Shot Creation -Consistent bench scorer
I was thinking about a series of trades last night that I decided to flesh out, so let's look at our cap situation.
According to hoopshype, we have about 110 million tied up in cap space. I'm not sure if this is including our cap holds on Roberson and Taj, but based on my quick math it isn't. Our cap holds on Robes and Taj are 3 million and 14 million respectively. According to this Woj report I found on B/R, the cap is set to be 101-103 million, and the luxury tax at around 120. For the sake of this analysis, I'm going to use a cap figure of 102.
Now, this trade has 2 objectives:, first of all, we desperately need a high volume outside shooter who can get us buckets, who can ideally create their own shot. One person who fits this role ideally, is Zach LaVine from Minnesota. Zach was a deadeye shooter this year (he blessed my fantasy team with 3s!) who shoots over 40%, can catch and shoot, as well as create his own shot if neccessary. Zach also got a lot of run at PG his rookie year. While at the end of the day, he's not a PG, he can run PG for stretches, which means that between him, Russ, and Oladipo, we could potentially get by without a real backup PG. However, I'll still be looking for one later in this piece.
OKC RECIEVES: Zach LaVine, Gorgui Dieng, Brandon Rush, Pick #6 in the 2017 draft
MIN RECIEVES: Steven Adams, Alex Abrines, Pick #21 in the 2017 draft
Thibs in Minny is well known for his defence first mentality. Additionally, KAT has actually been one of the worst defenders this season, and might not be able to play C against top C's for a while. Given all the talk of trading LaVine / other players for Jimmy Butler, I don't think the Wolves would be too sad to give him up for a good return. To make this work, we may not recieve Dieng as I feel like Minnesota is giving up somewhat more than us. Presti is a magician, but I don't see this as a dealbreaker even if we do not get Dieng. Brandon Rush is just cap filler to make the trade work, I doubt Minnesota cares.
LaVine + Dieng earn 17$ mil next season, and we are trading away $31 from Adams + Abrines. This brings our cap number from 110 + holds to 96 + holds.
While the trade for Zach mitigates our lack of a backup PG, I'm not sure if there is anyone we want to take with #6. We COULD use it to draft a backup like De'Aaron Fox, but given the current timeline of the team, and the fact that no PG is likely to develop into a star behind Russ, I believe the best way to get a backup PG would be to trade it. Now, who's the perfect guard heavy trade partner? The Lakers!
The Lakers currently have too many young guards on their roster, and Clarkson has filled the 6th man role this season. For those of you that don't know, the Lakers have around a 50/50 (it might be 40/60) chance of losing their pick to the Sixers. If they keep it, they are most likely going to get a guard (most likely Lonzo Ball, if they get lucky), or are not going to keep their pick. If they get Lonzo, it's a logjam they need to clear. If they don't have a pick, that would be bad as they probably want another young combo forward like Josh Jackson who can compliment Ingram.
OKC RECIEVES: Jordan Clarkson
LAL RECIEVES: Kyle Singler, Semaj Christon, Brandon Rush, Pick #6 in the 2017 NBA draft
This pretty much comes down to, do the Lakers think Jordan Clarkson is better than one of the many options the Lakers have at pick #6? To me, while Clarkson is pretty good, the answer is definitely no. Lakers would be happy to make this trade if they were offered it. Clarkson is earning $12 million per season, but this trade would bring us over the tax. To make it work, we'd have to give them Singler, Christon, and Rush along with the pick. The Lakers can afford the cap hit of $8 million as they aren't looking to sign an FA this summer. This brings us to $104 million + holds.
TRADE #3 This one isn't strictly neccessary, but I've seen people talk about it. We need an iso scorer, and who's unhappy in NYC?
Since Melo is getting divorced, and LaLa is what held him in NYC. If he cares about winning he might want to come here. It's still a longshot but hey, isn't this all?
OKC RECIEVES: Carmelo Anthony
NYK RECIEVES: Enes Kanter, Nick Collison, Josh Huestis, OKC 2019 2nd round pick
If Melo tells the front office he wants OKC, then this can happen. No 2 ways around it. It fills a need for us, but it comes down to what Melo wants. This would bring us to $108 million + holds.
After all of this, we're around 108 million. Roberson is a team guy, and we need to stay under the luxury tax ideally, so hopefully he'll accept something like $44/4 and keep our bill at around $118-119 million, out of the tax. Ideally that would also leave us with enough space to sign Dakari to a minimum, for the backup C role. Unfortunately, this also means that we won't be resigning Taj.
C- Dieng
PF - Melo
SF - Roberson
SG - Lavine
PG - Russ
PG/SG/6TH MAN - Oladipo
PG/SG/6TH MAN - Clarkson
SF/PF - Grant
PF/C - Sabonis
C - Dakari
To be honest, I'm aware that this is kinda unrealistic and relies on Presti finessing other GM's left and right. However, the man has made a career out of exactly that, and I'm confident he will do it again this summer. These trades bring us a much improved lineup, which is in my opinion, good enough to be a title contender.
Thanks for reading, Thunder Up and fuck KD
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2017.04.12 01:30 carsarooni Official drinking rules for tonights game

