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2010.05.03 07:30 SteveJankowski1 A subreddit just for fans of the band Brand New


2010.02.20 17:52 Northern Virginia

A community for Northern Virginia -- Alexandria, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Falls Church, Loudoun County, Prince William County, and the surrounding areas.

2020.09.25 15:23 boardgamerecommender Recommendations for johnis11 (September 25, 13:23 GMT)

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR johnis11 as requested by johnious23 (query: "boardgamerecommender johnis11")
Generating recommendations based on a pool size of 886 with a commonality factor of 85 at level 4 (higher is better).
---NEWER GAMES johnis11 MAY ENJOY---
  1. Hannibal & Hamilcar - 2018 (8.9)
  2. Tramways - 2018 (8.6)
  3. Vinhos Deluxe Edition - 2016 (8.5)
  4. Triumph & Tragedy - 2015 (8.4)
  5. Small City - 2015 (8.1)
  6. The Shipwreck Arcana - 2017 (7.8)
  7. AuZtralia - 2018 (7.7)
  8. Rise of Tribes - 2018 (7.7)
  9. Railroad Revolution - 2016 (7.6)
  10. Galaxy Defenders - 2015 (7.6)
  11. Forge War - 2015 (7.6)
  12. Islebound - 2016 (7.5)
  13. Steam Time - 2015 (7.5)
  14. Escape Room: The Game - 2016 (7.5)
  15. Dragonfire - 2017 (7.5)
  16. Tiny Epic Zombies - 2018 (7.4)
  17. Rum & Bones - 2015 (7.3)
  18. Dead Men Tell No Tales - 2015 (7.2)
  19. Dojo Kun - 2017 (7.2)
  20. Jórvík - 2016 (7.1)
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---OLDER GAMES johnis11 MAY ENJOY---
  1. Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death - 2014 (8.3)
  2. Fire in the Lake - 2014 (8.2)
  3. Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients - 2014 (8.2)
  4. American Rails - 2009 (8.2)
  5. Duel of Ages II - 2013 (8.0)
  6. Kanban: Driver's Edition - 2014 (8.0)
  7. Bridge - 1908 (7.8)
  8. Space Empires: 4X - 2012 (7.8)
  9. 7 Ages - 2004 (7.5)
  10. Mutant Meeples - 2012 (7.4)
  11. Nothing Personal - 2013 (7.4)
  12. Bus - 1999 (7.3)
  13. Steel Driver - 2008 (7.3)
  14. Nefertiti - 2008 (7.2)
  15. The Scepter of Zavandor - 2004 (7.2)
  16. The Princes of Machu Picchu - 2008 (7.2)
  17. Kings of Air and Steam - 2013 (7.2)
  18. City of Remnants - 2013 (7.2)
  19. Wings of War: Watch Your Back! - 2005 (7.1)
  20. Warhammer 40,000 (fifth edition) - 2008 (7.1)
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  1. Founders of Gloomhaven - 2018 (7.0)
  2. Rook - 1906 (7.0)
  3. Bomb Squad Academy - 2015 (6.9)
  4. Rush & Bash - 2015 (6.9)
  5. Neuland - 2004 (6.9)
  6. Masters Gallery - 2009 (6.8)
  7. Okko: Era of the Asagiri - 2008 (6.7)
  8. Formula Motor Racing - 1995 (6.7)
  9. Warhammer 40,000 - 1993 (6.7)
  10. Master Labyrinth - 1991 (6.6)
  11. Fast Forward: FEAR - 2017 (6.6)
  12. Tulipmania 1637 - 2009 (6.4)
  13. Speed Cups - 2013 (6.4)
  14. Burger Joint - 2009 (6.3)
  15. Why First? - 2015 (6.3)
  16. Munchkin Booty - 2008 (6.2)
  17. Cthulhu Fluxx - 2012 (6.1)
  18. Queen's Blade - 2005 (6.0)
  19. Hengist - 2015 (5.0)
  20. War - null (3.7)
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  1. Jamaica - 2010 (6.2)
  2. Escape: The Curse of the Temple - 2012 (6.2)
  3. Apples to Apples - 1999 (5.1)
  4. Cards Against Humanity - 2009 (5.2)
  5. Ticket to Ride - 2004 (6.7)
  6. Blokus - 2000 (6.2)
  7. Citadels - 2000 (6.3)
  8. Lord of the Rings - 2000 (6.0)
  9. Alhambra - 2003 (6.3)
  10. Zombie Dice - 2010 (5.4)
  11. King of New York - 2014 (6.3)
  12. BANG! - 2002 (5.8)
  13. Risk - 1959 (4.8)
  14. Sheriff of Nottingham - 2014 (6.5)
  15. Sushi Go Party! - 2016 (6.8)
  16. Century: Spice Road - 2017 (6.8)
  17. Takenoko - 2011 (6.6)
  18. One Night Ultimate Werewolf - 2014 (6.5)
  19. Ticket to Ride: Europe - 2005 (6.9)
  20. Dixit - 2008 (6.6)
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Your boardgaming soulmate is holy_grail (based on a shared taste in 10 games).
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These recommendations are courtesy of simiansays, who wrote the board game recommender. Please direct any complaints or queries to him! Happy gaming!
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2020.09.25 08:08 Psycho697186 Weekly New Release Thread - September 25th, 2020


