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A Few Thoughts About K-Pop (Mainly BP and BTS)

2020.09.14 03:50 singingsparrowsaige A Few Thoughts About K-Pop (Mainly BP and BTS)

Hi guys! Since this is my first post ever, I'd wanted to just give a virtual wave at everyone. I have a few thoughts about k-pop I just wanted to get off my chest, but I didn't think they were strong enough to go on kpop rants so here we are. I know it's a whole essay, but I would love if you could read it out and we could discuss!
So first I wanted to give my background in kpop, how I went down the rabbit hole so to say. I was first introduced to kpop through Blackpink's D4, which trended massively on Youtube and me (the teenage kid always on youtube) gave it a listen and I liked it casually. So after that I kinda kept up with BP but never really listened to anything else. Then I found out one of my guy friends loved kpop and he told me to listen to Red Velvet's Bad Boy (not an overrated song AT ALL in my opinion), I loved that so much that I started listening to more. Eventually I fell in love with Exo's music and then eventually BTS. I started liked BTS about half a year after I really go into kpop, and they've been my ults for a while. But recently there has been a couple thoughts I wanted to get off my chest, and since no one around me really gets it, I thought maybe it would be nice to discuss it with like minded kpop fans!
DISCLAIMER: I am in no way trying to encourage fighting at all, so please hear me out and I would love to discuss and chat some more! I think this will be a less toxic place than twitter is currently (and has always been honestly)

  1. The BTS/BLACKPINK "Paved the (their own) way". Okay, I'm genuinely sorry, don't come for me, I know you've probably seen 1000s of these posts. However, this is something I want to speak on since I've seen so much toxicity it makes me kinda sick. I watched the entire interview and honestly, Jennie's words were so twisted it's sad. Jennie acknowledged other artists have gone overseas and gotten big (not BTS specifically, but have you ever heard BTS acknowledge another group in their interviews in America? No I didn't think so. Their companies, especially bigger ones like YG, and the artist themselves keep a tight lip on that, to expel dating rumors and their words being twisted even more). She then proceeded to say "THEY WISHED" to be a group to help open doors "TOO". There was no discrediting of BTS achievements or even those of 2nd gen/PSY before them. My opinion on the matter is half and half. I do agree that BTS was the first group to make it big in America, they were on TV, they've made it big on Billboard Social for YEARS consistently. However, I do think Blackpink also should be credited to a degree in paving that way too. There is more than one door people to open. Blackpink is what got me into kpop, not BTS, and its the same for friends I know too. They charted higher on the bubbling under 100 before BTS charted their or on the Billboard Hot 100. I do think BTS made Korean culture in general more known and are bigger than BP, but I also think BP has had a part in some ways and their success is their own. I mean, other GG haven't made it close to them in America and that proves that it is the girls themselves and their image that catch peoples eyes, not JUST oh they're from the same country as BTS.
  2. K-Pop fandoms are the most toxic out of most other celebrities. Okay guys, buckle in. When I first got into k-pop, I didn't get why people complained about toxic fans. I seriously didn't get it or see it at all. Well I didn't until this past month and I wish I never had. Seriously, because BP and BTS came back at the same time, it's been so hard to be a fan of both. I think what it is, is that the consistent content (way more fan service than American artists) encourages people to become obsessive (not in a sasaeng way but ya know, really invested). I'm not gonna front, I got that way. I became so deep into kpop twitter that the arguments were actually making me upset, that's when I realized it was too much. I've decided to take a breather, but I haven't been doing as well as I hope, since all my socials are flooded with kpop normally. Now I'd like to mention, I never tweet on twitter, I don't engage in fanwars. But the fact that I was getting upset, yeah that really scared me into reality, because it isn't that important. I finally understood why some people want to stop stanning a group because of the fans for the first time. Of course, I would never stop supporting my favs completely, but things like this have caused me to take a step back and chill out on my love. I just cannot for the life of me understand it. Armies and Blinks are at each other throats all the time. They antagonize one another and spread false information that isn't even true. It's true when people say that people preach about kindness and anti-bullying because of idols like Sulli and Jonghyun but then go and bully people on the internet, and thats just sad. And its both sides, I'm not biased. They sound so hypocritical and I hate it. It's hard as a fan of both groups. I don't understand, do people not have lives, work or families? Or are the majority of these people teenagers with nothing else to do? Do you guys have an idea of the age range there? How is the best way for me to avoid this negativity?
  3. Last, I have some thoughts about Dynamite. Ngl, I think the song it catchy, it's fun, it's a certified bop. But I don't think it deserves the praise it gets. Now before you come for my neck, please hear me out. I fell in love with BTS because of their beautiful song writing and unique sound, I loved that they wrote their own lyrics, but more than that they really meant something to them as artists/told their own personal stories. So when I saw that BTS has NO writing credits on this song, I was disappointed honestly. So I felt that way but I kinda just ignored it and went on my way. But then I saw a interview from about a year ago on Time magazine and I'm not gonna lie, my heart sunk. This is quoted directly, “'We don’t want to change our identity or our genuineness to get the number one,' RM, the group’s leader, explained. 'Like if we sing suddenly in full English, and change all these other things, then that’s not BTS. We’ll do everything, we’ll try. But if we couldn’t get number one or number five, that’s okay.'" And listen I know y'all might say he was talking about EVERY SONG they sing or a full album, but the point still stands it's not a good look, it doesn't sound good at all now. See BTS (probably more armies than BTS themselves, although I do think some of their own quotes have kinda implied the same thing) have always has this air about being different than other groups. They take pride (as they should) in writing their own music and helping produce, something that was way more of a rarity until very recently in kpop. That is their whole brand! I also took this mindset, I would defend the boys and talk about how they were true artists, their lyrics were beautiful, they were so different than other groups, etc. So now I feel a bit hypocritical, and I don't like that, and so do they. With dynamite, argue all you want, the purpose was to make a hit that would be GP friendly and would do well on American radio. I love Namjoon my bias, but I don't believe for one second that the only purpose of this song was to give "good energy". And because BTS are my ults, if this becomes their biggest hit (which it is so far), well that kind proves the point that they have always tried to disprove, that Korean songs and different sounding music could make it big in America. Lets be real, the song was 100% a western sounding song. I honestly hate that, I hate that America is so xenophobic sometimes. It's not that I don't wish BTS success, that's not it at all, I just wish they could have this success with their self-written meaningful songs. It feels like they, idk, kinda sold out in their artistry with this. Another reason I didn't like this comeback was the hypocrisy in the fandom. Literally, I feel so alone in this opinion, afraid to share lest I get attacked. Armies have given so much hate on other groups for making mostly/full English songs, but as soon as BTS does it, it's not a problem at all. Conveniently forgot about what ya'll said earlier, laughing that "BTS would never do a whole English song", "how dare interviewers ask that", "BTS are Korean don't expect them to sing in English", etc. Also with bundling, SO MUCH HATE was giving to SuperM for album bundling with merch, but what did ya'll think the 500 dynamite remixes was doing? I know there will be some arguments (oh but its still music, not random crappy merch that doesn't have anything to do with it) but the fact remains that all those remixes gave armies more versions to purchase which increased the digital sells EXPONENTIALLY. It's a smart way to get a leg up. I am not saying this was wrong AT ALL, I'm just saying it's what all other groups/artists do so why do y'all hate on other groups so dang on much. So yeah, I'm a bit sad these days because no one wants to be disappointed with an artist they love so much. But I'm super excited for the album coming and I have a feeling/hope that they will really blow me away again! I really want to hear other thoughts, because so far I haven't seen many opinions like this, and I want to have a genuine discussion with true fans who share like mind! I'm not a hater at all! I just don't understand fans who so blindly follow their favs they can't see the faults/view them as so perfect.

So yeah, I'm so sorry again for this being so long. I'm a bit long-winded, plus these thoughts I've been keeping cooped but so now the floodgates are opened. If you read this all, you're a champ! Please lets discuss. Thank you! :)
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2020.09.13 21:53 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #56 -Blooming Boys - 200913 + Album Giveway!

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we supported #Hashtag. This week it's time for a boy group who's relatively new but who has been making some very cool music, let's get to know ENOi!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the tenth Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: A seven member boy group under KITHEWHALE Entertainment, their name comes from "wE caN dO iT". The group members have individual colors and gemstones which are meant to represent both positive and negative elements of their personalities, with the concept being that they will grow to be better and overcome their negative aspects. Their fandom name is RAYS which stands for 'Realize All Your Stars' and also carries the meaning that the group can't grow without the rays of light form the fans.
Company: KITHEWHALE Entertainment's name comes from combining the Korean words for 'Lungfish' and 'Whale'. They are a combination IT Company and Kpop Agency and are involved in some way with blockchains. Their goal is to merge their strengths in technology and artistic development. ENOi is their first and only Kpop group, though they have produced Korean hip-hop content in the past.
Full Group Interview
Debut: April 21st, 2019 with Bloom (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: August 6th, 2020 with W.A.Y (Where are You) (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
First Comeback: January 12th, 2020 with Cheeky (MV) Live Stage (Link) Choreography Version (Link)
Other Releases
YouTube Channel: ENOi Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: Member Hamin had been considering giving up on his dream of becoming a singer before Laon convinced him to join the group. Dojin and Jinwoo were students at the same training academy and when Laon approached Dojin he convinced Jinwoo to sign on as well. Avin and Gun were both discovered by Laon through social media and he e-mailed them a presentation about ENOi to convince them to join. Laon was living in a one room studio apartment when he had the idea to form the group, and admits that it was a reckless desire but he's very proud of how they've all come together. The group is known for being perfectionist when it comes to their practice schedule - going through the dance routine for Bloom over 1,500 times before debut, and over 1,000 times for Cheeky to the point where they were sustaining knee injuries but didn't want to water down the choreography or give up.
Soloist of the Week
Grace/Grazy Grace
Who is she?: Grace is currently an independent soloist/singer-songwriter. She was previously promoted by YYAC but is currently involved in a contract dispute with them. She is Korean American, born in Long Island, but traveled Korea as a trainee though never debuted with a group, later gaining attention competing in Unpretty Rapstar 3. She is known for sharing stories from behind the scenes of the Kpop system on her YouTube channel.
Solo Debut: February 4th, 2016 with I'm Fine (MV) Live Performance (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: June 29th, 2020 with Planet (MV)
Other MVs and Releases
YouTube Channel: Grazy Grace and Grazy TV and YYAC Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: The English bios I've found all state that she was born in Long Island, NY, however her Korean bio on the indicates that she was born in Seoul and emigrated to the USA at age 7, I'm not sure which is correct. She was eliminated from Unpretty Rapstar in the 8th episode. She created the hook for the Unpretty Rapstar Season 3 theme song "She's Coming". While she has never publicly stated it, it's widely assumed that her trainee experience was in Nega Network/NH Media as part of the group that eventually became Laboum. She is friends with former Rania member Alex and H.U.B member Hyosun. She's a fan of sushi and mexican food. She holds a lifeguard certificate. She has been quite candid about her experiences in the Kpop industry on her YouTube channel, including stories about some of the less-glamorous behind the scenes issues such as encouragement of plastic surgery, sexual propositions, and body shaming issues. ________________________________________________________
Who were they?: A six member girl group under Parksal Entertainment. The group was made up of Racing Models, and stood for "Perfect Performance Ladies".
Company: Parksal Entertainment had a highly-anticipated pre-debut girl group known as Rendezvous which has disbanded prior to debut, though their main vocalist Seulgi will be debuting as a soloist. They also represent former PPL member Ah Hee who now promotes as DJ Fatal, ballad duo Premu, and a number of models. They also appear to be involved in various other business activities such as watersports equipment rental, video production, and vaping products.
MVs and Releases
Active Between: October 30th 2015 - Sometime in 2018
Reasons for Disbanding: In early 2018 the company announced that they would be replacing four members of the group, however the replacements never debuted and one of the remaining two, Ah Hee, began working under the company as a DJ. All other activity ceased and the group's YouTube channel was replaced with one hawking vaping devices.
Trivia: Member Ah Hee is now active as a model and as DJ Fatal. Member Da Hee married the CEO of Parksal Entertainment in December 2018 and afterwards it was revealed they had been dating for six years (which would have included the entire run of the group). Member Gakyung was named the 10th most beautiful woman in the world by fashion magaine MODE and appeared in Top Gear Korea. She continues as a model. Member Yujin was previously a law student but didn't feel it suited her, she is currently working as a model following the breakup of the group. Member Azi was Miss Korea 2008. Member Sol A dreamt of becoming a kindergarten teacher and getting married quickly but did not follow through with those plans. A Chinese fan once flew from China to give her gold on her birthday. She is currently working as a model.
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.09.11 02:29 astr0ghosts type me ! sorry for the long details !

hello, i've been trying to type myself based off of cognitive functions, but i'm so confused so i figured i'd just come here.