Since tonights game is going to be a little dull without brodie i decided to make some drinking rules! Feel free to add
Take a drink every time: Kanter gets away with a travel Adams drops a pass Adams misses a free throw Kyle singler scores Brian davis says a weird euphemism The wolverine hits a three and davis says "si señor"
Finish your drink if: Brian davis says "he shot that from somewhere in _____" Michael cage says that was nasty partner Singler hits a three Singler dunks
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2016.07.24 21:23 shnts07 What The Green, Zeller, Bentil, and Jackson Signings Mean

After weeks of rumors from such reputable sources as a Sports Hub board op who once got three things right in a row and trade speculation from great Twitter handles like @Frost/Dicks-OnMyFace and @IncelGhostbusterHater, the Celtics news of yesterday was not a shock acquisition of Westbrook, Griffin or Okafor, but instead a slew of signings that it may be easy to misconstrue. The Celtics brought back old pal Gerald Green, gave Tyler Zeller two million dollars more than Sullinger ended up receiving, and paid some currently nebulous amount of money to Demetrius Jackson and Ben Bentil. For a roster that was seemingly close to complete, that’s a lot of moves for one day, so let’s take a look at what they mean one-by-one.

Man of Green Ables

There’s a little bit of irony that Gerald Green’s return to Boston likely signals the end of James Young’s time with the C’s, in so far as that Young’s most likely NBA path would be one similar to Green’s own. If Young is going to stick in the NBA, it’s going to be because he becomes a serviceable 3 point shooter and provides decent athleticism at the shallowest position in the league (Wing-SF). Green has hung on at the fringes of the league for the same reasons, as a team somewhere in the league is almost always going to more wing athleticism and shooting. Now, that team is the Boston Celtics.
It’s a strange thing, to see a team that has so much of its capital invested in young players dragging some of them to the chopping block in favor a veteran clinging to the margins of the NBA. However, that’s part of the strange situation the Celtics find themselves in. The Celtics have a real chance to make the Eastern Conference Finals this year and (should they not have already acquired them) pitch to the stacked free agent class of 2017 as a team that is one piece away with trade assets and avenues to improve. With that in mind, there’s a lot of incentive for the Celtics to win as many games a possible, even if that comes at the cost of some development. Green addresses a glaring need for wing athleticism and shooting that the Celtics had hoped would come from one of their young players. Maybe it will, eventually, particularly if Jaylen Brown’s Summer League was more than Las Vegas desert mirage. But the fact of the matter is that the Celtics are playing too high-stakes of a game to put all their improvement chips on the development of Young (and possibly Hunter). The Celtics need to at least win a playoff series this year, with the goal for a “good season” being two playoff series wins and they can’t afford to try to thread the “development vs. now” needle anymore.
The Celtics will probably win 2-3 more games with Green playing instead of Young, and that’s enough of a reason right there to pull the trigger.
Green is only a .361 career 3 point shooter, but that mark will still tie him for “best non-big 3 point shooter on the team” with Avery Bradley. (Crow about rim protection as much as you want; shooting will continue to be this team’s bugaboo) At 6’7” he also brings genuine wing size to the team, meaning that poor Marcus Smart will finally get a break from guarding guys four inches taller than him every time he’s on the court. He also solidifies a wing position that was previously held by two guys in Crowder and Brown who are more forwards than wings, meaning he gives Brad a big more agency to go small.
What’s a little interesting about the Green signing is this comes after an off-court incident last year that seemed to be drug-related. What with all the “old school Boston sports media” preening about how the Celtics couldn’t afford to have Sullinger on the roster with such a young and impressionable team, it's an interesting dichotomy. On the one hand, it’s nice to see that the team is more understanding about “people make mistakes” and there’s not a weird, gross D.A.R.E. officer mentality about what drug use says about a person’s character. Just because Gerald had a bad reaction to K-2 once doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy or not a hard worker when it comes to being a good basketball player. On the other hand, it’s worth noting the team took a flier on a guy who, nonetheless, has a history of off-court question marks. That in pretty direct contrast to the breathless editorializing on “Celtics culture” stating that they don’t bring in or keep players who create distractions. Either those incidents aren’t indicative of who Green is or the Celtics just don’t care about that as much as the Twitter egg versions of Bob Ryan think. Probably both.
No matter the context, I think the years (one) and the price tag (the minimum) are good value for what the Celtics want to do (be good while maintaining cap room) and it only comes at the likely cost of James Young’s roster spot (and he was likely having his 4th year not picked up this September anyway) and any development you might have expected their. For me, that’s not much, so I’m a fan of this Green signing.