The Menzingers - From Exile
Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall
Slick Shoes - Rotation & Frequency
We Set Signals - Ordo
Bob Mould - Blue Hearts
IDLES - Ultra Mono
Niiice. - internet friends
FigureItOut - Searching for More
ShitKid - 20/20 ShitKid
Attic Salt - Get Wise
Hangtime - Destroy!
The Casting Out - !!! (The Lost Album) (Deluxe Version)
Scumbag Millionaire - Poor and Infamous
The Lurkers - Sex Crazy
Jamie Lenman - King of Clubs
Seth Bogart - Men on the Verge of Nothing
Desert Dogs - Showdown
Svalbard - When I Die, Will I Get Better?
Nasty - Menace
Wilmette - Wilmette (EP)
Mat Kerekes - Amber Park (EP)
SHADED - _001 (EP)
The Cardboard Swords - Me / You (EP)
Goalkeeper - Life in Slow Motion (EP)
BRAINCOATS - Fun Sad Songs (EP)
Gladie - Thank You Card (EP)
Guardrail - Yikes (EP)
Keepitinside - i'm trying (EP)


Mayday Parade - Lighten Up Kid
Billie Joe Armstrong - You Can't Put Your Arms Round a Memory (Johnny Thunders Cover)
Waterparks - Lowkey As Hell
Manchester Orchestra - The Maze (Acoustic)
You Me At Six - Beautiful Way
The Sonder Bombs - What Are Friends For?
field medic - i will not mourn who i was that has gone away
Dave Hause (feat. Brian Fallon) - Long Ride Home
Red City Radio - Baby of the Year
Dear Youth - Gold Mines
Driveways - Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Souvenirs - Be Sweet
Northcote - Freedom
I Love Your Lifestyle - Shilly-Shally
Our Last Night - Bronze Serpent
We Are The Union - Your Way, Your Time
Southbound - Sandalwood
Everyone Dies In Utah - Hit or Miss (New Found Glory Cover)
Up from Here - Afterthought
The Young Hearts - Old Familiar
5606 - Cali Girls
PAPERWEIGHT - Paper Anchors
H_ngm_n - Ghost (Acoustic Version)
Sarchasm - Green Hornet
Headstrong - Wishing Well
Subcon - Heaven's Sake
Jean Dawson - Starface*
Sink In - Fed Up
Metz - Blind Youth Industrial Park
Plans - Do You Feel Anything
Castlecomer - Runaway
Petrov - Outlier
Makari - Let Go
Goffie (feat. No Dice) - Glass House
Shrezzers - Phoenix
TV Priest - Slideshow
Bike Thiefs - You're Allowed Your Feelings
Bite Me Bambi - I Don't Wanna Be
Lesibu Grand - We Fucking Suck
The Lungs - Hidden Hand
Signals - Kirkhaven
Like A Motorcycle - Sick Children
Lost For Life - Come Around
Two and a Half Girl - Drowned and Drained
The Oozes - I Still Adore You
Royal Blood - Trouble's Coming
Catch My Story (feat. LANDMVRKS) - Nothing Lasts Forever
The Bunny The Bear - At the Top
DEAR-GOD - Lovin' It
King Mothership (feat. Plini) - I Stand Alone
Devil in the Details - Insecure
Intervals - 5-HTP