• How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
i'm 18F, korean-american who is very in touch with her parent's culture despite being born in america. i'm on the shorter side (5'3") but very much loud and bold to counter peoples' initial assumptions of my personality. quarantine has been absolute hell for me, and i've been (safely!) meeting friends on a weekly basis.
according to my friends, and myself, i have a pretty significant god complex going on, mixed with an individuality and inferiority complex. dismissive-avoidant attachment type, mommy issues (oops), and my love language is acts of service and physical touch.
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
i haven't had anything professionally diagnosed due to conservative parents who despise slapping labels and believe that if you just put your mind to being happy and perfect, then it'll be possible. that being said, i have an attention span that rivals my short height and i've dealt with some traumatic experiences that still affect me today.
i went through a particularly rough period ( i've labelled it the dark period ) where i isolated myself from everyone. i lost motivation in everything, dropped all of my interests, and retired to my bed for the majority of the day. never spoke unless prompted to by a teacher. this persisted for 4 months, and has been on and off since.
• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
so. much. jesus. my mom is a pretty dedicated (devout?) christian, and its been shoved down my throat since birth. i debunked jesus when i was in 2nd grade because i had just debunked the possibility of santa being a thing (we lived in an apartment and there was no way he was getting in through our blocked off chimney or front door that my room was right next to.) had the mindset of "if my mom was lying about santa, a man i've never seen and am supposed to believe based off of stories, then isn't jesus the same thing?" haven't told her that i don't believe (closeted athiest, if you will) and just rant about having to go to virtual church every week to my friends.
extra: screamed "fuck jesus" at a group of protestors who said "jesus will protect us from covid, not masks."
(apologies if you are very religious, i don't mean to be invalidating or rude :( )
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
used to work as a waitress pre-covid, and loved it. i loved being able to meet a bunch of new people and be super friendly and make them feel comfortable with light conversations, and loved the fast paced environment. making friends with coworkers was a fun bonus, and i think waitressing helped me develop better conversational skills. don't think i could work an office job at this point.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
lonely, for sure. i go out on weekends to hang out with friends ( since we all have time ) but when we aren't able to, i just spend hours switching in between social medias trying to burn time until the next day. if there's something thats occupying my time, it won't last longer than an hour before i get bored of it, so weekends become torture.
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
i'm pretty good at art, been drawing since kindergarten and its been the one "thing" that people know me for. (ex. everyone expects me to pull out masterpieces for games like pictionary. i deliver.) i like skateboarding, something i picked up during quarantine, and i like to pride myself on the fact that i recover really well from falls. i love heights, so rollercoasters and other theme park rides that go fast and high are the loves of my life. i want to go skydiving, especially because bungee jumping was so fun.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
i'm not too curious, i guess? i definitely start a bunch of projects and finish few, or leave them finished half-assed. i'm definitely nosier when it comes to people, and i love asking questions ( whether its just small talk or deep conversation ) to get to know people. if i have some genius ideas, its usually about the situation in front of me ( like, what if i did this, what would happen and how cool would it be? )
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
i'm not someone to jump to the leadership position, especially if other people are vying for it because if i were the leader i would have a hard time trying to lead everyone while making sure everyone was comfortable, i guess? i feel like it would be overwhelming, especially if i couldn't accommodate for someone. that being said, if nobody takes the leadership position, i'll take it easily and just do my best because i'm at least comfortable with communication.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
i'm okay. waitressing definitely helped with my coordination and balance, and i can balance a good stack of stuff on my left arm while maintaining a good posture. i like to draw, so that helps with having a steady-ish hand ( my freehand circle is pretty mean. ) i also play the guitar and game a bit ( tetris goddess, if you will ) so i have a pretty good apm on a keyboard. sports, not so much. i can catch and dodge a ball ( or projectile ) pretty well, but i can't actually throw, hit, or kick with a lot of force without it going in some weird direction.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
third time mentioning art and i will not stop. i like drawing faces and hands a lot, and i've been experimenting in a semi-realism style. i mainly do digital art, but i started with charcoal. the one kind of art i cannot do is painting, it just hurts me. a lot of my art end up as just sketches, but i've been working on developing a unique style of coloring that i can start using regularly.
my art style itself is something i developed by taking what i saw in things such as comics, manga, anime, etc, and then changing how they look slightly to add my own personal touch. i'm happy with where it is now, and i'd like to think its pretty unique.
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
fuck ( sorry for cursing if thats something that i shouldn't do ) the past, i don't like to think about it because you can't even change it so whats the point. i like the present, i like living in the moment because if i immerse myself into the current moment, then i have a fun time. i don't like thinking about the future because i change interests and plans pretty easily, and i have some fun trust issues that make the future impossible to predict/trust in.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
i would help them. my friends scream at me for this because i help my (somewhat toxic) ex-boyfriend whenever i notice he isn't in a good mood ( we're in a group chat, and his friends pick on him on occasion. when we were dating, he mentioned how he didn't like it, and he has a certain tell when he isn't taking the jokes well, so i end up messaging him privately to see if everythings okay.) i carry around extra cash whenever i go to the city to give to anybody who asks, small things like that.
i like to help people out because i think that, at least in that small moment, they can be happy and i can make them happy. if its something within my power, why shouldn't i do it? i can work on my happiness on my own if i need to, so i prioritize others before myself.
• Do you need logical consistency in your life?
kind of? like i mentioned with the whole religion thing, if there is no concrete evidence that i can see/touch then i won't be able to believe it. i like when things make sense, and i like when things are solvable.
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
i procrastinate a bit, but when it comes down to due dates, i'll finish things at least a day before. ( some special cases include finishing final projects on the morning of the due date, but, hey i finished and got a good grade so does it matter? )
i prefer efficiency in most contexts, and i'll half-ass things to finish faster because my attention span just cannot handle focusing on something to care about the details. however, if its art, then i'll take as much time on it as i want and i won't take shortcuts.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
i think that i do. i'm a talker, and i have a pretty dominating personality when it comes to conversation. i feel like that alone skews people to be on my side or do what i want.
beyond that, my whole appearance is something i use shamelessly. i'm a small asian female, and a lot of friends' friends that we hang out with or play games with join in on occasion. they don't talk to many girls, especially one with similar interests, so they're already pretty friendly with me. so, taking that into account, i ask them for favors and i know they'll usually say yes. ( god, this makes me sound terrible, but i don't ask for anything too much, and i offer to pay them back in some way. )
also, i always offer to pay someone back while i'm asking for a favor ( ex: can you drive me to xyz? i'll pay for your gas. ) and the person will usually say that they dont need compensation. i do actually argue and want to pay them back for the favor, but if they start arguing that they don't want it, then i'll concede first.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
a r t. i like it because when i'm feeling down ( if ever, ) then i can vent it out by drawing or scribbling whatever i'm feeling. i usually don't verbalize my emotions ( real funny for someone who talks a lot ) so this is the best way for me to just cope.
guitar is another favorite. i like the idea of being able to play songs that i like, and impressing people with it. i learned fingerstyle simply because its flashier to watch, but also because i can capture more of the song without having to sing along. i'm self-taught, so its something i pride myself a lot in.
skateboarding. it makes me feel cool, but its also something that makes me feel like i can relax in a way. its very freeing to just cruise around with a nice breeze. its also something that i think clashes with my overall image ( again, small asian female ) so i like that unexpected charm aspect.
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
i learn really well with hands on activity ( which made online classes that much harder.) ) i also prefer creativity, especially in projects. history and math were my weakest subjects because there were too many numbers, formulas, dates, and names to memorize. i'm bad with numbers in general. i did really well in english and science ( specifically everything except for physics ) and i really enjoyed science labs and those reading seminars.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
i'm an improvisor by nature. even if i make a plan, i ditch it and just do what feels right because there's always some faster or better way to execute something.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally?
i have no aspirations professionally. too far into the future, college was the last thing i was striving for and i got it down.
personally, i would just like to be truly happy again. meet people who make me feel like myself ( because i have not been truly myself since a particularly traumatic experience. ) don't want to get married or have kids quite yet, might be the trust and commitment issues there. that being said, i want a significant other, or at least a very very close friend that i can hug and stuff because i could use that right now. i like depending on people as much as i like helping.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
bugs are my biggest fear. something about them just make me shiver. if a bug is on my wall, i call for someone else to kill it, because i can't. i'm not actually afraid to kill a bug if i have to, but i feel bad for killing it because i want it to live out the rest of its short life. but i also can't move it because i'm too scared to be THAT close. quite a crisis.
i'm afraid of being truly alone again. at one point in my life, i pushed a lot of people away and holed myself up in my room, which in turn made me feel worse. that was genuinely the worst period in my life, and if i had to go through it again, i don't think i would pull through it again.
loud noises? this one sets off my inferiority complex because its so stupid to be afraid of, and i think i'm only afraid of them ( specifically thunder ) because i used to pretend like i was afraid of thunder in elementary school as a way to get closer with my crush. did not work out that well, but now i freeze up at the sound of thunder and jumpscares make me yell and throw out a fist. ( fun fact: i have no idea how to scream like a high-pitched banshee scream. a classic female horror movie heroine scream. i only yell at a loud decibel, cannot figure out how to get my voice to get more shrill )
• What do the "highs" in your life look like?
happy, or at least content, surrounded by people. happy with my body image, no longer obsessed with it and able to eat comfortably. being able to love someone knowing they love me back.
when i overcame the worst sad spell of my life.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like?
the worst sad spell of my life. pushing everyone away, not speaking a word to anybody except myself and a fake ( or maybe real ) ghost in my room. not eating, obsessing over my body image and pinching at it. smoking and drinking. a fun layer of hopelessness, then a mask of "yeah, i'm okay" to cover it all up.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?
i stare off into space a lot, but usually its head empty, just looking at that tree over there. i do daydream if i'm so bored and i need to ( ex: church sermon ) and i usually make up a really elaborate, action-packed story that i get invested in while subconsciously hearing the words of jesus. when i'm in this daydream state, i'm pretty aware of my surroundings, except when it comes to hearing and remembering words thrown at me.
in classes, i tend to aimlessly doodle on my paper.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
i want to leave i want to get out who''s the bitch who put me in here i'm kind of hungry how long am i going to be in here i miss my friends wow the room is really big they really couldn't have given me anything i wish i could draw on the walls they're so empty what if there's a ghost in here hi ghost how are you are you good because i'm not i really want to leave i'm so bored can they give me like a pencil at least i won't stab myself or anything maybe i'll pick at my nails and braid my hair am i naked can i leave yet i want to go outside let me out dude you're a bitch for putting me in here there's probably not even a camera or mic so he probably cant hear me which is just more bitchy i want out come on sorry ghost i want to leave you
^^ i blanked out, imagined myself in the room, and text-to-speeched my thoughts above ( with some editing for cohesiveness + spellng. ) kind of fun to read over myself.
anyways, i would try to fall asleep until its all over or scream-sing some of my favorite songs while nobody was listening, but i'd ultimately just want out. might try to find a door or break a wall.
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
it takes me 5 minutes, maybe. then i commit to it because i think changing minds on big decisions means you shouldn't have even tried to make that decision in the first place, but now you're stuck with the consequences of impulsivity ( which i ultimately am, because i don't think much about consequences, as long as it makes sense and yields the best possible results i can see, then i go for it. )
if i do dwell on an issue, then i go and take a break, and while i'm laying down or eating, i'll just think "fuck it, just do it pussy" then do it.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
i know my emotions, and i know what i'm feeling pretty quickly, and i'm just as quick to get rid of the negatives and replace them with (maybe false) positives. emotions are important when it comes to others' and i'll help them out, but i don't care for mine as much and i'll confront them in my room by myself. i bounce around being sad to happy pretty easily ( sensitive, i guess )
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
if it isn't apparent based on other answers, YES. i'm what i call a social chameleon, and i'll change my attitude, way of speech, and anything else reasonable to appease to whoever i'm talking to. i do this to 1.) make them feel comfortable and familiar with me and 2.) to feel validated. i do this with my ex-boyfriend's friend group a lot ( they are a separate friend group from my main one ) where i act a lot more "masculine" and tougher to fit in, and i'll just agree with whatever mildly "dark" thing they say to appeal. then i complain about them to my main friend group. fun.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why?
fuck the rules, i hate them. i don't like authority, but i'll go along with it if it benefits me more than it annoys me. i have broken a few rules, solely because i had to in order to help someone else or even myself. as long as i don't get caught, then i don't care about consequences too much, unless its a high chance i'll die or hurt someone else in the process.
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2020.09.08 15:50 raichulover123 A post I found on some blog thing where a kid falsely claimed that they acted on Baby Einstein videos and state very false information about the series itself

I was one of the 4 Girls of the 8 Kids over the Years we Filmed, to World of Rythmn on "Baby Einstein" and to become, as a result, a part of TV history.
As we passed the midpoint of the 20th Century, television and sundry other factors had begun to change our myths and heroes to things smaller than life as opposed to things larger than life. Uncle Milty supplanted Clark Gable while Howdy Doody did in King Kong and King Lear. I was one of these smaller than life heroes. Whether I someday scale the Matterhorn or win my Pulitzer, I shall always be known as a Baby Einstein Kid.
I did not always feel this way.
The Kids from Baby Einstein and their Show they starred in was a phenomenon that astounded almost everyone, including the canny creator, Julie Aigner Clark. Julie found a Venture in 1997 to Revive a 1970's Show starring Kids, starting in the First Video's Credits with her Daughter, Aspen.
"Baby Einstein" made it's First Video in January 31 1997 and was a Hit. They made more Videos starting with the Original and Beloved "Baby Mozart" in 1998.
At least one child (Madeline Pluto) was canonized just as Mary Pickford and Shirley Temple had been before her as "America's Sweetheart" and the core group of nine that lasted the entire filming of the series had been raised from the level of being child stars to being a part of a recognizable pop culture entity. The names echo: Aspen, Noreen, Brad, Gabriel, Madison, Brandon, Macrae, Maddie, and Madeline.
People vividly remembered the show when Barney the Dinosaur and the Baby Einstein Kids (Gaby, Shamaiya, Gabriella, Abbie, Ella, and Me) appeared on the Today Show from NBC.
My Mom worked on the 2nd Baby Einstein in 1989. but it had a short life. The Kids on the Show were mostly Babies. as opposed to just guest stars, which was good, Baby Wordsworth's slow ABC Song was just perfect like the BE I was on. The show absconded on Thanksgiving on 1990. In all fairness, it must be noted that Our Baby Einstein was not well received critically either, it merely was successful.That is the history of the two BE's
The "Albert Einsteinketeers" and their Show ame along at the right time. Children had been on TV since the outset. I had a regular role on a Happy Nappers Commercial. Much like Annette Funnicello or Miley Cyrus from "Hannah Montana", There were child actors around. Local shows offered kids an opportunity to be seen nationally, kids were being purely themselves in n a more natural environment than afforded by playing a role in a Educational Show in a Few "Pillow Pets", "Brush Pets", "Dream Lites", and "Glow Pets" Commercials.
What was unique about the BE was that the children were obviously talented but they were not yet sophisticated, not too slick. Better, they grew, metamorphosed, matured before your very eyes. Not one of the kids was Barishnykov, Pavarotti, nor Sir Laurence Olivier. They were all regular kids who made mistakes; given the rigors of filming the show and the technical backwardness of the emerging medium, the faux pas were sometimes captured on film.
Prior to Movies, Commercials, and TV Shows, they were easy to identify with, easy to like. They were members of the family, much closer than a "global community".
The series was innocuous but it was not merely entertainment. It foreshadowed the didacticism of "Barney"
and shows of that kidney. The BE Fans like SayjeTube or dj100024 2.0 love the Music like Beethoven Bach or Mozart and the Lengeds and Lore Puppets like the Blue Goat or Green Dragon and even the Dog Puppet. Baby Einstein only had Animation in 2002's Baby Newton. But there were Poems and Toys, too.
No, the 1990's, 2000's, and 2010's had LOTS of Lengeds and Lore Puppets in Videos starting with a Dragon.
The show, thus, was rounded in a way that other kid's series were not. The material mirrored the middle-class values the majority of Americans believed in during the Fifties. BUT there werre black kids, Jewish kids, Hispanic kids which no other show had done before us. There were critics of the BE which "Barney"'s Creator Cheryl Leach liked.
Perhaps the Mid 80's BE had to do with changes in the format or the slickness of the new kids. Perhaps, though, it had to do with our own loss of innocence as a people and as a nation. Maybe our ethos had changed so that we could no longer capture the imagination of succeeding generations. What, after all, does being a Baby Einstein Kid mean.
Being one of the Kids from "Baby Einstein" , has to do with recapturing elements of our social structure that are rapidly disappearing or have become only vestiges, memories. These elements are: connection, belonging, family.
As a youngster, I was a rebel sometimes with and sometimes without a cause. I followed my star (James Dean) assured that truth, ideals and insight would prevail. When I found that truth, ideals and insight are frequently like Plato's shadows on the wall and that they do not necessarily prevail, I was shaken and became cynical. I found the show I was a part of childish. After all, I turned 2 in 2009, had been dating for four years and kissed and went steady with Annette our first season! My precocity had caught up to my pubescence and I would no longer allow myself to be a child in the inevitable furor of rushing to adulthood. It took some later lucidity, thought and maturation in order for me to allow myself to regain my childhood. Before this inference I would have also been a naysayer about the BE.
But I was wrong. I had had conflicting ideas about my experiences on the Disney series for all the years subsequent to my involvement. My youthful progression from cynicism to nihilism left me with some harsh emotions about the show, even though this has always been a minority viewpoint.
Baby Einstein's Fans saw me joining Brad Boller, Noreen Raja, Aspen Clark, the Puppets, and the 80's BE Kids preforming at Disneyland on the Tomarrowland Stage. People knew the Meaning of "Baby Einstein" and "BE".
We'll be friends Forever even if we don't see each other for One Year, Me, Aspen, Brad, and Noreen.
The audience observed this phenomenon and seemed mesmerized. The kids reacted, naturally, at first to Baby Einstein Puppets.
What was astounding to me was the enthusiastic reaction of the older spectators, the ones who had been there in the 2000's while growing up, the ones who now may have used their children as an excuse to recall their youth without embarrassment. Let's face it. No one over the age of 16 wants to admit they are Excited to see the Baby Einstein Kids.
It would seem they do. These people who were Kids in the 60's and 70's, even the 80's and 90's, were thrilled remembering the Famous "babysitter" of the 2000's, 70's, and 80's. Even Symphony No 41 Jupiter as Emily was looking at Bubbles and playing with the Busy Starfish by the First Years. Some crying.
It occurred to me that somehow the Baby Einstein Kids in their 10's or 20's all more capable of what we had done twenty-five years ago, somehow communicated to these other adults that aging is not the disgusting, moribund, dismal thing that we are all taught it is by ad agencies and their accomplices, the young.
During 2011 was a Dream Come True for Baby Einstein's Fans to see the Kids from the Baby Videos.
We may have passed the age of dreaming, the age of the American Dream - whether the apparently guileless, unworkable dream that we were taught in school texts in the 1990's, 2000's, and 2010's and had not all its bases in fact, nor the sneering, satirical dream of Albee's one act play - but we have not passed the age of needing dreams. We need them more than ever now.
the "Baby Einstein Kids" and "Baby Einstein" however accidentally, have come to symbolize were the children in our American Eden, when World War II and the Korean "conflict" were behind us, when Fords sold for less than $2,000 and "everyone" could own a home, raise a family and, maybe, be President. innocence. At least for many people the Kids from the 3rd Baby Einstein
I did what i learned from being a Baby Einstein Kid.
A Few Baby Einstein Kids preformed at Disneyland in 2016 for Baby Einstein's 20th Anniversray
The BE is a World Hit today.
A fan informed me that we ran on TV.
the 10th and 20th Anniversray of our Video Series was celebrated with our live show, autographs, a parade and other events at our old stomping grounds.
My 2009 was the First Time i appeared on our Baby Einstein.
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2020.09.07 07:36 Throwaway_2020-1 Am I a self-hating asian male?

I'm Korean-American born in New York who grew up in a majority white neighbourhood. Growing up I've always had a preference for white American girls/women. I just find them so much more attractive than Asian girls because the Asian girls I've seen just don't appeal to me, even though I have been in relationships with them. My parents wanted me to marry another Korean girl. So I guess going AMWF was my way of rebelling against them. I also feel like I relate to white people more because I grew up with them. And because of this, I always wanted to fit in more with Whites than other Asians, which I did. Now yes, I admit it, there was also a time in my life, where I went through what quite a lot of asian guys I feel go through, and that's when I rejected my own culture. Now, things are getting a lot better though. I'm trying to learn Korean/Viet, and the history of those countries.
But idk quite a lot of y'all here seem offended that I (and many other asian dudes) have our own preferences (AMWF) that don't align with your own nativist racial-purist preferences, by accusing me of putting whites on a pedestal, this is just how I am. I like dating white women more than asian women. Who are you people to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't like?
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2020.09.04 05:21 fogcityrunner Old Topic: How do you feel about the casting Henry Golding in Crazy Rich Asians?