Drag Me To Zell-er

More puzzling to me was the decision by the Celtics to sign Tyler Zeller to the “Amir Johnson-Jonas Jerebko” special of a $16M, two year contract with the second year fully non-guaranteed. People tend to be confused about the difference between “non-guaranteed” deals (the ‘action’ the team needs to take on the contract is to waive the player, i.e. if the team does nothing the player will remain on the team) and “team option” deals (the team must “pick up” the option as an action to retain the player. If nothing is done, the player will not remain on the team). The most important distinction between these two seemingly interchangeable pieces of vocab was pointed out on Twitter by our own based capologist, dangercart. That is to say, because the Celtics have Zeller’s bird rights currently, were they to sign him to a one year deal it would automatically place a no-trade clause on his contract, because any-time a team signs a player whose EBR or Bird Rights they have to a one year deal that happens.
The contract Zeller signed (a two year deal with the second year fully non-guaranteed) does not demand a no trade clause. Were there to be a “team option” on the second year, it would technically be a one year contract with a “team option” for the second year and the no-trade clause would kick in.
Confused? Don’t worry, all that matters is that Tyler Zeller is getting paid $8M this year, we don’t have to keep next year if we don’t want to, and we can trade him without his consent.
With the signing off that contract, Zeller (who was out of the rotation last year and projects to be the same this year) will be the fourth highest paid Celtic in terms of AAV. It’s strange to pay a player more than the mid-level exception to sit on your bench and think about corn, but it’s even more peculiar to let a player of Jared Sullinger’s caliber walk for less money at the same time. On the one hand, dangercart (DC name-drop counter: 2) pointed out to me that the deal was likely brought to both Sullinger and Zeller, and Sullinger likely refused to allow himself to get back on the market, guaranteed, in 2017. That makes sense, and it’s pretty plausible that Sullinger would eat the $2M dollar premium to have more control over his destiny, given how valuable he is as a player and how much more attention he’ll command as a UFA next year. On the other, it’s still pretty jarring to see a team vacuum up their flexibility to overpay a player who was largely useless last year.
Now, to be fair, there is upside with Zeller. We’re only a year removed from him being one of the 25 best centers in the league and a ‘finish everything’ floor runner. That Zeller was apparently kidnapped during the 2015-2016 season and replaced with a guy who got beat out by David Lee for rotation minutes. A return to something closer to the 2014-2015 Tyler Zeller would make this contract relatively good and a commodity at that price. However, that’s a pretty big hypothetical, as it’s looking like 2014-15 was the aberration in Zeller’s career, not 2015-16.
The Celtics needed to fill a sixth big spot to pair with Mickey behind the rotation bigs of Horford, Jerebko, Olynyk, and Johnson, and Zeller is big and can rebound adequately, so I guess that’s fine. It’s interesting to me that the Celtics nuked their cap room to do it, however. The Celtics could have just as easily let Zeller walk and plugged in Bentil at minimal opportunity cost as Zeller was just as bad as any 2nd round pick last year. In that scenario, the Celtics would have carried $11M to $9M in space (pending what they Jackson and Bentil deals wind up being) in cap space. That’s important, because that cap space would mitigate salary matching should the celtics trade for a max (reads: all-star) player mid-season. Right now the Celtics would likely need to trade Amir Johnson, Zeller, or both if one of the middle salary players wasn’t included in the package for that player, possibly more if the Celtics had to swallow additional contracts as a stipulation of the trade (think taking on Singler in a deal for Westbrook). Another team trading into our cap space would also create a big TPE for them, meaning that they could trade for players of a matching salary within a year without paying for the prorated amount of those contracts. For tight-fisted teams like the Bulls and Thunder, that may appeal to their ownership more than signing Tyler Zeller’s checks for three-months.
Now, given the second cap jump this offseason and CBA stuff lurking, a TPE would probably be less valuable than it would be normally, and it would probably just be renounced. However, it would still save trade partners more money and give them greater flexibility, which are both good things.
It’s not that big of a deal, and it probably won’t matter 90% of the time as most teams will just eat Zellers money for that year should a trade come up, but betting on the Artist Formerly Known As Zeller isn’t worth that 10% risk in my book. The only other upside I can think of, is that it sends the message that the Celtics front office “takes care of their guys” and endears them agents in the future. That’s pretty much it.

Demetrius Jackson

Not much to say here. He was a good pick, and I’m pretty sure we are going to see the same low risk contract that Mickey got when the details come out. Jackson will probably get paid a little bit more than the minimum at the expense of a couple of non-guaranteed years. I would guess it will be a three year deal, (three years establishes full bird rights) just in case Jackson improves monstrously so the Celtics can pay whatever they need to. I’m going to guess there will be two non-guaranteed years and a possible team option for a fourth. Again, probably similar to what Mickey got, but maybe not quite as rich. We’ll see when the contract details come out.

Bentil You Break

Most interesting was the decision by the Celtics to sign Ben Bentil. Again, I’m going to guess that it was for a little bit more than the minimum and a multi-year, non-guaranteed deal of at least three years. That said, I’m still pretty pessimistic that Bentil makes the team. 2nd round draft picks can demand tender, that is to say they can demand a one year, players minimum deal from their teams and the teams have to grant that offer or lose their rights. This is probably the reason the Celtics drafted Abdel Nader, as he agreed to not demand tender and stay out of the league for a year. Bentil was a higher rated prospect and it’s likely that Bentil could get an NBA contract somewhere if he was a free agent.
I guessing Bentil’s agent pressured the Celtics into signing him or else Bentil would demand the tender. Even though the Celtics probably don’t have room for him right now, (and are probably just wasting a small amount of money by signing him) it makes sense for them to sign him, just in case a trade happens that clears out the roster or he grossly outperforms someone in the pre-season. The Celtics also get the added bonus of possible control, and they’ll have multiple years of him under contract should he pan out. Bentil ends up with NBA money, and even if he gets cut, he gets to go try to get a contract somewhere else without being beholden to draft rights.
It’s a pretty fair compromise for both parties, given that a divorce was the most likely scenario when they drafted him last month. The Celtics get more time to figure out their situation and Bentil gets some money and possibly a place in the NBA.
Still, there are 18 people under contract on the Celtics right now and six big men. My guess is that if things stay the same, Bentil and Holland (who salary is unguaranteed) won’t make the team. The other guy who I would guess is getting cut is…