Deftones - Ohms (Album)
Fleet Foxes - Shore (Album)
Prince - Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe) (Album)
The Neighbourhood - Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones (Album)
Joji - Nectar (Album)
Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension (Album)
Cayucas - Blue Summer (Album)
Will Butler - Generations (Album)
Sad13 - Haunted Painting (Album)
Tim Heidecker - Fear Of Death (Album)
Lydia Loveless - Daughter (Album)
Sylvan Esso - Free Love (Album)
Bendrix Littleton - Deep Dark South (Album)
Godford - Non Binary Place (Album)
Jadu Heart - Hyper Romance (Album)
Yves Jarvis - Sundry Rock Song Stock (Album)
Thurston Moore - By The Fire (Album)
The War and Treaty - Hearts Town (Album)
Public Enemy - What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down? (Album)
Action Bronson - Only For Dolphins (Album)
Judah & the Lion - Judah & the Lion (Unplugged) (EP)
Bruce Springsteen - Ghosts (Single)
The Smashing Pumpkins - Confessions Of A Dopamine Addict / Wrath (Singles)
The Shins - The Great Divide (Single)
Tame Impala - Borderline (Blood Orange Remix) (Single)
Matt Maeson (feat. Lana Del Rey) - Hallucinogenics (Single)
The Mowgli's - More Love / Bottle & Can Man (Singles)
Yo La Tengo - Bleeding (Single)
ZAYN - Better (Single)
Ashton Irwin - Skinny Skinny (Single)
Jenny Owen Youngs - Dreaming on the Bus (Ra Ra Riot Remix) (Single)
Tune-Yards - nowhere, man (Single)
Shamir - Other Side (Single)
Krathel (feat. Andrés) - Like We Used To (Single)
clipping. (feat. Cam & China) - '96 Neve Campbell (Single)
Indii G. - Secrets (Single)
Brass Against - Take the Power Back (Single)
Ólafur Arnalds - Woven Song (Single)
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2020.09.24 13:00 autotldr Sydney to go ahead with smaller NYE fireworks, 9pm celebration scrapped

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 68%. (I'm a bot)
A smaller version of Sydney's world-famous New Year's Eve fireworks will still go ahead after the City of Sydney council struck an agreement handing responsibility for the multimillion-dollar event to the state government.
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said earlier on Thursday she was talking to local councils to put on the traditional fireworks display, with the "Strong intent" the event occurred in some form - even in the absence of spectators.
"I want to stress: when we say there'll be fireworks on New Year's Eve, do not think about what's happened in the past, it will be an extremely different event, consistent with the health orders, very cautious," she said.
Mr Ayres said he was confident some in-person events could accompany the fireworks display.
"We know we will be actively discouraging people from coming to the city who are not planning to be here for ticketed or specialised events, but we will work with health and we will work with council to make sure we manage that and provide it as a COVID-safe event," he said.
Last year, the council's $6.5 million New Year's Eve celebrations went ahead despite pressure from sections of the public and some politicians for the event to be cancelled as multiple bushfires burned across the state.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: event#1 year#2 fireworks#3 New#4 state#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2020.09.23 17:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - State told to slash tram, bus and off-peak ticket prices to avoid crowded trains Sydney Morning Herald

[AU] - State told to slash tram, bus and off-peak ticket prices to avoid crowded trains Sydney Morning Herald submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2020.09.23 16:07 AutoNewsAdmin [AU] - State told to slash tram, bus and off-peak ticket prices to avoid crowded trains

[AU] - State told to slash tram, bus and off-peak ticket prices to avoid crowded trains submitted by AutoNewsAdmin to SMHauto [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 23:31 floooooooj Clutching at straws here..