So it's been awhile now and now that the dust has kinda settled and all the reviews are in and more people have seen it, how do you feel about this?
Here's my $.02: So in CRA its about a rich chinese family's son dating a non-rich girl and they casted Henry as the lead, who is half malaysian, half white. While I think the movie is great for asian american representation in film and media, I think it's a bit tone deaf when it comes to this aspect. Like why couldn't they just get a full chinese guy to play him?
Like yes, he looks asian, but when I saw him I definitely did not first assume he was Chinese and while I don't think its as a big of deal in other movies where they can mix and match asian actors with their characters races, I think this kind of sends the message in this particular movie that "well he's asian might as well just say he's chinese, they all look the same anyways."
Now don't get me wrong like yes, our races and ethnicities are very diverse so you probably have met full blooded east asians that look like him or even whiter. And we all blend together to make beautiful features for all the colors blah blah blah. But the fact that they didn't go out of their way to cast someone that is the same ethnicity as the character kinda irks me a bit. Like "oh look how woke we are by casting this asian guy (with white features)."
My main example is always this: what type of movie would Black Panther be if they casted someone like Steph Curry, or Michael Ealy as Tchalla? How's about a black man with green eyes sound to you as the black panther! Doesn't sit right does it? (RIP Chadwick)
Now okay, if you didn't like that example because it was a bit far-fetched. Imagine this one: For the new Mulan movie, how about they casted a korean american actress like Jamie Chung or Japanese american actress Karen Fukuhara (Katana from suicide squad) as the lead role? They can pass as chinese sure, but they don't identify as chinese so why should we give this casting choice a pass?
And Yeah I'm using mulan and black panther as an example because the race And Origin of these characters are important whereas in Hawaii 5-0 all the asian characters are just mix-matched with asian actors and their race and origin ARE not central to the main plot.
I can definitely see it from the other point of view as well as "well we should just take what we can get, any step forward for asians (hapa or not) is a step forward for all of us." And I'm not say boycott the actor or anything, I was just curious to see what people's friendly thoughts are on this particular choice. I know I'll probably get some hate for this post(lol) but I thought it was an interesting thing we could disect and a little different from what we usually see in this sub.
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2020.09.04 04:35 Different_Story24 I hate being Asian (LONG ASS READ)

I hate being Asian (Warning: extremely long read) Prepared to read a novel, you've been warned. If you're an edge lord and you're just gonna edge lord me to death about how long this is please just stop yourself now. You've been forewarned.
Before reading this, please note that I may say a lot of harsh stuff about myself so if you're the kind of person who lacks empathy and sees anyone venting their frustration as having a "victim mentality" then please kindly stop reading now for your and my sake. I saw this one post on Reddit from a Chinese American guy. He was venting about his self hatred for being Asian and how he was treated growing up and how he still had a tough time dealing with his identity issues. That was four years ago from now and when I went on his page that same day (last night), few posts above he pretty much thanked everyone in the comments and said he's improving himself and how felt a whole lot better. That's good on him, I was genuinely happy for him but currently in 2020, I still hate being Asian. I feel now it's my turn to get it out of my system if that's even possibly for me. I'll start with my experience as a kid. I was never accepted by anyone, even by the little "friends" that I had at the time. Looking back they weren't even really my friends. I hung around a lot of white kids who skipped and essentially without going into crazy detail they used me as their crash test dummy, making Asian jokes at every window of opportunity. I wasn't your stereotypical Asian kid. I didn't do well in school, skipped school a lot, hung around the "wrong crowd" and I eventually dropped out my sophomore year. Don't even get me started on girls. I did have a few girls like me, had a couple girl friends in my two year hs stent and none of them worked out. I'll admit they weren't weebs or anything but in highschool girls are very experimental and are more willing to look passed stereotypes, well besides the popular girls who never ever liked me. I ironically had more trouble dating because of my race when I got older like now. I know people will probably say "be proud of who you are." Well it's a bit hard when you're made to feel like an outsider everywhere you go.

The mainstream media makes Asians feel unattractive as it is, well at least for the men side of things. Asian women are treated like gold, people they say they're fetishized but not as much as Asian men. If anything in hs they were always sitting with the popular kids, they were at the top of the social hierarchy. Asian men not so much. Asian women are fetishized as submissive but being submissive as a woman isn't a bad thing. That's like Asian men complaining that we're portrayed as masculine. I mean I've heard of a few popular Asian boys in a neighboring school but you have to be a special kind of dude and probably 10/10 in looks to even be considered popular. There will always be anomalies for everything though but it's not about being popular, it's about being accepted. How is it me playing the victim mentality for anyone would think this when I've never ever been fully accepted by anyone and the one's who "accepted" me in the beginning ended up being fake. My point is growing up I didn't internalize it much which made me a huge push over. I let people punch me in the face, make fun of me to my face, and just let people run me over. I have many memories of people who pushed me around, a few guys in particular where if I saw them now it's on sight.

That's how much I've harbored all this in. What made me feel so insecure was that I didn't feel like I was a bad looking guy, I'm 6'0, and I got tattoos at an early age and yet girls did not like me, boys either for that matter. In fairness I was a bit of a try hard I'll admit that but that was because people did not make it easy for me to feel accepted so I felt that I needed to over compensate. Since I didn't excel in school and I couldn't fall on that, I tried to be the "bad boy." Women love bad boys right? Well they didn't give me the memo at the time that they love bad boys, not "bad Asian boys." I guess there's a difference and oh trust me there is. In school and even beyond when I'd get a job at a 9 to 5 job like at super markets and such, even co workers gave me weird vibes as if I was automatically not liked. People may just say well maybe I'm a sh** person blaming everyone else. Seems that way on the surface but that's an oversimplification. I never blamed anyone. If anything I'd come home blaming myself, telling myself I'm an ugly Asian who can't even make a single friend. I always tried to be friendly, smile, initiate conversation and people always seemed to wanna exit it immediately.

Essentially all in all I was never liked. I will be open and also admit that I deal with anxiety, it's pretty severe and I know that plays a role but same time It's hard to over look my ethnicity. Plenty of Asian American men who don't have any mental disorders share similar experiences so I know I'm not just blowing pixie dust out of my ass. I haven't even gotten to the main part. All this happening made me super insecure and I pretended for a long time that I was like everyone else, hiding all of these insecurities deep inside so I didn't have to deal with them until now. Everything hit me like a mac truck all at once recently that I completely hate being Asian. I never wanted to admit this as true as it was the entire time but I go to sleep every day wishing that I woke up as a different race, any race but Asian, at least my kind of Asian. You can't call me racist because I'd literally be okay with being black, hispanic, mixed, white, doesn't matter, even mixed Asian and something else but not full blooded Asian. Instead I had to born as a joke race, a race people laugh and mock publicly with zero consequences. I was born into a race where socially everything is harder, making friends is harder, dating is even harder then that.

Dating really sucks as an Asian. Online dating, forget it. I've been noticing a lot of non Asian guys saying that it's hard on them now but that means a few replies, a few matches on tinder instead of a crap ton like before but being Asian you get ZERO replies, not even from fake bots. I quit online dating a while ago though. In real life it's still really difficult even though the general rule of thumb is that in real life it's supposed to be "easier." As a guy in general, asking women is terrifying right? Imagine being an Asian guy where you're fully aware of how most women feel about you and all the mainstream media going against you. It's a g**d*** night mare and the only women who remotely found me attractive were koreaboos obsessed with kpop. Not all are obsessed but I just bucked at the idea that there was one woman out there that isn't into Kpop or anime that liked me where the foundation wasn't a genre of music where effeminate men parade around in make up, the stereotype holding Asian American men back. I never found one. Every time a girl liked me, and trust me even with this scenario it was a very rare occasion, they'd always tell me "oh my god I'm so into Asian guys." I don't know why women think it's flattering for us to hear. It's not, at least for me. I'm sure some Asians couldn't care less or would find it flattering but not me. It's as if they're telling me that they too are aware most women don't find Asian men attractive but they are and want cookie points for it because they're special. I'm not a freaking charity case. I remember I worked at a movie theater, got a few girls number and all of them ghosted me and one told me she was a lesbian. (At the time I believed her, wouldn't be surprised looking back if she lied to spare my "feelings") Even in the most recent time, and I think this is all due to trauma I experienced growing up but I was at lil Caesars Pizza and usually you go in and get it when it's ready but this girl we'll call her Cindy (not her real name) very cute Hispanic girl offered to bring the pizza to me instead. I mustard up courage to tell her that she was cute when she came out. She smiled thru her mask and she said thank you. I was going to ask for her number but I didn't because after years of rejection it made me so insecure that I convinced myself that she was just being friendly and maybe she was but I was too insecure to actually take that risk. High risk, high reward.

Another time, like 4 years ago, I thought a cashier was trying to fake me out because when I ordered I needed to give my name. I told her and she said I didn't look like my name. I thought she was being racist. She ended up telling me that I had a nice smile but again all the stuff I went thru made me super paranoid and insecure so I lost that opportunity. All these stories are probably making you think that It's all in my head. Nope, as an Asian guy these opportunities come once or maybe twice in a life time, at least mine and I didn't take it. They do not happen often whatsoever. I'll have to live with that. Yet some how some people have this crazy notion though that Asian people are the most privileged people next to white people when in fact it is not true. I think they mistake the hard work Asians are known for and the success they've earned and equating that as privilege. They are sorely mistaken if they think that. People need to look up what the word privilege means. We're one of the most made fun of and ostracized race in America, let's face it. This covid-19 thing only put the icing on the cake. I guess after years of society molding me, I finally came to realize and accept that I hate being Asian. I absolutely wish I was another race.

That Chinese American guy who posted something similar like this on Reddit, letting it all out of his system worked. I don't know if it'll work for me honestly. I don't know how I'm gonna reconcile all this. I think for him it was easier because apparently he did well in school and at that time, probably finished by now but was going to graduate school as well. He still had his future right in front of him. As for me, I am riddled with insecurities and anxiety at 26, lives with his parents still, hopped up on medication before anyone suggests professional help. (way ahead of you there) I'm on disability as well because I couldn't hold a job for more then a week. I'm a complete mess inside and out, eating junk food daily, ruining my health, my body and my mental mind just festering in all this. I had a good friend and he was the only person for the last 15 years I could confide in and early this year he completely cut me off without reason and he didn't tell me until I some how finally got a hold of him thru an app number. He told me he got his life together and I still hadn't and he didn't want me being a negative influence on his life, despite me not having done any bad things for a long time and had cut out all the "f*** boys" out of my life for a long time. That was his excuse. I call it an excuse because we've both been in bad times and we never judged and always uplifted each other. I mean sure my life was shit but I wasn't out causing trouble so to me it was a cop out. I think I know the real reason but he'll never admit to it and I won't say it here. Either way it's a long winded way of saying that the worst part about all of this is that I just get to fester in this every single day with no real people who give two shreds of a f*** about me to confide in and vent to. I literally do not have a single friend, real life or online at this point. Most of you have probably stopped reading by now but if you've made it this far you are really kind and compassionate for caring enough to read my story and my inner demons as I'd call them. I hate the way that I look to the point where I got eyelid surgery to look not more white which I never understood why people claimed that surgery is to look more white since white people aren't the only ones with double eyelids, some Asians naturally have them, so do black folks, latino, so on and so on. Anyways I got them done recently. I live with my parents and I was so embarrassed that I managed to do it under their nose. I wore shades more often when I was healing and I uber'd myself to the clinic and one of the staff was nice enough to drop me off and I snuck back in my house while my dad was home. My mom got suspicious of me wearing shades a lot and told me did I get surgery. Not sure how she even got suspicious and suspected that but I told her no and ended up texting her while she was at work that I used these eyelid tapes, less embarrassing to admit then saying that I got eye lid surgery.

I let it get that far. I promised when I was younger that I'd never get this surgery and I finally did. It's been almost two weeks since and I really enjoyed the results. I felt it made me look less stereotypically looking Asian, well so I thought until last night on reddit where there was a sub called "meetpeople." I've been no reddit for a while and I've never heard of this sub but anyways there was a girl who was half japanese and half white looking for a platonic chat buddy. I hit her up and I lied and told her I was half white too. I know pathetic. The more pathetic thing is, this wasn't my first time lying about my race. I've told girls that I was half Native American before, and other embarrassing shit. I'm admitting all of this because I just don't give a fuck anymore. I sent her my pic, the one after my eyes were surgically performed on hoping she would buy it. She didn't. Her exact reply was "Damn you look so Asian, you sure you're half?" My heart sank and all my insecurities just came flooding back. It put me into a dark place immediately. Oh and she stopped replying eventually the next day, shocker. I ended up binge eating at mcdonalds around 2:00 in the morning. If it wasn't for the doctor's orders to not drink and smoke cigarettes for three to four weeks at least, I'd be on a bender right now. I know I put it on myself. I wasn't the victim in this particular case. I put it on myself. I set myself up to let this happen but everything leading up to it is important too. I just genuinely hate being Asian, right or wrong I don't care anymore. If there is some witchcraft sh** to change my race I would do it, no matter the consequences. The sound of my language, the look of our people, how we look so f***ing foreign compared to everyone else, even compared to other Asians we look so different. I always thought Chinese people looked the most Asian but nah I'm South Korean and we're probably the most Asian looking people on earth. We have the smallest eyes, some have natural double eye lids but even then it's not prominent, our faces are flat or at least it looks that way due to having high cheek bones and our hair is always jet black and straight as uncooked spaghetti hair. These are physical traits I never wanted to admit about my race. I always told myself that my race is diverse, but other then height which can vary, we're really not. Most Koreans look like the western anti Asian commericals in the 50's. The feminine stereotypes do not help and as I talked about kpop earlier, neither does that. I was probably a very sensitive kid growing up as you can tell but I never had any space, time or energy to internalize it all until now. I was too busy being a kid, trying to fit in to let all this sink in and in my earlier 20's since I'm 26 now I was too busy trying to get my life together to think about it.

So internalizing now all at once as a supposed "adult" is probably why it's gotten this bad, where from somebody else from a different race, out side looking in may feel that I'm making this way deeper then it is but until people have lived in my shoes they would not understand. It's not like I can just put my past behind me like it didn't happen because it did. Even if I could, every time I walk out of my house and I go out in public I get stared at like a zoo animal and I am reminded again that I am different from everyone else and trust me I live in a very diverse, suburban, modern town filled with every race. Okay now this is getting too long. It's like a book. I feel I'm beyond professional help and clearly these meds ain't making me feel any better. I just wanna end my existence, that way I won't be Asian anymore. I won't be anything. Being Asian and having mental illness is like a death sentence.
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2020.08.25 23:29 DaddyDeviant85 [M4F] Ingredients: A Monster Girlfriend

"Please. Please. Please. Please. Pleasssse!" She said on the phone. Making the best puppy dog eyes she could on video chat and even adding a 'doggy' filter to give herself a canine nose and puppy ears off the top of her head.
"Fine," I said defeated as it was hard to say no to her.
"Yay!" She visibly bounced on the other side of the phone. "Alright, I will text you the instructions, and if anyone asks why you're there say just say "I'm a Stranger in a Strange Land". They should mostly leave you alone."
"Fun... cryptic as always."
"It's a biblical quote." She mused kissing the screen ever so happy I was doing her errands.
"I know! I will send you the list now. Be careful." She hung up before I could ask what she meant. I exhaled in despair and examined my phone before speaking "Hey Google. Show me direction to Chinatown."
Taking the bus route across the city and I tried to listen to Lovett or Leave It to distract myself from what I was about to do. She told me about the magical streets hidden among our world but never had I dared to see one, let alone go alone for my first time. Stepping off the bus I could smell the chow mein noodles in the air and walked towards the Dragons Gate before stopping at the archway looking up at the various Chinese shops up the sloped street. I had been here once as a kid and visited the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. Taking a soft breath I spoke loudly "I'm a Stranger in a Strange Land." I closed my eyes expecting something to happen but when I opened them one eye at a time. I still standing there seeing the regular stores. My phone buzzed in my pocket as I snaked it out and looked to the screen.
It was her long list of ingredients in the first message. A second message arrived soon after with the words 'Right Watch Pocket'. I was confused and checked my pockets on my hoodie and then jeans before feeling something round in that smaller pocket on my jeans. I fished out what appeared to be a large golden coin with a Chinese dragon eating its own tail. A rattle nearby shook me from my gaze as I looked to an old man holding a tin cup and raising it up. I peered down inside seeing some loose change, dollar bills, and the shine of a gold coin or two. He had a mostly toothless smile and I dropped the coin into the cup and he nodded.
He pulled it out and gazed at it with his milky white eyes before standing up and lunging at me. I stumbled back through the Dragons Gate landing on my ass and he stopped before laughing and pointing at me. He sat slowly against his stone pillar. "Mother fucker." I hissed wishing I had more fight than flight in that moment.
"Let me help you up mate." The voice said as a red hand gripped my hand pulling to my feet and soon I was face to face with the Devil. He smiled a sharp grin and looked me over. "First time huh? Don't worry he never forgets a face he see's." The Demon spoke in a heavy Australian accent.
I stepped away in fear as he walked back to his nook filled with cages of strange creatures, bones hanging off the walls and assortment of knives on a leather roll with a heavy sharpening stone. "I'm... I'm a Stranger in a Strange Land."
His black eyes looked up at me and frowned. "Is that some kind of joke about my accent?" He lifted from his stool and drew a knife from his boot that was at least 14 inches long. "Tired of you Americans thinking that every place is a strange place save your bloody country."
"I don't..." My phone buzzed and I looked at my screen. 'Ignore the Tazmanian. He's messing with you.' I looked back to the demon who gave a cheeky smile on the corner of his mouth before flipping his knife back into this boot.
I looked up the street as Chinatown was transformed into a long stretch of magical shops and vendors with hundreds of strange 'people' walking up and down the street. The Chinese characters were still prevalent everywhere on the shop's signs and looking higher than the second story of any building it looked like this pocket reality ended and I could see the AC's and TV dishes off the top of the building.
"Heya Handsome!" Came a voice as I looked forward and then down at a girl who was maybe only 2 feet tall. Her green skin and pointed ears with yellow looking up at me. She reached up grabbing the length of my cock down means tugging at it like a rope to a belfry. "Looking for a tight ride." The little Goblin slut mused and I quickly retreated from her grasp.
"No! Just here to find ingredients. I'm a Stranger from a Strange Land!"
"Baby I don't mind fucking a handsome stranger." She reached for my cock again.
"Michael?" Came a voice familiar enough as a girl wearing purple and green silk robes came towards me. "What are you doing here?" It was Bae my girlfriends older sister coming to my rescue and hugging herself to me. "He's a Stranger here. Leave him be you little slut."
The Goblin smile. "No harm to the boy, Bae." She smiled and sauntered away before stopping. "I will see you on Thursday for yoga."
Bae smiled to the green beauty "See you then, Chloe. Don't mind her she's Goblin tart. She will rob you blind once she makes you cum your brains out."
"Right," I said reaching down adjusting my sexually assaulted cock.
She hooked my arm and started to pull me up the street. "So! You crossed over Dragons Gate all on your own. A big step for muggle like you." She teased and she saw my pregnant breath with a question on my tongue. "No, Muggle wasn't a thing before those Harry Potter books but we took to the slang word for you normies. I'm guessing Yoon sent you to find someone or something?"
"Yeah, well, Yoon is back home studying for her medical exams. She sent me here to find a list of ingredients for her." I lifted my phone as she pulled it away. Her hand scrolling up the long list. "She said it was a magical birthday dinner for me."
She smiled at those words. "Yeah, sure, cooking." She winked at me and began scrolling the list with her thumbs.
"Well I know where to find most of these but a few of the others will require special shops." The phone buzzed in her slim Korean fingers as she showed me the screen. Yoon had texted again.
'Don't let Bae see the phone' Was on the text bubble. I reached and she turned away texting herself.
"Too late little sister. I saw your list. I'm helping Mike with his shopping now. Don't worry I won't tell mom and dad." She spoke softly and handed the phone back to me. "Alright let's find those ingredients for your big dick sex potion."