Not Getting Younger

I’ve seen some talk about Hunter being on the block, and while I think that RJ needs to keep his head on a swivel, the 2016 Perry Jones Memorial Award is going to be bestowed on James Young. It’s been hammered home how disappointing summer league was for him and how this will probably be it for the young buck, so I don’t want to pile on. It’s a shame because he’s still young, and there’s a good chance he’ll figure it out somewhere else on a thinner team that can afford to give him minutes with more talented players.
However, I think Young has shown the least between himself, Hunter, and Jackson and therefore needs to go. The Celtics will almost definitely be declining the player option for his 4th year, as that will free up almost $3M in valuable cap space for 2017 free agent pursuit, so financially, he also makes a lot of sense as the first cut.
One more time, for old time’s sake.
The Celtics more or less capped themselves out with this flurry of moves, and go into training camp with 3 guys with NBA contracts needed to be cut. It will be competitive, but I think Hunter and Jackson will likely make the team and Young, Bentil, and Holland will be the casualties. Gerald Green will help. The Tyler Zeller signing was weird.
EDIT: Grammar and other nonsense.
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2014.01.08 08:41 shnts07 Which teams are the most likely to steal Bradley (and Steez)?

While that Denver loss was expected, it was still a pretty disturbing thing to see happen to our team and it bums me out how sad it made everyone. As the Celtics lose their grip on the edge of the toilet bowl and slide deeper and deeper into the morass of putridity, it can be harder for us as fans to stay engaged. Rondo’s return is Gandalf coming with the Riders of Rohan but the Celtics are going to have to hold Helm’s deep until he get’s there. Until then, it’s gonna be hard to not look to next season, and as a result I started thinking about one of the Celtics biggest questions for this offseason.
What are we going to pay our restricted free agents?
We’ve debated what the Celtics’ would do before, but past event has taught us that in the case of resrticted free agents, the market will ultimately dictate how much you are going to have to pay a guy to retain his services. Since the Celtics are one of thirty teams in the NBA, I thought it might be worth taking a look at the other team’s and seeing who could possibly swipe our guards from us.
Bear in Mind that Gordon Hayward, Isiah Thomas, Kyle Lowry, Eric Bledsoe, and Lance Stevenson, are all Free Agents, restricted or otherwise. I included these guys because they are the guards that I think teams may consider more desirable than Avery or Steez.
As we have both Steez and Avery’s bird rights, we are allowed to spend over the cap to re-sign both of them.
First of alll, we can cross off Brooklyn, Portland, OKC, Minnesota, Denver, Indiana, LA Clips and Golden State. These teams are all out, barring a trade, as their current guaranteed contracts for next year place them over the salary cap, and they therefore can’t sign our free agents without a trade. (I’m not sure if teams are allowed to use the MLE to sign restricted free agents, but in my research I couldn’t find any examples, so I’m operating under the assumption that that’s not allowed.)
From there, I broke the teams down into tiers as to how likely they are to throw money the Celtics won’t pay ($6 million+) for the services of our young backcourt.
NO-TOO CLOSE TO THE CAP/PROVISIONS LIKELY TO CLOG SPACE Rockets, Pelicans, Spurs, Heat, Knicks The Rockets and Pelicans are both only a couple million under the cap, and they are more likely to use that money to plug holes of their own, (Rockets-PF, Pelicans-SF) than add to their already crowded backcourts. Both the Spurs and Heat don’t have much guaranteed money, but assuming at least 2 of the Heat’s stars don’t use their ETO and that Timmy will stay and the team won’t waive Tony Parker, these team’s won’t have the cap space either. In New York, Bargnani and Amare with both almost definitely not use their ETO’s ( free money! ) and a lot of their other space went somewhere else
NO-CROWDED BACKCOURT Mavs, Wizards, Cavs, Grizzlies
I think it’s safe to rule out a return to the capital for Steez, especially with their back court/wings locked in. The Wizards are more likely to be looking for frontcourt help. The Mavs still have to re-sign Dirk (a top priority for Cuban) and Monta, Calderon, Ellington, Larkin, Ledo, and Mekel are all under contract for next season. The Cavs are in a similar boat, with Irving, Waiters, Jack, and Karasev all under contract for next year. The Grizzlies are hurting for shooting as evidenced by the trade we just did with them, and if Z-Bo declines his player option they will be using that cap space to find a PF. They also have Lee, Franklin, Conley, Allen, Prince, and Calathes all under contract for next year.
Despite having lots of guys with PG and SG next to names, the Bucks could still use the talent. The Bucks have Mayo, Knight, Neal and Wolters under contract for next season along with an assortment of wings in Delfino, Middleton, and the Greek Freak. But they also have a ton of cap space and (with Middleton likely playing himself into not being waived next year) Caron Butler and Luke Ridnour as the the only expirings as guys who can play shooting guard. There is also friction between Larry Sanders and Neal, meaning they might look to move Gary. If that happens, they might look to add Steez to run the Jamal-Crawford, Jason Terry role for their second unit.
The Hawks have been playing Kyle Korver at SF out of necessity and a wing player is a wing player, but the guy is really a SG. They also have Teague, Lou Williams, Dennis Schroder and John Jenkins all under contract for next year. That’s a five guard rotation. But the Hawks want to get Schroder more polished, and Budenholzer has made his distaste for the way John Jenkins plays defense known. With Williams having a tough year, the Hawks might look to use their cap space to get a decent backcourt partner for Teague, and package Williams as an expiring next year. The wild-card here is the Hawks pick from the Nets (or their own if the Nets really turn it around) and who they draft with it. If it’s a frontcourt guy, AB and Steez are in play.
These teams all have a couple of wing players and guards under contract, but may lose a large peice of their own guard rotation to free agency this off-season. With Bill Simmons stoking the Butler-conspiracy flames, the Jazz may look to get Bradley who would pair pretty well with Burke in terms of needing the ball. The Kings have gotten a huge deal on Isiah Thomas the past few seasons, and someone is going to make the little man a better offer. The Raptors have also gotten a deal with the “oh-my-god-thank-you-Rudy-Gay-is-gone” play of Kyle Lowry, who looks more like he did in Houston, although Masai Ujiri is one of the best GM’s in the game and won’t overpay for him. The Suns’ Bledsoe-Dragic backcourt has devastated the league, and you gotta think the Suns are gonna pay Eric. Things usually stand pat in the NBA over change, so I don’t see any of these spots being likely. But we’ll see. The point of this tier is that this offseason might just turn into a game of backcourt musical chairs for all of these teams and given the nature of qualifying offers, it’s simply more likely that everyone stays put if a trade isn’t involved.