Doesn't directly relate to au pairing but it's a repercussion - hope that's okay
I decided to come to a new family, meaning that I'm extending the time I am away from my home country by 8 months.. So until next july/August.
I still have things to pay for back home - it's a little over half my monthly wage here, and I'm starting to run out of savings because I only budgeted to be away for a year (until December).
If you were to read back through my posts on here, I had to spend the money I've saved up over the last 8 months on tickets home as I got forced out of my old host families house for a while.
Obviously, I understand I cannot work and be an au pair here in the country I'm in. But, as im sure you can imagine, money problems and the stress that comes with it is greatly effecting things now. I can send some of the money back home, but it's not enough to cover the monthly expenses I have due to the exchange rate etc.
I really do not know what to do - I can't leave to go home, the corona situation would mean I wouldn't have a job back home either..
I guess I'm asking if anyone has any advice? Words of wisdom? I don't want to lose control of this situation
submitted by floooooooj to Aupairs [link] [comments]

2020.09.21 17:57 hellosunshine217 I am 32 years old, live in Brooklyn, and make $62,400 working in Education Policy

Assets and Debt:
Retirement Balance: $17,0923.26. This is a mix of a Roth IRA ($11,009.33) which is partly from inheritance I received from an uncle and partly from my own contributions. The other $4,605 is from a job many years ago and then my current retirement contributions which I just started up in June which are the rest (~2,300). This retirement account is especially low as I lived outside of the country for 5 years and was not contributing at all.
**Savings account balance: ~**$12,200. This is a mix of saving from birthday money, 10% of my weekly paycheck and my side hustles. Additionally, my mother received some inheritance money from her uncle which she split among my 3 siblings and I. I have about $3K left over that is invested which is part of my savings.
Checking account balance: ~$1,698. All my paychecks end up here and I transfer my money from there to different accounts. This is much higher as it’s my rent paycheck which doesn’t come out until next month.
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): $0. I pay off my cards monthly.
Student loan debt (for what degree): $0. A mix of scholarship and my parents paid for my undergraduate degree (of which I am forever grateful). I paid for my Master’s degree and living expenses with the rest of the inheritance and my parents paid for half of my Masters (Again, so thankful, and aware of what a privilege this is.) I cannot recommend going abroad enough for a Master’s as it is so much cheaper, even with living costs (I was living in London).
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I’ve been working in education policy for almost 2 years now. My income progression throughout my career has been a bit wonky. I started out in fundraising making $45K a year after I graduated college (spent that year after college as an au pair in Switzerland). I got sick of fundraising and moved to asia to teach English for 3.5 years making the equivalent of $16-17K/year which was more than enough to live on and travel. After 3.5 years there I went back to grad school for education and international development in London. I then moved back to NYC in January of last year and started my current job as a contractor first making $30/hour (see last year’s post around this time here) and then became a full-time employee in November making what I make now. I’m looking to move up but we are in a hiring freeze and the job market is not great with what I want to really do, so here I stay!
Main Job Monthly Take Home: This works out to about $2856/month after taxes, retirement contribution and union dues. Healthcare is free.
Side Gig Monthly Take Home: I have 2 side gigs, babysitting and trivia hosting. Both are currently on hold due to COVID. As my sister is one of my babysitting families it might pick up a bit this fall but mostly this will stay around zero until I am able to start up again as no one is going out!
Section Three: Expenses
Rent: $1,297/month for one bedroom in a 4 bedroom house. I love my apartment dearly as it is so close to everything even though I can’t really take advantage these days.
Retirement contribution: $578/month pre tax goes into TDA plan and pension account as I work for the government. I don’t want to work here forever but just in case I do, I’m paying in.
Savings contribution: Normally it is 10% of my paycheck. This has varied wildly because of COVID. I lived with my parents for a few of the summer months and was able to save quite a bit, so now that I’m back living by myself we shall see where this ends up! As my side gigs are not on, I’m not really sure how much I will save.