Today I wanted to give another taste of the modern monster girls in a modern human world. I realize Witches don't fall too deep into the monster girl category but I feel they bring along of the unstable aspects to muggles life as any monster dating would. Witches to me are the perfect unique species to live among humans with little risk of getting caught but because of the nature of their magic, they tend to move a lot more unique contraband/goods. This leaves lots of storytelling fun to explore and adding on the sibling attraction of Yoon's older sister Bae also having a crush on the human makes a spicy level for a taboo love triangle.
Sorry to leave the story at such a strange spot but I realized I was starting to write a short story and these are meant to be a roleplay.
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2020.08.25 17:59 MansA24Augl Awa-kening S-ex Be-st Ga-me T-he

Awa-kening S-ex Be-st Ga-me T-he
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2020.08.25 17:25 gaylibertarianfemme Could use some insight

Hey, I'm the girlfriend of a sweet Korean girl who has DID. I'm not neurotypical myself (adhd, autism, depression, anxiety) but I'd like some pointers on dating someone with DID from those with DID. I know it fucking sucks to be misunderstood, so yea.. Given that we have cultural differences (Korean-American) involved as well, that may be a factor. We're also gay and neither of us come from the most supportive backgrounds - her mom is supportive, her dad doesn't know, and both of my parents are homophobic as hell). We're meeting for the first time on Friday for a meal. How do I talk to alters when one of them comes by? For now, I just talk to alters like they're just regular human beings since they're all a part of her, but I want to be as understanding as possible so I don't fuck shit up.
I like her very much and part of me sees this as more complexities to fall in love with.
UPDATE: it's like some of her personalities like me some don't the "main" personality likes me and the other ones are trying to protect it. in my culture, lying is okay provided certain circumstances, but familial ties and trust are far more important in Korean culture than mine and we had plans for friday and idk if she's made a decision or not because i have to meet her with my friend and she has a thing about me lying to my folks
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2020.08.23 18:03 MansA23Augl You-ng G-uy Ol-d L-ady Po-rn Re-stless

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2020.08.18 04:22 welcometosouthapp Welcome to South App #4: "Outside 101"