VERY POSSIBLE - CLEAR DECKS 76ers, Charlotte, Magic, Lakers
All of these teams are going to have an abundance of cap room in the offseason, and while they will probably have better ways to spend it then our RFAs, don’t be suprised to see one of them make a play. In the instance of the 76ers and Magic, it’s going to depend on the draft and how quickly they want to start winning. For the Sixers, they will effectively have only Carter-Williams, Wroten, Moultrie, Noel, Young and Jason Richardson (who will almost certainly pick up his player option) under contract. Hinkie is looking to move Young as soon as an offer comes up so he could be rolling with 4 rookie/sophmores and Jason Richardson next year. Depending on where their draft picks (their own and New Orleans’) and who they draft, the Sixers may have need of some shooting guards. A MCW-AB backcourt would be terrifying defensively. Ditto for the Magic, who have their frontcourt shored up (Vucevic, Nicholson, Harris, Harkless, Davis) and only have Oladipo and Afflalo (who may be traded/can also slide to the 3) definitely on the books for next year. Depending on how they draft (the Magic are very high on Marcus Smart) the Magic could need someone in the Backcourt with Oladipo, whether that’s the defensive Bradley (he and Oladipo are actually pretty similar in their strengths and weaknesses) or the ball handling/shooting of Crawford.
The only players definitely on the books for the Lakers next year are Kobe, the decomposing corpse of Steve Nash, and Robert Sacre. Nick Young has a player option he may decline to see what he can get, (he hasn’t played stupendous, but certainly better) and Kendall Marshall is non-guaranteed. I literally have no idea what the Lakers will do with all this room, but they are going to have to get 12-10 players, and I remember reading somewhere that Kupchak was a fan of Bradley’s. I can’t see the Lakers having a team with both Steez and Swaggy (DC REUNION!) but you never know when a lot of cap room on a frivolous team is involved.
Charlotte has only Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson under contract in the backcourt. As a team starved for offense, I could definitely see Charlotte using their cap room to pay Steez to run their second unit. This move is even more likely when you factor in the splash that Michael Jordan is going to want to make with his new look Charlotte Hornets next year. He won’t be afraid to spend money to be a bottom level playoff team.
Both of these teams need to win now, and both of these teams are going to have space going into the offseason. It’s worth noting that I’m assuming that with the Deng trade, the Bulls are finally going to amnesty Boozer, like they should have done two years ago when they first realized that they had a panic max contract after missing out on the 2010 free agent class. (Seriously, who did that class pan out for besides the Heat. After they got all the good players, everyone was left signing the scraps to the biggest albatross panic contracts. Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay, Amare Stoudemire, Boozer… But that’s just me being this ) But the Bulls are cheap and would have never amnestied four years of max money, because why would you when you are the most storied recent franchise in the third biggest city that you have all to yourself unlike LA and NY… Sorry I just think people need to realize how bad Bulls ownership/front office screwed the pooch.
Anyway, the Bulls and Pistons are both desperate in their own way. The Derrick Rose injuries have been the most depressing storyline in all of sports besides actual, real-life tragedies. Poor Thibs, Noah and the rest of the team that just refuses to be putrid. The Pistons huge frontcourt experiment is failing horribly, and it looks like Greg Monroe is going to be the odd-man out with his restricted free-agency and the newly sign Josh Smith emphatically showing that he when he plays small forward bad things happen.. A quick tangent that I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pistons go after Luol Deng in free agency to plug their two huge holes on the wings. Gigi Datome and Kyle Singler are both small forwards, and Chauncey Billups needs a clipboard instead of a uniform. Especially if they miss out on Deng and Stephenson, don’t be surprised to see the Pistons aggressively pursue Bradley. He’s the perfect fit to go with Jennings domineering style of point guard play. AB doesn’t need the ball, he just needs to defend. He could also hit those long 2s that no one on the Pistons can seem to hit.
The Bulls are trying to retool on the fly with the latest injury, and (if my Boozer amnesty suspicions are right) they are going to move the young guys Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson into the holes that Deng and Boozer leave. Say what you will about Hinrich and Dunleavy (who somehow killed us when we played the bulls) but they aren’t the long term answer next to Derrick Rose. This is the last offseason before wonderkid Jimmy Butler is going to get the paycheck he clearly deserves, (shoutout to JaJuan Johnson, who is no longer in the league and picked 3 picks ahead of Jimmy Butler) so the bulls are going to need to spend that money. Again, I think Bradley is everything that Thibs dreams of at night (assuming he’s the coach next year; not a guarantee) and fits perfectly next to Rose. He can guard the opposing all-star and give derrick some rest on defense. If the Bulls sign AB and promote Taj to the starting lineup, that team would give this year’s Pacers defensive unit a run for their money.
While Avery Bradley and Steez are restricted free agents, I think there are really only six teams who are a danger to signing them away. I’ve ranked the likelihood in this table.
Teams Likely to Steal Avery Steez
First Chicago Charlotte
Second Detroit Magic
Third Lakers Bucks
Kelly’s floor stats were again, pretty good (even in this horrible game) for the first half but then he got in foul trouble. I’m still not sure why Kelly’s floor stats are so much better than everyone else’s, but he definitely doesn’t pass the eye test. He looks terrible. I think it may have something do with all the effort he puts into screening, even though his teammates don’t usually use them.
I don’t know... I’ll get back to you after the next few games.
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2013.06.27 16:54 6fast6furious A mock draft of who the teams SHOULD take