Investment contribution: I just started investing again- $1000 last week- but this is pretty ad hoc.
Debt payments: $0
Donations: currently: $10 a month each to BLM, NY Foundling, The Innocence Project, and BRAC USA and ad hoc donations to friends’ fundraisers.
Electric/gas: This varies from month to month but usually about $30
Wifi: $12.50/month
Cellphone: $45/month paid to my parents.
**Metrocard:**$127/month currently on hold.
**Amazon Prime/Netflix/HULU/NYTimes:**$0 thank you brothers, and parents
HBOMAX: $6/month (I split this with a friend)
Spotify: $10.99/month
AMC A-List: $23.95/month on hold right now
Gym membership: $78/month just started back up- unsure if I will continue as I really only used the pool and it’s not open yet.
Physical Therapist: $900/10 sessions so about every 2 months or so. I had back surgery last year after a severely herniated disc which caused foot drop. I was walking pretty normally however when I got COVID I was in bed for a month causing some regression. Because of that I’m back in PT to see if I can get it back to where it was. I was able to start running again which is amazing and something I never thought I would be able to do, but want to make sure I’m doing it right so PT it is! To keep my foot in shape I try to take daily walks of at least 3 miles as it helps my back and my foot immensely when I do.
Caveat: For this diary, I don’t say that I wear my mask, but every time I go outside, I am wearing my mask and wash my hands when I get home as well as use hand sanitizer. NYC is pretty open right now and I’m happy to do things outside! I’m trying to limit going inside stores/subway.
Day 1 (Monday): $0
8AM: After snoozing the alarm a few times, I check emails/Instagram/texts that came in overnight. I take a shower, and get ready before heading downstairs for breakfast.
8:45AM: I make scrambled eggs, mango, and coffee for breakfast before pulling out my laptop to start work at 9AM.
1:45PM I take a lunch break after a morning full of calls and meetings. I make a turkey and cheese sandwich with carrots, a pickle, a peach, and a few turbinado sugar and salted almonds from TJs. I get interrupted with a work call but add an extra few minutes to my lunch break and make a phone call to my landlord to re-sign my lease and bring up the issue of our broken microwave. She’s not too pleased but I tried to fix it there just wasn’t anything else we could do.
5:10PM I wrap up work for the day and head out for a walk while listening to an audiobook (Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng). When I get back I drop my stuff upstairs and head down to sign my lease for my landlord who lives on the floor below us. She tells me she’s ordered a new microwave and completely trusts that we tried everything.
7:15PM I make a dinner of leftover chicken, cauliflower gnocchi, broccoli, and spinach (one-pot dinner for the win!). I have a peanut butter ice cream mochi for dessert and chat with the roommates for a bit.
8:15PM I head up to my bedroom and watch the first few episodes of The Sopranos. I’ve never seen it but my sister-in-law keeps telling me to watch it and as I’m very uninspired by any tv recently (Taking any and all recommendations!), I decide to give it a try.
10PM early lights out as I have to be up early for PT tomorrow.
Day 2 (Monday): $27.39
6:30AM: alarm goes off and I can’t snooze today. I get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on some workout clothes.
6:45AM: I’m out the door for the 3 mile walk to the PT.
8:45AM: PT is done and I walk back home. Once home I log on for work and make breakfast of eggs, strawberries, and coffee.
1PM: I take a break for lunch and head to the post office to mail 2 birthday cards ($2.40). When I get back I make the same lunch as yesterday and order a yoga mat on Amazon that I’ve been needing for awhile so I can do at home workouts again ($27.39)!
5PM: Finish off work for the day and look around the interwebs for new books to add to my library hold list. I throw in a load of laundry and hang up some of the art that’s been sitting on my floor for months. A little uneven but it will work for now!
**7:20PM:**I make a quick dinner of a bean and cheese quesadilla with some kale on the side and a peanut butter mochi for dessert. My roommates and I chat about the state of the world and what’s to come.
9PM: I bounce upstairs for bed and while scrolling through the interwebs finally pull the trigger on Book of the Month Club. I used to get Ipsy monthly but I’m not really wearing makeup right now and so have canceled it but I do love to receive mail! I am usually a voracious reader, but since the pandemic I have been unable to focus. I’m hoping that this will motivate me ($10.88).
11PM: After watching a few episodes of Love on the Spectrum, I get ready for bed and it’s lights out!
Day 3 (Wednesday):$0
8AM: Wake up, check texts/social/news and roll out of bed to take a shower, and put on some clothes. I head downstairs and get together my usual breakfast.