Monday, August 17th, 2020
Winston Beavers was having a very bad day.
It all began at 5 AM when his phone alarm vibrated. He rolled over on his belly and silenced it before it could wake Tai. It was the first day of class, but Winston wasn’t rising early to drink coffee and read the student newspaper. Instead, he grabbed his trusty silk tie and used it to hang his tablet from the sprinkler head. He slipped his headphones on, booted up some porn, and got straight down to business with both hands.
Now his contraption was holding on by faith and faith alone. But Winston paid no mind. He listened to Irish redheads moaning in his ear while he arched his back and curled his toes. And with each passing second, the weight of the tablet began to wear on the old, rusty sprinkler head.
So, when Winston exploded, so did that sprinkler head.
“Fuck!” Winston yelled, choking on a mouthful of rusty water. He tumbled off the top bunk, landing square on his ass. He scrambled to his feet, grabbed a binder from his desk, and rushed out the room - slipping on the puddle on his way out. Tai was already in the hallway, naked and wrapped in a wet blanket.
“What the hell, asshole?!” Tai blurted out, shivering with his laptop and backpack in each hand. “I told you not to jerk off like that!”
“Save your breath, partner,” Winston reassured him. “This here binder is the only important thing in that goddamn room.”
As water seeped into the hallway, Winston reckoned his luck had finally run out. Earlier this week, the Asheville PD had informed him that his prized Single Action Army was nowhere to be found in evidence. But he still had his precious binder, with the letters BDE inscribed on the spine. And when the water was finally shut off, Winston stuffed the binder back in his desk and made Tai pinky swear to keep it a secret.
A few hours later, Tai sat on the sofa in a local Asheville coffee shop with a drink and a bible in front of him.
As your wing-woman, I shall provide some friendly reminders!” Gigi cheerfully told Tai over the phone. “Make sure you’re facing the door so you can see when he comes in. Oh, and remember the order of operations: turn a page, sip your drink, make eye contact. Turn, sip, eyes!
“Uh, are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Tai whispered, as sleepy, hungover students filed in.
“I’m setting you up on an impromptu date on a Monday morning, am I not?”
“And have you run this strategy by amateur wingman extraordinaire Winston Beavers?”
Gigi paused. “Winston and I longer on speaking terms. Sorry! I do not consent to any conversation about the aforementioned obnoxious brute whatsoever. Good luck!”
Gigi hung up. So Tai, who had never touched a bible, flipped to Ephesians like Gigi had coached him before. In fact, she’d planned out everything down to the last detail: the NIV version of the bible, the iced caramel macchiato, and the red and white checkerboard Vans he wore.
But Tai’s mind wandered to a more interesting book that he also had not yet read. He wanted to know what the hell was in Winston’s binder.
Suddenly, Jacky California walked into the cafe. Showtime. His 7:30 coffee break was expected. (Gigi found Jacky’s schedule on Facebook, and a quick visit to this cafe before 8 AM Intermediate Spanish just made sense.) Check. Turn, sip, eyes. Jacky waited in line, wearing a slim-fit red Abercrombie polo, bleached holy jeans, and his prized red and white checkerboard Vans. And his shoe decision, yet again, was also expected. (Gigi discovered that Jacky had only two classes on Monday, influencing his choice in that comfy pair of shoes that he wore in his profile pic). Check. Turn, sip, eyes. When Jacky stepped up to the counter, he ordered an iced caramel macchiato. And, once again, Gigi predicted this move. (Whatever the weather, Jacky’s SoCal roots virtually guaranteed an icy, watered-down coffee approach. Not to mention, nobody drinks hot coffee after sitting in the tanning bed for 30 minutes. Which, according to Gigi’s sleuthing, Jacky partook in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.) Check. Turn, sip, eyes. Finally, while waiting for his order, Jacky pulled out his NIV study bible and flipped to the Book of Acts. (This time, Gigi was only partially off-base. His Facebook modeling photos were actually captioned with Ephesians bible verses. Nothing a quick fix couldn’t remedy). So Tai flipped straight to Acts, took a long sip of his macchiato, and made direct eye contact with Jacky as he walked over.
“Bro, this is freakin’ gnarly!” Jacky said in disbelief, pointing out their matching shoes, bible, and drink. “This is some righteous Revelation-level prophecy if I’ve ever seen it. Hey, my name’s Jacky. Is this seat ocupado?”
“Oh no!” Claire exclaimed, stroking Winston's fuzzy beard. “I’m, like, totally sorry about my stud’s mishap this morning!”
“Thank ya, peach pie,” Winston said, shaking his head. “I reckon they’ll move my ass to the broom closet and hang me out to dry.”
Claire and Winston were sitting in the Rec Center courtyard in athletic gear, along with several other hungover students. This was the Outdoors Adventures Seminar, AKA “Outside 101.” For many, it was a breezy way to snag the required Health and Fitness credit hour. And that's exactly why Gigi and Frank were also in this class. They sat on the opposite side of the courtyard, quietly gossipping and shooting the occasional glance their way.
“Your friends over there are, like, totally ignoring us!” Claire piped up, tugging Winston’s sleeve. “That’s, like, so rude.”
“Don’t trouble yourself, puddin’ muffin. They just ain’t ready for us yet.”
“And, like, oh my God! Ryan flat-out told me those are, like, the two people who broke into the frat house and blew up his daddy’s ashes! They are, like, total thugs. Ew!”
“Ah, my sister explained to me that it was a big misunderstanding, bundt cake,” Winston replied, feigning interest.
“Well, you should totally talk some sense to that Asian friend of yours, or else this class is gonna be, like, hella awkward,” Claire suggested. “She has, like, a salt and vinegar chip on her shoulder! It’s, like, totally not my fault that I can pull off a sports bra while she’s wearing those baggy clothes!”
True enough, Gigi and Frank had been giving them the cold shoulder ever since the frat house raid. For Frank, this was because of Winston’s affiliation with Claire Dansby and the notorious fraternity she represented. As for Gigi, it was more simple and personal: the lap dance.
“Ahoy, ladies and germs!” greeted the rugged Australian instructor, decked out in bushman’s gear. “My name is Angus, and I want to welcome ya to Outside 101. While you shop different classes, I indeed hope you’ll choose to spend your semester with us. Today is the Gauntlet Challenge, where we’ll break off into groups and compete for a mighty fine prize!”
With that, Angus hurled an ax at a target behind the students. Bullseye. Everyone stood up to clap and cheer. “Now, everybody come up front and grab yourselves a fine ole’ nametag so we know who you are!”
Winston sprung up and headed for the front of the line. Gigi stood with her back to him, her long black hair draping over her Under Armor tank top. He cleared his throat. “Howdy. Looks like we’re gonna be getting a workout in today. So hey, can I have a word with ya in private?”
She spun around, showing him a forced smile. “I’m sorry, sir. I don’t consent to this conversation.”
With that, she grabbed a nametag and wrote “Gigi.” Winston cocked his head. “So, I seem to recall Sarah telling me that you’ve got a South Korean name that only your father calls you.”
“Ah, but what’s in a name anywho?” pondered Frank, stepping forward. “Sir Winston, I wish to extend a sincere congratulations to your acceptance into the Beta Delta Epsilon Sausage Club. And to that brazen bull of a woman under your thumb. Alas, a braver man than me are you!”
Gigi narrowed her eyes at Winston. “You don’t know my real name?” she stated matter-of-factly. “Do you even know me at all?”
Frank and Gigi walked back to their seat. The hair stood up on the back of Winston’s neck. But before he could retort, two late students entered the courtyard.
“Hey, what’s up dudes and dudettes?” Jacky greeted casually. “Sorry we’re late. We couldn’t find the-"
“Hellooo everyone!” Tai greeted the class flamboyantly. “Jacky-boy, I hope you’re ready for a totally fabulous time! Ready to sweat? Oh, will you look at the sports bra on that blonde gal over here! Looks like Victoria can’t keep her secret for long. Am I right, Tai? Hey, boo-boo! Yes, you in the sports bra. You are killing it!”
Claire giggled, thanking Tai. But he and Jacky wound up sitting next to Gigi and Frank instead, introducing each other. Winston watched from afar, shaking his head. So this is how my roommate acts when he’s no longer single, he thought. Then, when no one was watching, Winston reached into his pocket and pulled out a 20-dollar bill.
“Oi, Steve Irwin,” Winston whispered to Angus, slipping him the money. “I need ya to put me and my friends together in a group.”
Winston pointed out his four friends, scribbled “BAMF” on a nametag, and walked confidently back to his seat. Then, when Gigi was watching, he gave Claire a sloppy, wet kiss.
“First elimination challenge is ax throwing!” Angus announced, behind the wheel of a Volkswagen VW bus. “The world’s second-oldest profession.”
Per request, Angus had formed a group out of Winston, Claire, Frank, Gigi, Tai, and Jacky. Now, he was driving them to a deserted field at the base of Mount Pisgah in the Asheville wilderness. Once they arrived, he set up a huge wooden target, then tossed Winston an ax.
“Now you look like a bloke who’s done this before!” Angus remarked.
“Hell, my daddy had to put a lock on the shed,” Winston bragged.
“Winston is, like, totally a wild man when it comes to the outdoors!” Claire chimed in. “I’m, like, super-stoked for him to totally man-handle me in the bedroom.”
The other four cringed at each other. Then, Winston reared back and hurled the ax with two hands, hitting a large ring.
“Three points!” Angus called out. “Claire, think you can conquer this beast?”
Claire stepped forward and grabbed an ax. As a former high school cheerleader, she hid some muscles under her small frame. But what surprised everybody was how she tossed hers one-handed. She hit an inner ring: a five-pointer.
“This, like, ain’t my first rodeo, cowboy!” Claire teased. She brazenly grabbed another ax and under-handed it to Gigi. She yelped, but Frank stepped in and caught it.
“My stars!” he said to Claire. “A woman so supple, yet so brazen around the edges. A fine mistress you doth make!”
Winston walked over to Gigi and gave her a puzzled look. “In the words of Richard III,” he began. “It looks Frank would trade his kingdom for a whore.”
“Um...since when have you started dabbling in Old English plays?” Gigi asked, a bit uneasy.
“Looks like you don’t know me much at all yourself.”
Gigi blushed, either enraged or embarrassed. She left him to stand next to her boyfriend. Then, Frank performed a one-handed throw, landing an inner ring.
“Five points for Shakespeare!” Angus cheered. “Let’s see if Miss Hathaway can cut the mustard.”
Before Frank handed Gigi the ax, she was already tense. He helped her hold it with two hands in a beginner’s stance. “But soft!” he said, as Gigi took aim. “Plant it straight in the heart! Just like I shall soon plant my seed in your womb.”
Flustered and distracted, she heaved the ax for an outer ring.
“Oi, only one point,” Angus declared. “Better hope our last two competitors think off target!”
Jacky grabbed an ax and faced Gigi. “Bro, your boyfriend’s a perv. And so is that chick.”
Jacky pointed straight at Claire. She giggled obnoxiously, flicking her long blonde hair. Jacky rolled his eyes. “God, please bring this lost sheep home,” he quietly prayed. He flung it from over the shoulder, missing the target completely.
“Ah, I can tell you’re fancy a boomerang by the way you throw that bugger!” Angus chuckled. “Our first elimination. Last one, come on down!”
Before Tai could grab his ax, Gigi pulled him aside. “Um, as your fellow wing-woman,” she started, “I suggest you launch the caveman hunting apparatus into the margins for the express purpose of aborting and creating a more intimate scenario with your beloved wave rider.”
Now Tai had grown a little closer with Gigi ever since she matched him up with Jacky. But all he could muster was a blank stare. Gigi leaned in closer. “Lose on purpose so you can be alone with him!” she hissed.
“Oh, got it,” Tai whispered back. “Hey, Gigi? Do ya think I can borrow your room for a bit? There’s no way Jacky can find out I live in a flooded swamp.”
Suddenly, Jacky’s ax boomerang came twirling back around, heading straight for Tai. He jumped to the side with a shriek, watching the ax fly into a tree. “Righteous!” Jacky cheered, running back to fetch it. So with that in mind, Tai took aim and tossed his ax boomerang-style. As intended, it went flying far and wide past the target.
“And Tai and Jacky have been eliminated!” Angus declared. “That means the rest of ya advance to our next challenge. And an impressive performance from the blonde bombshell and Italian stallion, I might add.”
Claire walked up to Frank and slapped his ass. “Looks like we pervs, like, totally got it going on!”
Winston and Gigi stared at each other in shock. But before they knew it, Tai’s ax boomerang came soaring back, nailing the side of Angus’ Volkswagen.
“FIX THE FUCKING AC,” growled Evelyn the RA in a low, demonic voice. “I WILL BURN THIS MOTHERFUCKER TO THE GROUND.”
In Sarah and Gigi’s room, Tai and Jacky had taken shelter from this emo demon, who was now stomping up and down the hallway. Sure enough, the AC was broken again. And after Tai had escorted Jacky up seven flights of stairs to “his” room, they’d found it virtually impossible to stop sweating.
“So let’s dive into Genesis 5 where we left off,” Jacky suggested, as they sat together on the futon. “It’s a little gnarly since it’s all genealogy. We’ll have to quiz each other when we’re done so we make sure we got it down pat!”
Jacky cracked open the bible, just as Evelyn screamed from the hallway. They rushed to the door and peeked out. Evelyn had let down her jet-black hair and had smeared mascara on her, sweating pale face. She locked eyes with the two young men. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?” the demon within her tremored.
They quickly shut the door and got back to their bible study. “Well...anyway, this is the written account of Adam’s family line,” Jacky read. “Basically, this is gonna be a righteous heck-ton of funky names to remember. My youth pastor showed me an easy way to memorize them, where-”
Death metal blared in the hallway. Over the heavy muted guitar and the rapid-fire double bass, Evelyn released a primal roar.
“So yeah, an easy way to memorize the names is word association!” the sweating Jacky yelled over the screeching guitar solo. “For example, take Adam and Seth, who-”
“EVERYBODY BREAK SHIT,” Evelyn screamed, as the deafening breakdown began. Tai rushed to the door and peeked out again. This time, she was breaking off a long fluorescent light tube from the ceiling. Several of her female hallmates observed like visitors at a zoo. Evelyn reared back and smashed the wall, shattering the light into pieces.
“All right, bro,” Jacky finally sighed, shutting the bible and standing up. “Look, let’s just go to your actual room.”
“W-what?” Tai stuttered, closing the door.
“Come on brochacho,” Jacky said, slicking back his long blonde hair. “You think I didn’t catch on? There are the female girls in the hallway with the female devil incarnate. Not to mention the…dreadful taste in bedroom decor in whoever’s room this is. Come on, man. I wanna see the real you.”
They stared into each other's' cool grey eyes. Finally, Tai nodded and reached out to shake on it. Instead, Jacky held his hand and interlocked his fingers. They sneaked out into the hallway, and Jacky led the way to Tai’s room.
“H-how do you know where we’re going?” Tai asked.
“I’m your mailman,” Jacky answered, giving his hand a squeeze. “I know a lot more about you than you think. Heck, don’t even get me started on your roommate’s male enhancement subscription.”
As they descended the stairs, a herd of female students tried to restrain the spawn of Satan in the hall.
“Next up is the zip-line races!” Angus announced.
He drove the four competitors deep into the Pisgah National Forest with the ax still lodged in the van. He slowed to a stop in a green, tranquil meadow where sunlight peeked through the treetops. There, two huge zip-lines ran from the tops of starting platforms, all the way to a platform on the far side of the clearing.
Angus passed out a few safety harnesses, and everyone suited up. “Mine’s, like, a little too big!” Claire whined. “Gigi, you should totally trade with me since you have a tad more cushion for the pushin’! Hey, at least your boobs are smaller than mine! That, like, must be so convenient.”
Gigi ignored her, hooking herself to the lane behind Winston. Claire attached herself to the lane behind Frank. And Angus began the long walk toward the finish line platform. Now out of earshot, both groups began climbing the long rope ladders up to their platforms. Winston purposefully took his time. Halfway up the ladder, Winston stopped and looked down at Gigi.
“Hey, I know I’m being stubborn,” Winston said. “But I really wanna talk to you, if you’ll have me. Just give me a chance to explain-"
“She’s a total bitch!” Gigi hissed, surprising even herself. “If you’re dating her, we’re no longer friends.”
Frustrated and torn, Winston sighed. “Right. I reckon actions speak louder than words anyway.” He reached into his shorts pocket and pulled out a mini can of WD-40. Then, he proceeded to spray the shit out of both of their zip-line hooks.
“W-what the hell is wrong with you?” Gigi exclaimed, choking on the fumes.
“WD-40 is God’s lubricant,” Winston explained. “Now we’ll have a little speed boost when we race ‘em. Sorry, buddy, but I need us both to win so we have some alone time to sort things out.”
“You’re being absolutely ridiculous!” Gigi said, flabbergasted.
“I realize that. So I reckon I’ll make you an offer. When it’s me versus you at the finals, I’ll let you win so you get the Lazy Basil gift card. Deal?”
Suddenly, Gigi’s big, brown eyes shot open and her countenance sang a different tune. Lazy Basil was the finest Italian restaurant in all of Asheville - maybe all of North Carolina. And Frank would not be cooking her an Italian dinner until this Friday. After tasting a little bit of chocolate every day to prepare her body for cheese, she could not wait a day longer.
“Pray tell!” Frank suddenly yelled, looking down from his platform at the stragglers. “Art thou stuck on the ladder, Sir Winston? Mayhaps we require usage of a construction crane to haul up your portly frame.”
Winston grunted, then spat on the ground. “So what was that you were saying about my girlfriend being a bitch?” Winston asked Gigi.
Reaching the top of the ladder, Winston and Gigi stepped onto the platform. A perfect view of the bright green hemlock trees of the Pisgah National Forest. From the finish line platform, Angus pumped his fist. “Let’s get these wagon wheels a’rollin’!” his voice echoed across the forest. “Fellas up first!”
Winston made the mistake of looking down at the endless ocean of treetops. Stomach lurching, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then, hands trembling, he moved his greased-up zip-line hook to the starting position.
Gigi tapped his shoulder. “Are you...afraid of heights?” she asked, more like a mother than a caring friend.
A sudden breeze caused their platform to sway ever-so-slightly. Winston hunched over and vomited his morning screwdriver into a nest of endangered birds. He wiped his mouth and looked up at Frank’s shit-eating grin. Winston simultaneously flicked him off while giving Angus a thumbs up.
“Ah, we’ve got ourselves a fighter!” Angus called out. “Ready. Set. Go!”
Winston and Frank kicked off their platforms, soaring over the forest. Sure enough, his WD-40 hack gave him the extra acceleration he needed. He held a clear lead over Frank as Angus’ platform grew closer and closer. Not even Frank’s Italian expletives could stop him.
“Wiiinston wins!” Angus cheered, as Winston whizzed up to the platform. And only a split-second later, Frank came in hot, landing gracefully.
“I underestimated thy aerodynamic stature!” Frank admitted. “Mayhaps I too require an uptick in fine American cuisine, say steak and potatoes?”
Back at the starting line, Gigi grabbed her hook and slid it into a starting position. She looked up at her hands, now slick with grease.
“I’m, like, totally sorry about being so rude earlier,” Claire said, making a pouting face. “Look, if you let me win, you get to leave class early with Frank, and I can have the gift card! And not to be totally awkward, but I think you could, like, have a super-hot figure without that Italian food in your diet.”
Two minutes later.
“Gigi wins!” Angus cheered, as she came careening to the finish line. A split second later, Claire came flying by - seething.
“Like, it’s totally not fair!” Claire cried, stomping her feet. “Gigi, like, totally called me a hashtag raging thundercunt! It, like-like-like-like-like, totally distracted me from the race!” Again, more crocodile tears while Claire buried her face in Winston’s shoulder.
“Woe is me!” Frank cried out, grabbing her shoulders. “Oh, the humanity! Alas, say you did no such thing!”
“There, there,” Winston said nonchalantly, patting Claire’s head like a dog. “I’m sure it ain’t that serious.”
Angus covered his mouth. “Oi, Miss Gigi: did you in fact call Lady Claire a raging thundercunt?”
Gigi politely crossed her hands in front of her waist, her messy black hair cascading over her pale face. And then: a tell-all smile.
“Well, you know we handle potty-mouths in Australia, right?” Angus asked. “We fuckin’ celebrate ‘em! And as for sore losers? We make ‘em walk the plank!”
Angus shoved Claire and Frank off the platform. They screamed until the cable pulled taut, leaving them dangling in midair.
“Congratulations, ya raging thundercunts!” Angus said to Winston and Gigi. “Now off to the finals we go. And doncha’ worry, ya blimey losers. My teaching assistant will come get ya down and give ya a comfy ride straight back to campus!”
Winston and Gigi climbed down the ladder and followed Angus out of the woods, leaving Frank and Claire as dinner for vultures. When the two were alone, Claire kicked off her tennis shoes and stretched out, showing off her flat stomach.
“I, like, always thought I had sex in every possible position!” Claire reflected. “Well, except for the Amazon position, since my fraternity forbids it. Awwwkward! But I’ve, like, totally never had sex in midair. Should we try it, Frank?”
It was a manic scene in the 700 Hall of Firewater. Hesitant to get the police involved, Evelyn’s roommates were in the process of summoning a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism. But she was no longer Tai and Jacky’s concern. The muffled screams, crashes, and bangs faded in the distance as the two guys entered the 300 Hall.
“We’re actually...not supposed to be here,” Tai cautioned, placing his hand on the doorknob to his room.
“How come, brotherman?” Jacky asked.
“It’s my roommate: Winston. There’s something in there that he doesn’t want me to know about. And he made me promise to not even let any visitors in our room.”
“So did he get it in writing, with a notary standing by?” Jacky joked.
“Pinky swear,” Tai corrected.
“Far out,” Jacky marveled. “That’s some next-level serious business.” Jacky chuckled, slicking his hair back. “So let me ask this about your roommate: would he rather us be in your room, or his sister’s room?”
Tai froze. Finally, he unlocked the door. “Touché.”
The mildew hit them like a freight train. The mattresses, rug, and futon cushion were all gone. Besides that, Jacky was standing in a typical college dorm. A football schedule and Megan Fox poster on Winston’s side. Video game and anime posters on Tai’s side. A dirty microwave and a mini-fridge, probably filled with light beer and leftover Chinese takeout.
Tai sat on the metal futon frame and patted the spot next to him. “So, what if we used flashcards to memorize some of those biblical names? It’s important for me to - WHAAA-!”
Jacky was frantically searching through Winston’s drawers. “Bingo, my man!” He held up the binder and read the spine. “What’s BDE anyway? Does it stand for big...uh, big-penis energy? Sounds like your roomie has some gnarly ego issues.”
Distracting himself, Tai opened the bible in his trembling hands. “So...uh...there’s Shem...Ham...and Japeth, the three sons of-”
Jacky plopped down next to Tai and opened the binder. “Dude! Do you know what this is?”
Tai looked down at pages upon pages of driver’s licenses in card sleeves. Every race, creed, and gender under the sun. And all featured photos that could pass for any young-looking 21-year-old.
Tai and Jacky had just uncovered Beta Delta Epsilon’s secret fake ID operation. Jacky searched through a few pages, and finally pulled out an ID that could pass for Tai. He removed it from the sleeve and placed it in Tai’s shaking hand. Then, he sat on his lap and held up an ID of a tan white guy with blonde hair. “I don’t wanna talk about Shem and Ham, my dude,” Jacky declared. “I wanna talk about our new legal names: Caleb and Demitri.”
“Ah, now I have an actual black guy’s name,” Tai chuckled, forcing a smirk. Suddenly, he slipped his hand up Jacky’s shirt, feeling his rock-hard abs. “I, do you want to roleplay...Caleb?”
“Not just roleplay, my dude,” Jacky whispered into Tai’s ear, nuzzling his cheek. “I want to help other people roleplay. Dude! What if we stole these fake ID’s and sold them to every underage student on campus? Think of how freaking righteous that money would be!” Tai’s heart raced as Jacky swung his legs over Tai’s waist, straddling him. Jacky ran his lips from his collarbone to his ear.
“That’s...illegal,” Tai moaned softly. “Not to mention a little ungodly.”
“Maybe so,” Jacky said, nibbling his ear. “But I follow God, not the world. Some people don’t know the difference.
“Caleb” and “Dimitri” rolled off the futon, kissing, biting, and scratching each other until the clothes flew off. And little did they know Evelyn was scouring the 300 Hall with a chef’s knife in her hand, searching for them.
“The grand finale!” Angus announced. “The rock climbing wall!”
Angus led Winston and Gigi to a huge rock wall on the face of the Pisgah Mountains. This time, there was no cheat code in the world that would work in Winston’s favor. While his upper-body strength toppled that of Gigi, he was simply hauling a much larger load.
“The rumors are true!” Angus chuckled. “There is a 50-dollar Lazy Basil gift card up for grabs for the first one to reach the top.”
He strapped Winston and Gigi to the climbing cables, then took a step back. The trembling Winston glanced over at the cool, confident Gigi. “It looks like it’s just me and you, buddy,” he said. “So, do ya reckon you can tell me what I can do to make things right?”
“Go, go, go!” Angus suddenly shouted.
Gigi, quick and nimble, jumped straight up and grabbed her first hold. With ease, she began traversing the wall like an orangutan. Winston chugged along, contorting his body in awkward positions just to keep from falling.
“Look, Gigi!” Winston called out. “I hate that it’s like this between us. Man, I just wanna know what I can do. Hell, you can have my purple V-neck shirt that you accidentally stole.”
No response still. She worked swiftly and calmly as she approached the halfway point. Winston caught a lucky break, catching some easy holds as he covered a few feet. But there was no way in hell he could match Gigi’s steady pace. Plus, the higher he got, the higher the screwdriver rose in his throat.
Desperate, Winston reached around with one hand and unstrapped his vest.
“Oi, what the fuck are ya doing, mate?” Angus spat from far down below. Winston slipped out of the vest and pushed it to the side. Now, he was climbing freely. Fear coursed through his veins, but so did adrenaline. He used that stress to heave himself up much faster than before. Gigi, now past the halfway point, looked down to see Winston’s pleading eyes looking up at her.
“Gigi, I’m sorry!” Winston yelled. “Look, I...I can’t honestly tell you that I’m sorry for meeting up with Claire at the house. Because I’m not. But fuck, I’m sorry you had to walk in and see it! And...I’m plum-fuckin’ sorry I didn’t consider your feelings for me at the time. I reckon that ship has sailed. But fuck, I don’t wanna lose our friendship over it, Gigi!”
Gigi smiled at Winston for the first time that day. She shut her eyes tightly, fighting to block the tears. When she opened them again, Winston’s white knuckles curled around a tough hold.
“I’m not sure how long I can hold on, partner,” Winston groaned, smiling weakly. Slowly, piss began running down his leg, trickling a long way down to the ground below. Gigi began quickly backtracking, holding her breath.
“Winston,” Gigi consoled him calmly, now by his side. “I need you...I need you to reach out and hold me. Don’t let me go.”
He took a deep breath, then wrapped his arms around Gigi’s slim waist. His legs dangled free, supported only by her. Breathing heavily, Gigi kicked off the rock facing. Slowly, they began to descend.
“My real name is Ji-hye,” she said, as they approached solid ground.
“Ji-hye,” Winston repeated, his heart pounding as he held her in a death grip. “So, uh...why did you wanna tell me that?”
“Um...because we’re friends again!” she cheered, as they reached the bottom.
But before he could release her, Angus yanked his collar and held a hunting knife to his throat. His hair and face were drenched in Winston’s piss. “Oi, I oughta gut you like a fuckin’ fish, ya blimey bastard!”
“Wait, it’s not his fault!” Gigi interjected. “Um...a yellowjacket got caught between his shirt and vest and stung him pretty bad. He’s allergic, so he had no choice but to take it off!”
Angus cocked his head, letting her words marinate like the piss in his hair. Then, a proper belly laugh. He gave Winston a shove and put the knife away. “Yellowjackets?! Why, you Americans and bonafide pussies, that’s what ya are! Oi, you wouldn’t last a second down unda!”
Angus reached in his pocket and pulled out two 50-dollar Lazy Basil gift cards. “Fuck it, take ‘em both. After all, that was a mighty impressive showing of teamwork up there!”
Winston cleared his throat and held his hand up. “Thanks for the offer, Angus. But I’m a proud conservative. And I don’t need no goddamn participation trophies.”
Gigi socked him in the stomach. “Accept the gift card or we’re no longer friends!” she hissed, salivating over her imminent cheese dream.
“YOU HAVE SOMETHING I WANT,” the demon growled in the hallway.
Evelyn slowly dragged her chef’s knife across the door of Room 309 - a knife much larger than Angus’. Tai stared out the peephole, then rushed to the futon to grab his bible.
“We need to perform an exorcism ourselves!” Tai suggested, wearing nothing but bright blue boxers with coconut patterns.
“RIghteous idea, my man!” Jacky replied, donning yellow pineapple briefs. “The word of God is an indispensable weapon during the end times that we live in!”
Tai stared out the peephole again. Now, a senile Evelyn gently tapped the door with the tip of her knife. “Hey, uh, Evelyn,” Tai called out softly. “Why don’t we comb through Genesis together? I sure could use your help in memorizing the lineage of Adam!”
Jacky gave a thumbs up from the frame of the futon. “See, it’s working! That’s the devil in her trying to resist. But no man, woman, or spawn of Satan could possibly resist the righteous infallible word of God!”
Tai chuckled, half-nervous and half-relieved. Then, he opened the door halfway. “Welcome to our bible study, Evelyn! So if you would have a seat on our super comfy futon, we can-"
Suddenly, Tai lept behind the door as Evelyn charged through the room with her knife held high. “DIE! DIE! DIE!” she shrieked, heading straight for Jacky. He swiftly rolled under the futon frame, as Evelyn began stabbing through it, aiming for the head.
“Fuck!” Tai screamed, frantically flipping to Genesis 5. “Um, um...let the power of Christ compel you with His holy word! Enoch begat Methuselah, and Methuselah begat Lamech, and Lamech begat Noah!”
“WHY CAN’T I HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE?” Evelyn screamed. While Jacky cowered in a fetal position, she reared back and stabbed a hole in the wall.
“Oh, Evelyyyn?” Sarah Beavers called out, stepping into the room.
Evelyn spun around to face her, tears and mascara running down her face. She dropped the knife. Then, she swiveled her head around the room, dazed and confused.
“,” Evelyn whispered in her normal voice. “Sarah, I did something bad, didn’t I?”
“Shush, it’s all gravy,” Sarah assured her, while Tai and Jacky looked at each other in shock. “Boys, let this be a lesson to you. Envy possessed Evelyn today. Not only was she envious of your AC, but also of your totally-rad same-sex relationship.”
Tai and Jacky realized they were still half-naked, and that it was too late to hide it. Evelyn, moaning softly, crawled over to Sarah and lay her head on her lap. Then, she began playing with Sarah’s dangling dreadlocks. “Now, now - no touchy-feely of the genitals,” Sarah politely warned her. “An asexual chick like myself ain’t no lamp in a corner, ya dig?”
Then, Sarah spotted the BDE binder on Tai’s desk. Cocking her head to the side, she slowly stood up to take a closer look.
“Shit,” Tai whispered to Jacky. “What do we do?”
“We can’t let her know about our operation,” Jacky whispered back.
“So, if my inner chi serves me well,” Sarah began, flipping through the pages. “You two plan on stealing Beta Delta Epsilon's fake ID collection from Winston, in a grand scheme to sell them to underage students?”
“What in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks?” Jacky whispered to Tai. “A psychic hippie? What kind of friends are you rolling with, bro?”
“I can hear you,” Sarah advised. She sat down next to Evelyn and slipped out an ID of a brunette hipster girl with straight hair. “It’s a crying shame that Winston didn’t think to include any white girls with dreadlocks. Simple-minded if you ask me. Oh! Evelyn, I found an ID just for you. See, she looks just like the chick from The Ring.”
“I will eat your soul,” Evelyn said in her normal voice. Suddenly, she pinned Sarah down and started tickling the hell out of her.
“Wait, so you’re not mad?” Tai asked Sarah, watching Evelyn win the completely non-sexual “game.”
Sarah caught her breath from her massive tickle-fit. Then, she snapped the binder shut. “Mad? Are you high? I’m a broke college student too. As a matter of fact, if you’re going to be making crazy money, I want in on it too. Evelyn and I both want in. And nobody, I mean nobody, breathes a word of this to my brother.”
Nine outgoing calls. Zero incoming calls.
Gigi slipped her phone back into her purse, fighting the urge to make it 10. On that windy night, she stood in downtown Asheville in front of Lazy Basil, waiting for Frank to fall from the sky. She was dressed up in a black polka-dot maxi dress with a white bow in her hair, knowing that she would be turned away for so much as thinking about blue jeans.
She grabbed a menu and read through the appetizers. Tempura Fried Calamari? Maybe. Chunky Spinach and Artichoke Dip? Eh. And then, her big brown eyes widened when she saw it. Caprese salad: fresh buffalo mozzarella topped with local organic tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, and fresh basil leaves from our herb garden.
“So he stood ya up, huh?”
Winston leaned against the streetlight in a black suit and tie. He took a final puff on his cigar, tossed it, then walked over to Gigi to read her menu. And like always, the smell of tobacco was masked by Winston’s signature sandalwood cologne.
“I can’t decide if I want the loaded macaroni and cheese,” Winston pondered, “or the fried cheese logs with marinara. Hey, ya reckon we could order one of each and share?”
Gigi wiped drool from the side of her mouth and came to her senses. “Um...wait, you’re not here for a date with Claire?”
Winston took out his phone and showed her the screen. Sixty-eight outgoing calls. Zero incoming calls. “Reckon I should try to call her one last time?” he asked with a grin. “I mean, I don’t wanna come off like a simp or nothin’.”
Fifteen minutes later, they were seated at a candlelit table for two. While they sipped on large glasses of red Moscato, Gigi explained her lactose intolerance and Frank’s plans to introduce her to cheese for the first time.
“So let me get this straight,” Winston said, leaning in. “You consider this cheating on your boyfriend, don’t you?”
“Um...well, it has nothing to do with you!” Gigi laughed nervously. “It’s...well, it’s cheating if I eat that.”
The waiter came over with a platter of Caprese salad and a refill of red wine. Winston picked up a soft, fluffy cheese disc and tore it in half. “I’m not a betting man. But I wager if your boyfriend wanted to have dinner with you, he’d be the one sitting across from ya.”
Gigi stared into Winston’s pale blue eyes, then at the mozzarella. Slowly, she reached out and placed it on her tongue. Then, she closed her eyes as the creamy, silky flavor graced her palate. She swallowed, then grabbed another, shoving the whole disc in her mouth. Satisfied, Winston pushed the plate toward her. Then, he took out his phone and turned on the camera.
“Here’s to Gigi’s first dairy experience,” he announced, taking a photo. “And, I reckon, the moment before one of her many trips to the bathroom.”
She gasped, tossing her dinner napkin at him. They laughed, garnering the attention of a couple of older, quieter patrons. But Winston and Gigi lived in their own world, sipping refill after refill of wine as she alone cleaned that plate. Before long, the waiter returned with fried mozzarella logs for Winston and loaded macaroni and cheese for Gigi.
“So, all jokes aside,” Gigi started. She leaned forward, the candlelight casting a golden glow on her grinning, pale face. “In your old YouTube long would it take you to eat everything on this table?”
“Son of a bitch!” Winston laughed, dunking a log into his marinara. “I knew my sister told ya about my eating channel! How much of it did you get around to watching?”
“Oh, you don’t want to know!” Gigi giggled, taking her first-ever bite of mac and cheese.
And while the two loyal friends shared stories and cheese dishes, their other friends betrayed loyalty that night. Sarah, Tai, Evelyn, and Jacky used Winston’s fake IDs to bar crawl all over downtown Asheville. And Claire sneaked Frank into the Beta Delta Epsilon frat house, where they rolled in the sheets all night long.
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2020.08.17 10:42 Davess_World2019 PSA: Don't Date Non-Westerners While in Korea