In economic terms, a normative statement expresses a judgment of something that ought to be. This is different from a positive statement, which concerns what is, was, or will be, with no expression of approval or disapproval.
For example (and I'll put this in basketball terms so it will hopefully be easier to understand), "Ray Allen makes a high percentage of his three-point attempts" is a positive statement. It simply describes a part of reality as it exists. Conversely, "Ray Allen should attempt more three-point shots" is a normative statement.
Most mock drafts are based on positive statements, with information gleamed from various sources in front offices and scouting staffs. I have no interest in assembling a mock draft this way. This is partly because I have no sources of my own, so the only information I'd be able to offer would be akin to throwing darts at a draft board and hoping I hit the right names.
So I'm ditching that idea. I'm doing a normative mock draft. I am not concerned at all with who the teams are rumored to pick, I only care about two things - what the pressing need(s) of the team is, and how various players address those needs.
1. Cleveland Cavaliers
Need: Rim protection, rebounding, wing depth
This one is pretty easy - Cleveland needs shotblocking and rebounding, and the presumed best player in the draft is a shotblocker and rebounder (and could develop into a nice pick-and-roll partner for Kyrie Irving).
The Pick: Nerlens Noel; F/C; Kentucky
2. Orlando Magic
Need: Offensive creativity, shooting, someone to draw fouls
Orlando already has some talent in the frontcourt with Moe Harkless, Tobias Harris, and Nikola Vucevic, and it's unclear what their long-term plans are for Arron Afflalo. The move here is clearly a guard, but it's too high to take Trey Burke (the only relevant point guard in the draft). So that makes this another easy decision.
The Pick: Ben McLemore; G; Kansas
3. Washington Wizards
Need: Skill on the wing, a forward who can score
The Wizards had a rather perplexing offensive season - they finished dead last in offensive efficiency despite finishing either 25th or 24th in each of the offensive four factors (eFG%, TOR, ORB%, and FT/FGA). They didn't completely suck at any one thing, they were just pretty bad at most things. Thus, they should be looking for a player that can plug multiple holes and has a varied skill set.
The Pick: Otto Porter; F; Georgetown
4. Charlotte Bobcats
Need: NBA talent
The Bobcats need help everywhere. The only position that isn't a pressing need for them is point guard, where Kemba Walker improved enough to convince me that he's a long-term starting option. Last year's top pick, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, had a strong rookie season, but he's never going to be a central star. In theory, the Bobcats should be looking for that type of player, but it seems like such a player doesn't exist in this draft. The best course of action would be to take a player who probably isn't going to help right away but could be a valuable piece down the road. That way they can roll over their inept roster for another year and try to grab that central piece in 2014's loaded draft.
The Pick: Victor Oladipo; G; Indiana
5. Phoenix Suns
Need: Shooting, Michael Beasley demanding a trade
Their most pressing need is shooting (28th in 3PT FG% in 2013), but the only real shooter on the board in this spot is C.J. McCollum, and he doesn't justify the 5th pick, even in this draft, and he'd be tough to play at shooting guard next to Goran Dragic. If Oladipo or McLemore were to fall to them here, it would be inexcusable for the Suns to not take them. In this instance, however, they should just take the best player on the board. However, this being such a crappy draft, it's a bit difficult to identify who that is. To make it easier, they should take someone who doesn't conflict at a position where Phoenix already has a serviceable player (point guard or center).
The Pick: Anthony Bennett; PF; UNLV
6. New Orleans Pelicans
Need: Perimeter defense, interior defense
Interior defense was a huge weakness last year for the Pelicans (then the Hornets), but they're (rightfully) hopeful that Anthony Davis will begin to develop into the KG-like force on that end that he was billed as. If he does, they can shore up their paint defense without adding anyone.
With that in mind, their most pressing issue is perimeter defense. However, like Phoenix, nobody that fills that need is of value in this spot (and, like Phoenix, if Oladipo somehow falls to them, they HAVE TO take him). They should transition to a specific positional need, which for them is point guard.
The Pick: Trey Burke; PG; Michigan
7. Sacramento Kings
Need: Rebounding, defensive discipline
The guy I have the Kings taking doesn't totally fill the needs outlined above. He's a poor rebounder for his position and he plays the same position as Sacramento's best player (DeMarcus Cousins). However, Cousins (via his agent) has been putting the word out that unless the Kings offer him a max extension, they should look to trade him. Now that they're under new management, I can't imagine Sacramento doing that, which means they could be looking to take a center. And even if not, he's fallen far enough that they have to just take him and somehow make it work.
The Pick: Alex Len; C; Maryland
8. Detroit Pistons
Need: Backcourt creativity, athleticism on the wings
Michael Carter-Williams is probably the best fit here, because he offers solutions to several of Detroit's problems - he's a point guard with size, which would allow the Pistons to shift Brandon Knight to shooting guard and cross-match on defense, and he's a superior athlete as well as a natural point guard. After starting Kyle Singler for much of last season, the Pistons can upgrade their perimeter play a great deal.
The Pick: Michael Carter-Williams; G; Syracuse
9. Minnesota Timberwolves
Need: Shooting, wing depth
All the Wolves really need is a human being that can make threes. C.J. McCollum does that, but he's undersized at shooting guard (which was a big problem for Minnesota last year with Luke Ridnour spending a lot of time there). If they're looking to upgrade shooting and size on the perimeter, they should look somewhere else.
The Pick: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope; G; Georgia
10. Portland Trail Blazers
Need: Depth of any kind, rim protection
The Blazers had one of the worst benches in NBA history last year. Outside of their starting five, they gave 6367 minutes to players who had PERs ranging from 2.4 to 12.1. 6367 minutes is the equivalent of playing 26 and a half games with only those players on the court. That's how miserable their bench was. They should probably take the best player available, although skew that towards big men, with J.J. Hickson likely departing and rumors of a LaMarcus Aldridge trade.