9AM: Log on to work and sort through emails before a bunch of meetings and calls start.
1PM: I pull together lunch while I’m in a meeting of soup, bread, a peach and chocolate covered almonds (these almonds are one of my many vices to get through the day).
2:30PM: Take a quick break before my next meeting and do some NYT Crossword.
**5PM:**Work finished! I need a break from the screens so I put on my headphones and take my walk after putting some chicken in a marinade.
7:30PM: I get back from my walk (5 miles!) and make a salad for dinner with green beans, chicken, tomatoes, and shredded cheese with balsamic and a tortilla on the side. I chit chat with the roommates for a bit before wrapping up the leftovers and cleaning up the kitchen.
9:30 PM: I head up to get ready for bed and watch an episode of Dirty Money (Apparently I can’t watch the same show two days in a row).
10:30PM: Lights out!
Day 4 (Thursday):($19.54)
8AM: Wake up and have the same routine. I get a breakfast together of eggs, strawberries and coffee.
9AM: Log on for the day and start a full day of meetings and phone calls.
1:30PM After a very busy morning with the phone glued to my ear (first day of school changes!) I take a quick break for soup, bread, and a peach before hopping back in for more phone calls for the day.
5PM: Work day over! I log onto the Brooklyn Botanical Garden website and reserve 2 tickets for this weekend for me and a friend and she Venmos me her half I then head out on a walk (another 5 miles) to clear my head from the day. ($19.54)
7:30PM I make a weird dinner of kale, leftover refried beans, and TJs Butternut squash mac and cheese (first time trying and meh). I have a couple of mint milanos for dessert and talk with the roommates about the day.
9PM: I head up to my room and do some stretching for my foot and clean up a little before settling down with some Dirty Money episodes.
11PM: lights out!
Day 5 (Friday): $70
6:45AM: Alarm goes off for PT but I just cannot get out of bed. I snooze for 15 minutes and then take a quick body shower and decide it’s too late to walk so take the subway for the first time since March. I have to reload my metrocard ($20) for the first time and the whole thing feels very weird. The subway at least feels clean and there are very few people on it.
7:30AM I overestimated how long in between subways and arrive SUPER early to PT. I walk around the blocks for 15 minutes before heading in.
8:30AM: PT done! My foot is super sore as we are working on range of motion and strengthening of my ankle and it hurts so good. I get back on the subway to get home before my meeting. On the way back I grab a starbucks iced coffee and have to reload my card ($25). After all it’s FRIDAY! And I’m all about the pandemic “treat yo self” trend.
1:30PM: I take the quickest break I can as I have been pulled onto 3 different calling projects today and have a list a mile long of programs I need to get in touch with about various things for opening. I have leftover mac and cheese with chicken and green beans which I shovel in before making more calls.
6:30PM Work is finally over. My brain hurts from all of the phone calls. While some programs were very nice, others were much more challenging, which I totally understand- the stress of opening a school in the midst of a pandemic is a special kind of stress and frustration. I listen as much as I can, knowing programs mostly just want someone to complain to and try to answer their questions with guidance we have been given but it’s not always taken well (fair, there are still a lot of questions!).
7PM: My sister picks me up and we go pick up pizza before heading back to her house for dinner and a movie. I hang out with my niece for a bit before dinner. In the midst of this we find out RBG has died and the shock, panic and fright of it all sets in. Trying to explain to my niece why this is so sad and so important in words she can understand is hard when we’re trying to process it, but she knows something bad has happened.
8:30PM: We put my niece to bed and I read some stories to her. Mass amounts of texts are coming through my group chats as we try to understand how F***** our country is.
9:30PM: My sister, brother-in-law and I opt for a comedy movie for a lift and end up with Heartburn (Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson). Completely random and I had never seen it, but mildly enjoyable!
11PM: I walk home (someone walks next to me and strikes up a conversation for most of the way, totally random, but I wasn’t sure what to do!). When I get back I get ready for bed and read Reddit for a while and venmo my sister ($25) for the pizza and wine before lights out at 12:30.
Day 6 (Saturday):$202.56
9AM: No alarm! I hang out in bed for a bit before getting up to shower and wash my hair. I get ready and then make breakfast of eggs, bagel with cream cheese, and iced coffee.