PSA: Don't Date Non-Westerners While in Korea
This is only friendly advice, "The heart wants what it wants" and if you are inclined to fall in love with someone, then that's your destiny, and who is to question that?
For those not in love with a Korean yet, my advice is to make sure they love you for you, not a ticket out of a country still technically at war with North Korea. Now if you fall in love with a Korean-Canadian or someone who already has a Western passport and is a citizen, then you're in the clear, because then they aren't dating you for ulterior motives.

  1. Green Card, Green Card, Green Card! My lord, are Westerners seen as anything other than a Green Card dispensing machine? To provide a way for some of these folks to escape their 1/2 peninsula for dreams of a better life in a better country? FYI, that is a huge factor in the sudden attractiveness, it was for me, and I was only so-so with the ladies back home.
  2. Divorce. How many horror stories have I heard directly from co-workers, or their friends who have married and divorced a Korean? Too darn many! The template is the same, the foreigner has ZEEERO rights through the courts with custody and visiting rights with children. It is not 50-50 custody, Korea is still living in 1975 in regards to this. The Korean spouse gets custody, the foreigner pays child support, sees the child 1 day a week, 1 weekend a month, and that's about it. Or, because it's so wildly unfair, the foreign spouse can just leave and abandon their child and most likely live without the fear of court action from 6000 miles away. Those are your 2 awful options.
  3. The Hague Agreement. In case you wanted to escape with your child to your home country, you'll be caught, and that child will go right back to Korea. In about 2013, Korea was not part of that agreement, but now they are. If you want to escape with your child, you'll have to run away to China, where there is no extradition agreement. Do you want to run away to China? Probably not.
  4. Abandonment. Once the citizenship paperwork has cleared, too many Westerners are dumped by their Korean spouse after they don't need them anymore, and then it's too late to realize you were in a loveless marriage from the get-go. The Hagwon hustle also extends to the marriage hustle, be careful.
  5. Dating a non-Westerner in Korea. I once went on a blind date with a Filipino girl working in Korea, well, not totally blind, I saw her picture, and she was kinda cute. Turns out "girl" was very generous, more like soon-to-be grandmother. I went to her apartment, and her 15 year old daughter was way hotter than her mom. I would have been wise to wait 3 years, rather than get hooked up with this woman who obviously downloaded her photo online somewhere. All we talked about was my home country, and how nice it would be to travel there together. Nope, that's never going to happen. She was only interested in me because I had a foreign passport, and she and her 2 kids would of course join us.
  6. Itaewon: No need to be single if you don't want to be. There used to be a U.S. military base near Itaewon, and "Hooker Hill" was pretty busy. That is a sloped area that has bars and dance clubs on either side of the street, and lots of *Ahem* girls. When I was there, a LOT of soldiers had a girl on their arm, cute ones too. Now days it's tapered off quite a bit, but I would not go looking for a future spouse there if I were you.
  7. Super aggressive Korean girl. Use your imagination on this one, and I'll just say, I've never met anyone that was so irresponsible and willing to risk getting pregnant in my life. Gee, I wonder why that is? Is it because I look like Brad Pitt's twin, or that I have a twin copy of Brad Pitt's foreign passport? Dodged a bullet with that one. Do you know what in American football a "Screen Play" is? The defense is tricked into being allowed easy access the offensive quarterback with the ball. The quarterback throws the ball over their head, and the running back has blockers in front of him, while the defense ran too far up the field to reverse course and chase him down. The same thing with relationships, if everything is just a little too easy, you can do nothing wrong, are given Hollywood rock star treatment, It's a Trap!
Real Talk: If a girl ever tells you, "I'm on the pill" / using some sort of I.U.D., or any other stupid lie, guess who is going to be filling out Green Card paperwork fairly soon? Be safe. Make sure she really loves you, don't get hurt.
Don't date anyone from work! That is the 1st Commandment of work, don', just, oh god, it's the worst thing you can do. Usually when you have a lover's quarrel, you go your separate ways for a while, a cool down period, except that you go to your job, and guess who is also there? Yep, and guess who is snubbing you in the hallway, slamming books on the desk right next to you, and getting your co-workers to pick sides? My first Hagwon, there were 2 love birds who couldn't keep their hands off each other, except when one of them was in a funk, and man was that AWKWARD!
So, what happens when your g/f co-worker is 6 months pregnant, has to quit her job to move back with mom in dad in New York (you're from Florida) still has $15K in student loans to pay off (you have $20K) and is going to make sure you pay your share of the child support? Are you ready for that? Are you going to just stay in Korea and keep earning money, or quit and go back and figure something out? Buddy, you should just keep your head down and work, save money, and only take a risk if you really did find your soul-mate who can be trusted to work things out with you if you are ever faced with such challenges. Never do something silly because you are lonely, bored, and get hooked up with someone else who is also lonely and bored.
For every bad story, I'm sure there is one that ends "Happily Ever After" and there are quite a few foreigners who have married Koreans and seem pretty happy. I'm just saying, know the risks, and watch yourself.

Take care...

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2020.08.12 18:36 TAhornytourist [LGBT] Best country for an East/Southeast Asian bottom? Planning a vacation next year. Looking for experiences with local men, a safe environment and obviously a nice place :)

TL,DR: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey or an Arab country (Egypt maybe?)? I don't want to be too secretive (and hopefully not secretive at all). I would also like to have many hookups with local men without struggling too much (not came out yet, only a single experience two years ago, I wish to make up for lost time).
A vacation next year, probably. At least a month, maybe a bit more. Going with my cousin (late 20s, bisexual but mainly into girls), he's one of the few people knowing about my homosexuality and he said whatever country I'll choose would be fine.
Total bottom, 19 years old, 162cm/5'4, good-looking face (humble, I know!), Korean-Filipino. Not came out yet (except to my cousin, my sister, my mother and my ex girlfriend). I only had a single experience two years ago (an American businessman, probably Mexican or a similar ethnicity, in his 40s and not very goodlooking to be fair, but I couldn't wait any longer) and I would like to have many experiences while I'm far away from my relatives and friends.
Mainly into men with a Mediterranean look (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Arab countries...). A small, "kinky" preference toward masculine men claiming to be "straight" :)
And a big preference toward masculine, muscular, and well-endowed men... Unique to me, I suppose :D
Beard is a plus, I suppose bearded men are the majority in those countries, IDK
An older friend of mine told me it's not uncommon for Arab men (at least in Kuwait, he worked there) to have sex with young SEA workers, local man being the top. He also said there's a relatively larger "dating" pool compared to other countries because in local culture the top isn't considered gay so even "straight" men engage in it (almost always with foreigner workers, obviously). But it has to be kept secret, homosexuality is illegal. [Sad note, not related to my question. He also said sometimes even straight foreign workers are coerced into that by local men, it happened to one of his co-worker and possibly to another]
I thought about Egypt (Red Sea) or Turkey (Istanbul) but I don't want to worry about discriminatory laws or a hostile environment.
I assume Southern European countries are safer, but I don't know how common it is for local men to hookup with an Asian guy not speaking their language (maybe due to discrimination toward foreign-looking guys or maybe due to be mostly about social circles not open to tourists, for example). Advices about local gay culture would be very welcomed. Also curious about how common it is for local men to hold the "Tops are straight(ish)" mentality.
Not exclusively about sex, however. A nice and interesting place is a big plus!
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2020.08.12 17:37 TAhornytourist Planning a vacation next year. Looking for experiences with local men, a safe environment and obviously a nice place :) Best country for an East/Southeast Asian bottom?

TL,DR: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey or an Arab country (Egypt maybe?)? I don't want to be too secretive (and hopefully not secretive at all). I would also like to have many hookups with local men without struggling too much (not came out yet, only a single experience two years ago, I wish to make up for lost time).
A vacation next year, probably. At least a month, maybe a bit more. Going with my cousin (late 20s, bisexual but mainly into girls), he's one of the few people knowing about my homosexuality and he said whatever country I'll choose would be fine.
Total bottom, 19 years old, 162cm/5'4, good-looking face (humble, I know!), Korean-Filipino. Not came out yet (except to my cousin, my sister, my mother and my ex girlfriend). I only had a single experience two years ago (an American businessman, probably Mexican or a similar ethnicity, in his 40s and not very goodlooking to be fair, but I couldn't wait any longer) and I would like to have many experiences while I'm far away from my relatives and friends.
Mainly into men with a Mediterranean look (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Arab countries...). A small, "kinky" preference toward masculine men claiming to be "straight" :)
And a big preference toward masculine, muscular, and well-endowed men... Unique to me, I suppose :D
Beard is a plus, I suppose bearded men are the majority in those countries, IDK
An older friend of mine told me it's not uncommon for Arab men (at least in Kuwait, he worked there) to have sex with young SEA workers, local man being the top. He also said there's a relatively larger "dating" pool compared to other countries because in local culture the top isn't considered gay so even "straight" men engage in it (almost always with foreigner workers, obviously). But it has to be kept secret, homosexuality is illegal. [Sad note, not related to my question. He also said sometimes even straight foreign workers are coerced into that by local men, it happened to one of his co-worker and possibly to another]
I thought about Egypt (Red Sea) or Turkey (Istanbul) but I don't want to worry about discriminatory laws or a hostile environment.
I assume Southern European countries are safer, but I don't know how common it is for local men to hookup with an Asian guy not speaking their language (maybe due to discrimination toward foreign-looking guys or maybe due to be mostly about social circles not open to tourists, for example). Advices about local gay culture would be very welcomed. Also curious about how common it is for local men to hold the "Tops are straight(ish)" mentality.
Not exclusively about sex, however. A nice and interesting place is a big plus!
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2020.08.10 20:39 NozakiMufasa Rewriting Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