The Pick: Steven Adams; C; Pittsburgh
11. Philadelphia 76ers
Need: Someone to draw fouls, perimeter upgrades
It's tough to judge exactly what Philadelphia needs, considering we don't know the future of Andrew Bynum. Whether or not he's even fit to play basketball is up in the air, let alone whether or not he'll re-sign with the Sixers. However, Philly's needs seem to be more concerned with a scoring punch on the perimeter, preferably someone who can help alleviate their comical inability to draw fouls (their pitiful .146 FT/FGA ratio was the worst in NBA history). Luckily, still on the board lies a scoring guard with a robust foul rate.
The Pick: C.J. McCollum; G; Lehigh
12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Toronto)
Need: Upgrade over Kendrick Perkins, another shooter
Shooting could quickly become an issue if Kevin Martin turns out to be too expensive for their tastes, but there aren't too many shooters who present requisite value in this draft spot. The Thunder have seemed stubborn in their resistance to amnesty Kendrick Perkins, but that decision might be more palatable if they have a young center to replace him, especially one with some good offensive skills.
The Pick: Cody Zeller; F/C; Indiana
13. Dallas Mavericks
Need: Best player available
It doesn't quite make sense to look at the 2013 Mavericks and project what they might need in 2014, because so many players are going to be skipping town. The only holdovers project to be Dirk, Shawn Marion, Vince Carter, and a collection of young role players (Jared Cunningham, Jae Crowder, and Bernard James). They should just take whoever the best player on the board is and cross their fingers in free agency.
The Pick: Kelly Olynyk; F/C; Gonzaga
14. Utah Jazz
Need: Perimeter creativity, shooting
Utah's two top forwards (Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap) are both free agents, but they have Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors waiting in the wings. Rid of the Mo Williams/Randy Foye/Earl Watson/Jamaal Tinsley disaster, now is the time to upgrade their backcourt. Alec Burks appears to be the shooting guard of the future, so point guard is the pressing need.
The Pick: Shane Larkin; PG; Miami (FL)
15. Milwaukee Bucks
Need: Efficient scorers, backcourt defense
The biggest problem for Milwaukee is their lack of size in the backcourt (and subsequently, how that lack of size manifests a defensive deficiency. Of course, of the three free agent guards Milwaukee can potentially bring back, they'll bring back the two smallest and defensively challenged ones. Naturally.
The Pick: Reggie Bullock; G/F; North Carolina
16. Boston Celtics
Need: Offensive rebounding, youth
This one is easy - the Celtics were the worst offensive rebounding in the league last year, and they were the 5th-oldest as well. So, they take a young big man.
The Pick: Lucas Nogueira; C; Brazil
17. Atlanta Hawks
Need: Best player available
Like Dallas, Atlanta has almost nobody under contract for next season (just Al Horford, Lou Williams, DeShawn Stevenson, John Jenkins, Mike Scott, and Shelvin Mack - the last four all $2 million or less). They don't have "needs" as much as they have an imperitive to fill their roster.
The Pick: Mason Plumlee; F/C; Duke
18. Atlanta Hawks (via Houston)
Need: See above
The Pick: Shabazz Muhammad; F; UCLA
19. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Los Angeles Lakers)
Need: See above
They got their rebounder and rim protector with Noel at the top of the draft, so now is the time to address their wing depth.
The Pick: Sergey Karasev; F; Russia
20. Chicago Bulls
Need: Perimeter depth, shooting
Given the obscene amount of minutes that guys like Luol Deng and Jimmy Butler had to play last season, any NBA-ready wingman will do.
The Pick: Giannis Adetokunbo; F; Greece
21. Utah Jazz (via Golden State)
Need: See above
They already got their point guard, now's the time to grab a shooter.
The Pick: Tim Hardaway, Jr.; G; Michigan
22. Brooklyn Nets
Need: Perimeter defense, depth at all positions
They need depth everywhere, but particularly on the wing. With any hope, someone that might be able to take over for Gerald Wallace. Only one guy really fits that mold.
The Pick: Jamaal Franklin, G/F; San Diego St.
23. Indiana Pacers
Need: Backcourt creativity, wing depth
Can you play the pick-and-roll? Indiana might pick you. Anyone is probably an upgrade over D.J. Augustin at this point.
The Pick: Dennis Schroeder; PG; Germany
24. New York Knicks
Need: Youth, ballhandling
The Knicks were at their most dynamic when they played two point guards (Felton, Prigioni, and/or Kidd). With Kidd retired and Prigioni likely not far behind him, they should look for a young, creative guard, preferably one who can play both backcourt spots.
The Pick: Erick Green; G; Virginia Tech
25. Los Angeles Clippers
Need: Frontcourt depth, Wing depth, shooting
Any and all Kevin Garnett trades are dead-on-arrival. So if they can't upgrade their frontcourt via trade, they can bolster their depth in the draft. Luckily, there are plenty of big men available. The Clippers are looking to win now, so they need the one that's the most NBA-ready.
The Pick: Jeff Withey; C; Kansas
26. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Memphis)
Need: See above
They grabbed shooting and wing depth. If some is good, more is better, right?
The Pick: Allen Crabbe; G; California
27. Denver Nuggets
Need: Shooting, perimeter defense
There isn't much shooting left in the draft (well, unless you want to take a guy where shooting is his only NBA skill), so Denver should be looking for a guy that can defend and occasionally make threes.
The Pick: Tony Snell; F; New Mexico
28. San Antonio Spurs
Need: Best player available
The Spurs don't have any particular needs, they're set pretty much everywhere. They might have some concern that they won't be able to afford Tiago Splitter in free agency (or, after his performance in the Finals, they might not even want him back, so they'll go big here.
The Pick: Gorgui Dieng; C; Louisville
29. Oklahoma City Thunder
Need: See above
They already picked up a big with their first pick, and they could use a shooter. However, with so few shooters on the board, it might be a good idea to roll the dice and try to replace James Harden with another guard that can serve as a secondary ball-handler to take pressure off Westbrook.
The Pick: Ricky Ledo, G; Providence
30. Phoenix Suns (via Miami)
Need: See above
They just need talent wherever they can get it. Their best move is to just take the best guy on the board.
The Pick: Isaiah Canaan; PG; Murray State
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2013.02.05 15:36 ilikediamonds A bit about me