Initially I was just adding to the community post regarding Tokyo Drift. I like the Fast and the Furious franchise but its a franchise that has its faults here and there. While I like TD I think this film also couldve used improvement to turn a small beloved movie into a great movie. Plus I want to make it fit with the rest of the franchise if I can.
. . .
Sean Boswell is a twenty something delinquent who lives in a trailer park with his single mom in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sean has a heart but hes clearly all in with the criminal life style and focus on illegal drag racing. He’s a high school drop out who even if he wanted couldnt afford college and runs with a crowd of his friends who also work on cars. Much to his embarrassment, one of his friends whose younger than him is dating his mom. Theyre also associated with local Mexican gangsters who use Sean to deliver drugs which has gotten him in run ins with cops.
While part time working at a garage, Sean gets in trouble when he flirts with a girl he knew from high school. Her fiancé - a wealthy trustfund kid - also knew Sean and berates him since he’s “dumb hick trash”. The two fight and the head mechanic tells them to settle it outside leading Sean challenging him to a race. The two race over nearby swampland and the bet is for each drivers respective car. Sean knows how to drive in the swamp whereas rich is slower and sloppier from inexperience. Sean then knocks the rich guys car off road and the water causing to crash. But as Sean looks in the rear view mirror he swears and drives back to get him out of the water. He dives in and narrowly saves rich from the jaws of an alligator and gets him back to shore.
Despite this kindness, Sean is arrested by the police and the rich guy bails himself out. Sean is bound for prison due to his connections to gangsters and prior offenses which worries his mom and his friend (in an awkward scene where she brings him along to jail and Sean is like “there’s no fucking way he’s gonna be my step daddy!”). However Sean is able to get bail and receives a call from his dad, a US Navy Officer stationed in Japan. He tells Sean to come to Japan to try and start fresh since he is going nowhere in life and in heaps of trouble with the law. Sean, seeing not much options for him takes his dads offer and leaves America.
Sean arrives two days later and gets lost trying to find his dads place and bumps into a woman who smirks at him. He later makes it and the awkward scene of arriving when his dad has a prostitute plays out. But now there is no Japanese high school setting and Sean instead takes a job at a garage. Its owned by Toshiro, an elderly Japanese car enthusiast played by Hal Yamanouchi who has plenty of classic Japanese, American, and European cars. But he’s strict with Sean and has him do menial work and teach Japanese citizens how to drive (explained as due to how a lot of Japanese people usually depend on public transportation due to its efficiency thus leading to most not owning cars). This sort of stabilizes Sean and we see a montage of him adjusting to life in Tokyo from his work, fixing cars, awkward instances of trying to speak Japanese, eating the food, and even instances trying to talk to women (which actually succeed despite his TERRIBLE Japanese since he actually approaches women).
Throughout the montage we see Sean cross paths with a Japanese woman played by Tao Okamoto (the same woman he met earlier). She’s shown to be the niece of one of the drivers Sean helps out and in another scene where Sean is shown bumping into other foreigners, this woman drives past him in a clearly Chicano inspired lowrider. Eventually Sean bumps into her on a train and tries to ask her out in Japanese but - revealing her name as Reina - the woman playfully rejects him in English. As they part Sean spots a Yakuza in a crowd for a brief moment.
Sean explores Tokyo & other wards / cities throughout his time in Japan. But he so far has kept to only focusing on work and what dates he can get, not at all racing or comitting crimes. He then while eating runs into Twinkie - the gainin he met the other day - who takes Sean with him and his friends to a nearby club where other foreigners / kids of foreigners hang out. Twinkie and his crew are all non Japanese (ethnically) and work on cars which gets Sean’s attention.
While at the club Sean runs into Reina again and the two dance while Reina’s friends tease Sean in Japanese. Shes also friends with Twinkie’s group since they all went to school together. After dancing they all step to the back where Twinkie shows off their cars and Reina reveals her lowrider and how she loves SoCal Chicano culture which amuses Sean but he also admires her handwork of the lowrider. Twinkie and his crew then invite Sean to the drift racing nearby and despite his reluctance Sean goes along.
At a nearby building, several groups have assembled for a race ranging from the local Yakuza, a Korean gang, and some gaijin / foreigners. At the race Sean meets DK - the grandson of a Yakuza - and Han Seoul-Oh (who for clarity states he’s Korean-American from the States but gets along with the Japanese residents as shown by his friendship with DK). Reina reveals being DK’s adoptive sister when they all meet and DK scoffs at her getting interested “in another gaijin”. Sean initially wont race but gets enticed when Han offers to lend him his car (Im not knowledgable on cars but lets say its a rare model that a poor kid like Sean wouldnt dream of being able to ride).
The race happens between Sean, DK, a white guy who only speaks Japanese, and one of the Koreans. Despite Sean’s old experience, he’s rusty and does terribly due to his unfamiliarity with drifting. However the white guy crashes and DK manages to trick the Korean into flipping his car. Sean barely scraps by in a very damaged car. DK now decides to make Sean part of his crew to pay off the damages but Han intervenes and pays off DK. Han however is both bored and wants to make Sean one of his mules for his own crew which DK allows.
Now Sean is part of Han & Twinkie’s crew and alongside working at his normal garage is also working for Han. However Han at first doesn’t even let Sean practice driving or work on any of his cars. Instead he uses him as an enforcer / debt collector like a Yakuza or do other menial things like getting his dry cleaning and delivering packages. Eventually Han has Sean rob a rival Yakuza group of their car parts and cash alongside Twinkie. This is timed right as the police raid the Yakuza’s base leading Sean to flee in a chase on foot then in a stolen Yakuza’s car. Out of fear and instinct, Sean manages to drift and make it back to Han’s.
The parts are then used to custom build a car. Sean drives the car to Toshiro’s garage and learns Han was once Toshiro’s apprentice. Toshiro weeps as he has a car now that looks like a car he long lost due to debt (stated later by Han that it was the car Toshiro wanted to gift his son before his son passed away from cancer). Sean and Reina talk later when with Twinkie’s crew at an arcade where Reina explains Han hides that he cares deeply beneath his aloofness. But she warns Sean that Han’s still a gangster at the end of the day as is DK being a Yakuza’s nephew.
The two then go out in spite of Reina’s friends perception of Sean and Twinkie warning him about DK. Sean shows a romantic and even gentlemanly side on their date. The two open up as we see several dates in various places in Tokyo while hiding this from the crew. Reina says she was an orphan daughter of a Yakuza boss and taken in by DK’s grandfather, also a powerful Yakuza. She and DK are close and in spite of DK being all into the criminal life style (selling drugs, gambling rings, and even weapons dealing) wants the best for Reina. However he’s pretty racist and thinks she shouldnt date outside of Japanese men and in a private scene with Han scoffs at the idea of Reina being with Sean.
As Sean and Reina date, Han decides now to train him in drift racing with help from Twinkie’s crew. Eventually Sean improves and Han has Sean compete in smaller races around the city. Sean makes a name for himself winning races and is taken notice of by DK. At another race, Reina enters the competition against Sean, a Yakuza, and an African American rapper (a cameo by Terry Crews) and wins. Immediately after she kisses Sean which angers DK into informing their grandfather. Their grandfather sternly warns Reina of disrespecting their family but Reina argues she can live her life and be with who she wants and leaves them.
Sean continues to carry out jobs for Han and bonds with Twinkie’s crew more and makes lots of money. We see Sean and Reina move into a nicer apartment together and even being able to buy nicer things. Reina however is concerned with how Sean’s earning the money. Twinkie & his friends also warn Sean about working with Han even tho they get along with him. Sean dismisses their worries since Han treats him right. One job sees Sean escorting a Yakuza’s daughter and then protecting her from foreign gangsters who want her hostage. Sean gets her to safety after getting his car riddled with bullet holes and after getting rewarded by the Yakuza tries to call it quits with Han. Han says Sean still owes him for the original car and Sean decides to work his ass off at both garages to pay him off. Sean’s dad and Toshiro both get concerned as Sean’s seen just crashing when he gets home. He also refuses more Yakuza jobs from Han and we also see DK getting worried due to money losses.
Eventually Han confides to Reina that he’ll absolve Sean’s debt out of respect. But at the same time, DK’s uncle arrives and reveals that Han is stealing from the Yakuza (we also learn that the Yakuza daughter was gonna be kidnapped because they suspected her father originally of stealing). An enraged DK gathers his men as well as Korean enforcers and attacks Han’s garage. Sean is still believed to be working for Han and gets in a fight with DK’s men while Twinkie and the others escape. DK beats Han as they set fire to the garage until Sean attacks DK and tells Han to run.
DK initially tries to kill Sean but is stopped by Reina who pleads for his life. DK tells the two to get away and he runs after Han. This leads to the car chase in which Sean and Reina pursue DK who pursues Han (and the Koreans and other Yakuza are also involved). The chase is bigger than the original and sees more crashes and chaos. The results are the same only now the gangsters mostly crash and burn and Han wrecks brutally and dies when his car explodes. The major change here however is that it is DK who kills Han when he gets to Han first and deliberately lites it aflame.
A broken Sean and Reina leave by train and take refuge outside of the city in the countryside. At first Sean is confused until they arrive at a small sleepy village full of elderly residents. Reina brings Sean to her original family home which is taken care of by an elderly house keeper. They settle for the night and while Sean tries to act touch, breaks down and weeps. He’s comforted by Reina but there’s no sex scene here. The next morning Sean takes in the beauty of the area and is then put to work by Reina helping the elderly residents with their chores and house work. They stay for a few more days with the change of scenery welcome for Sean but he admits he has to go and face DK and make things right. Reina says he shouldnt have to since DK “is a monster now” and that it was Han who paid for his actions. Sean then opens up about how he was also a criminal back home due to being poor and also not having a drive to be anything else. We learn Sean’s family are all mostly criminals, in prison, and poor and how he fell into that life because he never wanted to take responsibility for his actions. Now he’s back into crime because Sean thinks he’s good at that.
On that same day, Twinkie and the crew arrives at the village reuniting with Sean and Reina. They reveal Han was taken back to the States and that Sean is branded an enemy of the Yakuza for his ties. The garage is also destroyed and Han’s old cars claimed by DK. Sean then decides to go back to Tokyo anyway and challenge DK to one last race. The crew return and all go to Toshiro’s garage where they work on one of Toshiro’s old American muscle cars. After that, Sean goes to Han’s apartment and finds his hidden cache of money as well as two significant photos. One is of Han and Giselle, the other is of a much younger Han with his friends back in the United States (a reference to Better Luck Tomorrow).
Sean then goes to the headquarters of the Yakuza along with Reina where several bosses have met with DK. Despite taking care of Han, the Yakuza are all angered at DK’s recklessness and actions of violence around the city (since it harms the public and how its very unJapanese like). Sean (in Japanese) apologizes to the Yakuza for Han stealing their money and returns it all to them. He also asks to race DK and if he wins, he is permitted in Tokyo and there is no bad blood between either party. The Yakuza and DK initially want to just kill Sean but are stopped by Ogata, the father of the young girl Sean saved. He argues for the race in order to end the useless violence which leads the others to agree as does DK. the race is held at the pass with DK driving Han’s old car and Sean driving the muscle car.
It plays out just like it does in the film with Sean’s experience over the last several months paying off and him beating DK. The Yakuza honor their promise and Sean is absolved and allowed to stay in Tokyo. DK begrudgingly accepts Reina being with Sean and then decides to leave Tokyo. One year later, Sean celebrates in Han’s repaired garage with all of his friends and even his father and his mother are there (and humorously his friend is still with her implied to married his mom). As they celebrate Reina announces she’s pregnant to Sean which makes him happy. However Twinkie interrupts and tells Sean that there’s someone outside who wants to speak to him.
Sean heads outside and we meet Dominic Torretto. Dom has come to Japan after hearing about Han’s protege and mentions how “we were family” which Sean acknowledges the same. Dom then challenges Sean to a race since Dom hasn’t drifted in years and wants to see if he’s still got it. This leads to them setting off and the credits roll.
A post credits scene would show DK in the United States paying his respects at Han’s grave. Immediately afterwards, DK takes off with Mexican gangsters who’re working for Braga.
. . .
How did I do with this rewwrite? Maybe someday Ill take on the sequels to try and fix canonicity a bit better. Sayonara.
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2020.08.07 18:15 DaneBeADane Dane (in name only) to the Danes

I am an American, and my last name is Denmark.
I was born in perhaps the most racist state in the union, Mississippi. Growing up, no other family members had graduated college. This is quite surreal, when you realize that I had fourteen aunts and uncles on my mother’s side, and five on my father’s side. It was a big family. A big family of people who had never put a kid through college. All these aunts, uncles- and, inevitably- cousins, and no one in college.
In high school, I had absolutely no idea how colleges worked. I did pretty well in school. My friends always told me how smart they thought I was (woohoo passive narcissist?). And I had a pretty decent GPA and a pretty decent ACT score (28, not fantastic, not bad).
No one really ever told me how going to college actually worked though. For a long time, I thought that if you did well enough, colleges would just approach you with scholarships. I don’t know, maybe I got that from watching too many movies. But no one was mailing me offers to go to their campuses, and I still didn’t understand why.
No one in my family told me that I actually needed to make an effort to contact the schools. I know- it’s ridiculous right? Well it made sense, only for someone whose entire extended family never offered any experience. And my immediate family? Well, there was a bigger reason. My dad evaded taxes. I can assure you now, that almost any scholarship will require some tax information from your parents while you are still a minor in the US.
I decided (not knowing about my parents’ tax evasion) I had to pay for my own education at the local community college.
So, what did I do? I worked. I worked a fuck-ton. I would put in 60-80 hour weeks working for a local beer distributor while I went to community college. And the truly stupid thing? I STILL DID NOT KNOW HOW COLLEGES WORKED. I sank money into credits essentially just following my high school curriculum. For three years, I just kept taking English, science, math, and history classes (with marching band as an elective).
I know, to you, that attending college without working towards a goal or major is just silly talk. But honestly, no one told me different. I had one experience with education, and it was high school, so I just continued that path. I guess in the grand scheme of things, that would be good, and then at a full-fledged university I could focus on classes needed for a major (HAHA, I had no idea what I wanted to major in anyhow, other than mimicking the words of my family saying I should become a dentist or anesthesiologist), and all my basics would have been covered. But honestly, I had no true goal- and even if I did- no plan to get there.
So, at about the three year mark, I started to get burnt out. I was working A LOT. My home, my job location, and my school were each about a one to two hour drive from one another. Here I was in “college,” but I didn’t feel any closer to a degree.
At this point in time, I was dating a girl whose father was in the Air Force. I was constantly amazed that whatever small problem she might have (splinter in the finger, problems with the teeth, etc.), she would just go to see a (military base) doctor to check it up.
For me, in my household, this was ridiculous. One would only see a medical professional if one were about to die. For me, doctors were the LAST line of defense, not the FIRST person you would see when you had a medical problem.
It honestly started changing my view of things… And so I decided to join the Air Force.
This ultimately ended bad. I went away to various states to complete my training. As no one had explained credit cards or revolving debt to me, and- as a lonely airman away from home and girlfriend, who used his newly acquired credit card to rack up truly impressive fines calling his (then) girlfriend, who then bought her a round-trip ticket and hotel stay to visit him, and even bought her an engagement ring that was eventually for naught- my debt kind of not only emerged, but exponentially increased.
But, let’s skip to where I finally finish all of my military training and end up stationed in Hawaii.
This is where I can start to blame myself.
OK- my first girlfriend in Hawaii? A stripper. A Korean stripper. Like, from a strip club, where girls (or men, depending on the locale) take of their clothes for money and dance. Yeah. That kind of stripper.
I met her at a normal bar (Moose McGillicuddy’s if you must know) after she had finished work (strip bars closed at 2am, regular bars at 4). We hit it off, hooked up, and only later did I find out her job.
There were many things that happened during our relationship, and most of them good, but the most important was that at one point she tried to commit suicide. The details are painful, and in the end, we broke up and she returned to Seoul to take care of a daughter she had there.
My next girlfriend in Hawaii? A girl, North Korean by blood, but born in Japan. Coincidentally, also met in Moose McGillcuddy’s.
Hawaii, for those of you who don’t know, has a HUGE population of Asian students coming for the express (stated) intention of learning English. There are entire schools catering to this market, and most of them cater to those coming from Japan.
This “North Korean” girl was one such student, and we dated for several years. Dating this girl, I was actually able to learn Japanese (suck it, neckbeards).
But, enough of my dating history.
I had a top secret clearance for the work I was doing with the Air Force. And, clearances require certain dialogues with the people in charge of monitoring them. In essence, you need to let these people know about certain things in your life. In essence, when I dated the stripper, I was told, “OK, let us know if you’re going to marry her.” When I told the powers that be that I was later dating a girl of North Korean blood (but born and raised in Japan) the response was, “OK, let us know if you’re going to marry her.”
I eventually broke up with the “North Korean” Japanese girl after she went back home to Japan, but continued to hang out with her friends from her language school that I had met while with her (notably Japanese and Taiwanese).
Life goes on.
Well, military positions are always changing. People finish their assignment at one place, and move to another. The person in charge of monitoring security clearances at my location eventually moved on, and was replaced by someone else. Someone who eventually heard about me… and my Korean ex-girlfriends (both North and South), and my other Asian friends.
This, apparently, could not stand.
I will say this now. I have never revealed any of the classified information that I dealt with to my friends, ex-girlfriends, or even my family. Not even now, almost some twenty years ago. I say this, and mean it.
The new person in charge of clearances decided that I was a little too sketchy, with all these foreign acquaintances. He decided I needed to be put to a test. And by test, a lie detector (or polygraph) test.
Please do your own research on polygraphs. It will save me some of the incredibly painful memories I have dealing with it.
I failed. I failed the polygraph. I never lied. I never told any living soul what I did or anything about it. I failed. I honestly don’t know if it matters, but since I have been discharged from the military I have been diagnosed with arrhythmia and apnea. Both would seem to challenge the metrics on which polygraphs are measured. But, now, it doesn’t even seem necessary. The bodies of evidence that polygraphs are undependable grow without my pathetic anecdotal experience.
What I can say is that polygraph had an immense impact on me. My character was called into question, and deemed faulty. I don’t know if it is even right for me to call in a term like PTSD, but I do know I can’t complete interviews with job companies. There is an involuntary reflex for my eyes to water up. I can’t look the interviewer in the eyes- I always feel compelled to avert gaze. What’s really crazy? I’ve always been able to control my tensor tympani. What this means for people who aren’t “ear rumblers” is that you can create a roaring, or thunderous sound in your own head by flexing certain muscles near your ear. What sucks about that? In those situations where my eyes water up and can’t look at people in their eyes? Guess what. I’ve got this thunderous rumble going on at the same time.
Any. Fucking. Time. Any time I need to present myself or explain myself? This.
Watery eyes. Muscle aches. Irrepressible thunder in my head. And I can’t control it. So- that’s the only reason I popped up PTSD as a term, because I honestly don’t know how better to address my situation.
So, anyhow, fast forward. I was married to a beautiful woman with whom I divorced. The circumstances? Now, while I’m alone, I feel maybe it was stupid. But at the time, I felt kind of justified.
After divorcing, I came to China, because, well reasons. I was going nowhere fast in America by myself after divorcing, and life wasn’t getting any cheaper.
I learned Chinese from the Air Force, and my Chinese friends told me that I could come here without a degree and find decent work.
And so I did. I do want to say that I did get an associate’s degree in Chinese while in Hawaii, but that is the extent of my credentials. But I have made a decent living here teaching English, much more than I had ever earned in the US.
So, what are the chances of someone like me, with no Danish experience but very willing to learn, of going to Denmark and teaching Chinese? I mean, like I said, my last name is Denmark.
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2020.08.05 10:07 Zacurry566 Luke Patterson

Hey so one of my favourite gaming youtubers cartoonz had released some new content so I decided to make a character about him
Luke Patterson Age 32 Ex Marine Corporal Patterson was ambushed after President Trump out of desperation to be elected once more decided to nuke North Korea. Patterson had been sent along with many other recruits to evacuate the citizens before the nuke dropped. The problem was that American intel security was flawed because of Trump’s gullible and distracted mindset, partially because of the BLM protests of that time. North Korea found out and decided to ambush all recorded locations of evacuation, of course including Patterson’s allocated location. Patterson had been known as “the magician”. He always seemed to know where someone was. Howley had been his trusted friend in the Corps for years, and he himself had been saved when Patterson shot an enemy through him. He doesn’t seem to realise that in real life that not only enemies can be hit. Patterson and his large array of weapons drove the UN disguised North Koreans back...for a time. He stayed behind, and was remembered a hero for staying back to save the rest of the squad, but in reality Patterson was just having so much fun he didn’t realise they were falling back. He was captured and thrown into a prison and then because of his talkative attitude and confidence despite the situation, they made his prison conditions worse, then made him a worker shovelling and mining for coal. You see there was a way he could escape. But he would have to marry and have kids first, basically if he were to escape, there would be hostages left behind, that was what North Korea thought would be smart. He managed to nearly convince a suicidal girl, also American to help him escape, but after learning she was suicidal he decided that would not be fair to her. So he managed to disguise himself, knowing many languages as one of the soldiers and simply walked out, making the other guards believe he was going outside to torture the girl further. Now he had to travel by sea. There was a dock around that a local fisher used, but he only returned to shore early in the morning, or in the middle of the night. And so he did. He managed to convince the old man to take him to South Korea, until halfway through, where the old man out of fear pushed them off the boat. They were still miles away due to the course they had to take to escape. It was hard because the girl kept trying to drown but eventually they made it. After reaching he found that Howley never made it nor any of the Marine sent. Trump had simply forgotten and ignored them out of embarrassment. He wasn’t president anymore, but neither was anyone else. The election was a bust. A group created by a large man in a motorcycle mask literally drove the government out. The government still existed yes but they had nearly no control over the people now. The streets were in ruin. After managing to travel back to the states Patterson sold a quarter of his guns and ammunition and used the money to get the girl who’s name was still unknown some help. She ended up thanking him and they grew closer and closer. After dating for a while she introduced her brother who was just as mysterious, (and suicidal) a cheery and energetic content creator on youtube who only went by Delirious. He certainly seemed so sometimes. They became best friends after a long time and went drunk driving and even robbed stores sometimes, this was when Patterson was dumped and out of self pity got himself into even more trouble. He crashed while being chased by law enforcement with Delirious, but Delirious had some weird tech from a company called Gear industries, an experimental company, which took the form of a gauntlet that shot powerful sprays of liquid. He used it to escape and they hid from the police. They found themselves with the motorcycle helmet protestor (This is gorillaphent) and they set out to find the man who created the tech which saved the two. Patterson is also looking for the government for revenge.
North korea escape source from youtube Kento Bento
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2020.08.05 03:27 myweithisway Introduction on Multi-Season Kdramas

One notable characteristic of kdramas is their single season format. The majority of kdramas are only a single season long and most have between 10 to 50 episodes. However, as with all things there are exceptions to the rule. Multi-season kdramas, while not prevalent, have been around though some of them may not be the same "multi-season" concept as Western/American/Netflix shows. It is a misconception that Netflix has introduced the multi-season format into kdramas.
Below are overviews of multi-season kdramas categorized by type.
Note: I have covered the ones I know of, there may be series that I have not covered. I did not cover any Netflix dramas.

Popular Procedurals

Several popular crime/legal/forensics/medical dramas have gotten subsequent seasons based on popularity. These are similar to Western seasons in that you get the exact same premise and retain largely the original cast, though there are some cast changes.

God's Quiz

OCN S1 (2010) S2 (2011) S3 (2012) S4 (2014) S5/Reboot (2018)
Forensics focused procedural series, has been lead by the same ML through all seasons.

Vampire Prosecutor

OCN S1 (2011) S2 (2012)
Male lead (ML) is a vampire and a prosecutor. Through his vampire abilities, he's able to solve crimes a way others cannot. S1 was very well received for its slick action and cinematography, resulting in the addition of S2.

Special Affairs Team TEN

OCN S1 (2011) S2 (2013)
Criminal investigation focused drama that retained its core cast over both seasons.

Doctor Romantic

SBS S1 (2016) S2 (2020)
A medical drama focused. This drama is notable for the length of time between the two seasons while retaining certain core cast members. The writer and director are also the same across seasons.


OCN S1 (2017) S2 (2018) S3 (2019)
This crime/thriller series underwent a cast change between S1 and S2 where the ML changed from Jang Hyuk to Lee Jin Wook, however the key premise of the drama is based on the female lead's superior hearing abilities and has been acted by Lee Ha Na in all three seasons.

Queen of Mystery

KBS S1 (2017) S2 (2018)
A comedy/mystery/investigative drama of a housewife solving crime, S1 was well received and resulted in a S2. Despite retaining the same writer and core cast members, S2's reception did not live up to S1.

StrangeSecret Forest

tvN S1 (2017) S2 (2020)
As of the writing of this post, S2 has yet to air but it is highly anticipated. The core cast and writer has been retained but a new director has been added, it will be interesting to see how S2 is received by viewers.

Partners For Justice/Investigation Couple

MBC S1 (2018) S2 (2019)
S1 of this forensics focused procedural was well-received and a S2 was added, retaining the same cast.
Note: The series above were arranged by premiere date of the first season. Worth noting is that this type of multi-season procedural has largely been pioneered by the cable channels, which are often noted as emulating Western cable channels.

Theme Based Series

The other type of multi-season kdrama series are those where multiple dramas on a similar theme or topic are united into one series. Oftentimes, the different seasons will share the same production team, such as the same writer or director. In this case, there's often near complete cast changes between the different seasons. Additionally, often times the storylines are independently contained within each season, thus the common denominator between the different seasons is primarily thematic/topical.

Nonstop Series

MBC sitcom series that first aired in 2000, it went on to air five additional seasons with the last season Nonstop 6 - Rainbow Romance airing in 2005/2006. This series is famous for launching the careers of many young actors and actresses and bringing them mainstream popularity. Some notable names that have acted in one of the Nonstop series include Yeon Jun Hoon 연정훈 (Vampire Prosecutor, Mask), Go Soo 고수 (Will It Snow for Christmas?, Golden Empire), Jo In Sung 조인성 (That Winter, The Wind Blows; It's Okay, That's Love), Jang Na Ra 장나라 (The Last Empress, Fated To Love You), Jeon Hye Bin 전혜빈 (Gunman In Joseon, Another Miss Oh), Son Dam Bi 손담비 (What Happens to My Family?, When The Camellia Blooms), Hyun Bin 현빈 (Crash Landing On You, Secret Garden), Han Ye Seul 한예슬 (Birth of a Beauty, 20th Century Boy and Girl), Lee Yoon Ji 이윤지 (Dream High, King2Hearts), Han Hyo Joo 한효주 (Dong Yi, W), and Lee Min Ki 이민기 (The Beauty Inside, Because This Life Is My First).

High Kick Series

MBC sitcom series that first aired in 2006 with Unstoppable High Kick followed by High Kick Through The Roof! in 2009 and ending with High Kick! The Revenge of the Short-legged in 2011. This series has also helped launch some young actors to stardom such as Jung Il Woo 정일우 (Cinderella and the Four Knights, Haechi), Shin Se Kyung 신세경 (Six Flying Dragons, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung), Choi Daniel 최다니엘 (School 2013, Jugglers), Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤 (Your Honor, Psychopath Diary), and Kim Ji Won 김지원 (Descendants of the Sun, Fight For My Way).

School Series

KBS drama series that portrayed realistic issues South Korean teenagers faced in high school. School 1 and School 2 aired in 1999, while School 3 aired in 2000 and School 4 aired in 2001. This series is also famous for launching careers. Some notable names that appeared in one of the School series include Jang Hyuk 장혁 (Money Flower, Tree With Deep Roots), Choi Kang Hee 최강희 (Queen of Mystery, Protect The Boss), Yang Dong Geun 양동근 (Ruler of Your Own World, 365: Repeat the Year), Kim Min Hee 김민희 (movie The Handmaiden), Kim Rae Won 김래원 (Doctors, Attic Cat), Lee Dong Wook 이동욱 (Goblin, Strangers From Hell), Im Soo Jung 임수정 (Chicago Typewriter, Search: WWW), Lee Yoo Ri 이유리 (Come! Jang Bo Ri, Father Is Strange), and Gong Yoo 공유 (Goblin, Coffee Prince).

Reply/Answer Me Series

tvN drama series that focuses on nostalgia of times gone by, featuring lots of references to historical events and pop culture. The core of this series is families, those bound by blood and those made by choice.
Reply 1997 aired in 2012 and set record viewership ratings for cable television. It's finale broke 6% on tvN but that's not all, the final episode was actually aired on four different cable channels to capitalize on its popularity. See this Dramabeans Ep 16 Recap to see the hype back then for that final episode.
Reply 1994 aired in 2013 while Reply 1988 aired in 2015.
This series has managed to launch nearly all of its entire cast in all seasons into stardom or a new level of stardom. For those that have not watched the series but are interested in watching and wondering in which order to watch the series, see this post for good insight without any major spoilers.

Let's Eat Series

tvN drama series that focuses on food and is filled with copious amounts of food porn. This series is an excellent introduction to the variety of Korean food available. There is also a spinoff in the series about drinking called Drinking Solo.

I Need Romance Series

tvN drama series about love and dating in the modern world. S1 aired in 2011, S2 aired in 2012, and S3 aired in 2014. While the cast and the stories changed between the series, the topic of romance remained at the heart of each drama.

Oh! Boy series (tvN: Flower Boy Next Door, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up! Flower Boy Band)

tvN launched the Oh! Boy series as a line of youth-targeted programming in 2011. It included an audition show in addition to several dramas. The common themes for these dramas is its flower boys.
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop was the first in the series and aired in 2011, followed by Shut Up! Flower Boy Band in 2012 and Flower Boy Next Door in 2013.

Most Number of Seasons

Ugly Miss Young Ae

tvN S1 (2007) to latest S17 (2019)
A comedy drama focusing on the growing pains and life of a woman and lead by the same FL, actress Kim Hyun Sook for all 17 seasons. The Korean wikipedia entry has tables of reappearing cast members organized by season and also production crew members, making it an interesting example to see cast and crew changes over seasons and years.
This drama perhaps is the most "typical"/"traditional" multi-season kdrama, with its retained core cast through its many seasons in addition to a rotation of production crews, including writing teams.

History Highlight

Do you know which drama is the longest running Korean drama of all time?
Hint: It starred Kim Hye Ja (김혜자) and Choi Bool Am (최불암)!


MBC Drama Country Diaries 전원일기 (Hanja: 田園日記)
It began airing in Oct 21, 1980 and aired its last episode on Dec 29, 2002. There are a total of 1088 episodes. It is a rural drama (농촌 드라마), a drama that portrayed rural life as it was. Kim Hye Ja and Choi Bool Am played the main couple and the drama portrayed their daily life as they grew old together.
For a glimpse of the drama, see the photo gallery on its official profile page on MBC (in Korean).
ETA: Note on Terminology Used
The Korean language has lots of loan words, words borrowed from other languages such as English. In my post I'm using the English term corresponding to the load word used in Korean as opposed to the English translation of the term.
Example: Korean term is 드라마 so I used the English term drama but there may be a more distinct/appropriate corresponding term in English, such as TV shows. (See this comment below.)
Additional Examples
Using the below excerpt from a JoongAng Ilbo (중앙일보) news article on Let's Eat 3 to illustrate the use of terms. Relevant terms are bolded below:
tvN 월화드라마 '식샤를합시다3 : 비긴즈'(이하 식샤를합시다3)에 시청자들의 원망이 쏟아지고 있다. 지난 17일 방송에서 전 시즌시즌2 주인공 백수지(서현진 분)의 갑작스러운 죽음이 그려졌기 때문이다. 특히 '식샤를 합시다' 시리즈는 여주인공 이수경(시즌1)과 서현진(시즌2)의 캐릭터가 사랑받았던 터라 시즌을 거듭하며 쭉 지켜봐 왔던 시청자들의 충격은 더욱 큰 것으로 보인다.
Bolded terms and corresponding English term:
  • 드라마 drama
  • 시즌 season
  • 시리즈 series
I've personally just always used the English version of the Korean loan word because it's easy to remember and makes the most sense to me when talking about kdramas. Sorry if this is not best practice or caused confusion.
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2020.08.04 10:24 azncollecter K-pop Aesthetic Follow-Up and Clarification
So I didn't expect this to blow up the way it did and become so controversial. I 100% stand by everything I said in that post. That being said I do feel there are certain things I could have expressed and clarified better and will do so with this follow up post.
1) I am NOT forcing anyone to do anything
I found it funny how many people were saying I was trying to force them to adopt a certain style. If you don't wanna try this style feel free to disregard the post and move on with your day. I wasn't aware I even had the power to force anyone to do anything. I don't have mind control superpowers, I'm not sending men with guns to your house to force you to dress more kpop or else.
2) I should have said Kpop/Kdrama/General Asian street fashion rather than just kpop.
Here's where I will admit I made a mistake and went wrong. By focusing solely on kpop on my original post a lot of people thought I meant having makeup, hairdye and dressing like an idol was the only way to go. If you don't want to go that over the top, totally understandable, there are plenty of more mature/masculine Asian styles that far trump anything Asian-American, or even just American in general. Here are some examples:
Lay Zhang:
Gong Yoo:
And some general Chinese street fashion:
No over the top hair dye or makeup needed, just solid fashion along with good skincare and medium-long well styled hair. I personally feel that this style/fashion would suit the average Asian guy way better than trying to be a buffed up beefcake surfer dude, but again if that's what you wanna do, it's not like I'm sending anyone with a gun to your house to force you to adopt modern Asian styles.
3) Did I change myself/my persona just to get more Kpop fan girls?
Well well well, there are number of issues I take with this criticism. First of all I liked BTS far before I even realized it would do anything for my dating life.
TLDW; I was featured on a popular Polish kpop channel where I talked for 16 minutes about how and why I became a huge BTS fan, and none of it was dating/girls related. TLDW summary: BTS made me interested in Korean culture when then made me interested in my own Chinese culture as well after a whole lifetime of growing up as a whitewashed banana. They even made me closer to my family back home in China. So for those of you who thought I only did it for the girls, you are judging me before you know anything about me, they even made me closer to my extended family and improved my relationship with my parents. So sincerely just fuck off if you think I only did it for girls.
The second issue I have with this is that all dating advice in general involves you changing yourself in some way to get girls. If someone seeks dating advice it means he's unhappy about his current dating/girl situation so he has to change something about himself to get girls. If you lift weights that's also changing yourself, if you get a better job that's also changing yourself. Why is every form of changing/improving yourself acceptable but kpop isn't? I never understood this. If you don't want to change yourself at all for women that's perfectly FINE, go mgtow or monk-mode, I never said you couldn't. But plenty of guys do want to improve their situation with women/dating whether they want to admit it or not which is why I post and will continue to post. This leads me to my next point which is that...
4) Somehow people thought that me liking an ASIAN band and copying ASIAN styles as an ASIAN person was not being authentic?
A response to my post was made by Wes, who I genuinely like and respect by the way. But he echoed a lot of people who thought I was being fake. I find it sooo hilarious and ironic that me, as an Asian person, liking kpop which is ASIAN music, learning Korean which is an ASIAN language and reconnecting with my ASIAN roots gets soooo much flak. Yet this ASIAN guy who's learning Spanish and immersing himself in Latin American culture isn't? So acting Latin American as an Asian person isn't fake. Tons of guys here follow more white/westernized styles and that isn't being fake. But oh no, if an ASIAN person likes ASIAN music and copies ASIAN styles and trends that's somehow being fake? I think this reveals a huge problem within our community. As much as we rag on white worship, we still do it ourselves even subconsciously as we will crucify an Asian person for acting Asian but not for acting white or latin american.
On top of that his post was just filled with PC "everyone is a winner" delusions. Anyone who says women don't care about looks should just be permanently banned from giving any sort of dating advice whatsoever.
It was a heated and controversial dialogue in my original post but I think a necessary one. More than anything it revealed to me just how much internalized racism and white worship there is even within our own community as I said, an ASIAN person copying and ASIAN style gets more flak and gets accused of being fake more than an Asian person copying a white or latin american style. And again I'm not trying to force anyone(I really don't even have the means to, I wasn't aware I was professor X with mind control powers lol) to go for anything. If you wanna hit the gym and chug protein shakes go for it. I was merely presenting options that it's not the ONLY way to go, and that our modern fashion styles in China and SK are far more popular now. And if you don't want to change yourself for girls then don't, this post doesn't apply to you and feel free to go mgtow or monk mode, I never said you couldn't. But many guys do want to improve their dating situations whether they'll admit it or not, and that's who this post is for.
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2020.08.04 02:27 Neffe2632 Asian men of reddit, how can any African american female go about dating you, how can or should she approach you?

Of course, I am an african american female, I have always loved Asian culture but never thought about dating someone who was Asian, though i have met many males. I liked this guy in my church but i blew it when i waited to long to even talk to him, he then start dating a girl and then they got married.
Now i like this other boy who is Korean, and He is cute, smart, funny, and strong spirited but idk how to approach him and say "Hey i want to get to know you better". and yes we have spoken a couple of times but it was about the sermon and/or when i was helping out, we talked about the work that we were doing.
What should i do?
Im scared that he might not like me because I am african american
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