Hello my readers, this post doesnt really belongs to you, it more to the people who dont know me , and want to get know to me.
So lets start: Im Christin, sometimes chrissy or tina, im 19 years old from Germany. Im a kinda long time reddit lurker , recently created an accoutn and posted to /dpp, where i found mike. Since then, were in a really complicated relationship. It gets us through good and bad things, through erotic and lame topics. From gaming to sexy toys, from phones to sports. We nearly talk about everything. And even though our project started as an sub/dom thing. He really stopped ordering me , i think he likes it way to much as it is now. In my real life im some kind of the standard girl. I work in an office job, where i have a lot of time for reddit. After work i meet friends or do sports, im doing thriatlon, sometimes taking part on small local events, but just for the fun, not because i want to win.
On weekends we mostly sit down in someones room, and starting to drink and talk, Im not that party driven, even i do like it sometimes. I dont have an boyfriend, and i am not really interested tho :P When im home after sports, or metting friends, i enjoy playing on my pc. Normally only singler player. Kinda everything from skyrim to sleeping dogs and so on.
What i am always for is somebody to talk with, somebody to share my thoughts, even though i also can do that with mike, because of the time difference, he isnt there most of my day. So if ur a nice gentlemen, that is looking for an interesting talk partner, you may have found me.
You can always leave a pm, or comment here, or create a new post here :D
I try to answer all my pm's but sometimes there are just way to many to handle them!
Now the part you all have secretly waiting for, my looking: I have a light skin, blue/green eyes, brown, long hair. Im 157cm high , weight around 55kg and love to eat, i only can stay in good shape because of the much sports i do. The most people say im around 16, which i hate about myself.
I added a picture of myself, because i know u will still asking, but i want to make this clear, im not sending pictures, and i rarely want to see pictures. This is a fact, so please, dont ask me for them!
Have a wounderful day, and i hope i could give you a little view of me as a person ;)
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