10AM: I finish breakfast and clean up the kitchen doing a bit of a deeper clean on the oven and sweep the floors. I check my fridge and freezer stocks.
10:30AM: I head to TJs and buy eggs, milk, iced coffee mix, salad, a sweet potato, ground turkey, mango, peanut butter, a few snacky things, frozen broccoli, cheese, almonds, dried apricots, turkey, cream cheese, flowers, and a few other things I can’t remember ($103.15). I lug it back home to unload before going back out to Target to get Diet Cokes, toothpaste, plastic wrap, and Clorox wipes ($19.41).
12:30PM: Back home I unload everything and take a break to chill before getting ready to go to the Botanical gardens. I chat with my roommate who is headed to Ikea to pick up a bunch of stuff for her room. I ask her to look for a specific bed frame and if she finds it to get it and I will Venmo (she did not find it- shelves were bare of a lot of things!). I’ve been looking for one for months (my current bed is on um wheels) and I’m ready to pull the trigger now but the pandemic seems to disagree.
2PM: I meet up with my friend K for a tour of the botanical garden. After we head to a Mexican place I’ve been wanting to try and proceed to eat our faces off with queso fundido, guac and chips, and tacos of various sorts along with 3 margaritas each. We split the check and the total comes to $80 each including tip. We take our last margarita to go and walk back towards my place to feel less full. It doesn’t work as we are still drinking, but at least we tried!
6PM I wait for my friend to get her uber and then come into the house to crawl into bed and watch Netflix for the rest of the night. Day drinking is the best because you can still sleep early and not feel guilty!
10PM: I play Bumble for a bit while watching Luther and then it’s lights out!
Day 7: $0
9AM: I hang out in bed til 9:30 before taking a shower and making a breakfast of eggs, tortilla and mango with iced coffee. My sister texts that they are ready to go soon to an orchard and a walk so I get dressed and then play the waiting game until they’re ready.
11AM: We stop for coffee and I get a grande Iced coffee but use my Starbucks card. We then stop to pick up Italian subs and sister pays (woot!). We then get on the road to hit up an orchard.
1PM: We found out they weren’t doing apple picking in the orchard but there are a few animals for my niece and some pumpkins and cider donuts. We picnic outside with the donuts and subs and play in the grass for a bit before packing up for a hike. We get donuts, a couple of baby pumpkins, and a bunch of apples, brother-in-law pays which is nice!
3PM: We stop by a local nature park and take a short walk. My niece starts complaining so we wrap up the walk quicker than we want to. On the way home, my sister and brother-in-law stop in Wegmans to get their own groceries so my niece and I wait in the car to avoid further people.
5:30PM: Back home, I walk back to my house and come inside to hang out for a bit and watch TV. I do the NYT crossword for fun (autocorrect on).
7:30PM: I head downstairs and make a turkey and cheese wrap for dinner and marinate some chicken for tomorrow.
9:30PM: I watch Luther a few episodes of Luther and play Bumble before it's lights out at 11!
Weekly Totals:
Food/Drink: $252.56
Home/Health: $27.39
Fun/ Entertainment: $30.42
Clothes/beauty: $0
Transportation: $20
Other: $0
Reflection: This was a higher spend week for me in terms of food. I haven’t been out to eat/drink in ages and usually just get one takeout a week during pandemic times so this was definitely a splurge. My grocery bill was also higher because I stocked up on some pantry items that had just run out (usually my bill is around $70). I am also trying to treat myself when I want because it helps my mental health!
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2020.09.21 10:27 charlytrenet Payer séparément avec les mêmes tickets restaurant ?

Salut !
Voilà, je comptais aller au restaurant avec ma copine et ayant plein de tickets resto sur les bras, j'aurai bien voulu en passer plus que prévu. Je sais que quand je vais au resto avec des potes, on divise ma note au nombre de personne (ou chacun son plat quand c'est simple) et chacun paie avec ses tickets. Alors que normalement ces tickets restos sont limités.
Est-ce que si ce midi on demande de payer séparément que je paie en tickets et que je passe de mes tickets restaurant à ma copine, ils seront acceptés ?
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2020.09.20 22:45 BandicootZestyclose1 [IWantOut] 30F USA IT Sales/Consulting -> Munich

Hi all! I appreciate this sub because it helped get my wheels spinning. So here’s the breakdown, I have a bachelors in communications/business and 5 years experience in the IT industry. My job consists of the full sales cycle, knowledge building data centers, all tech manufacturers, etc.
I fell in love with Munich when I moved there 7 years ago to work as an Au Paitravel. I lived there for 2 years and left to start my career. Looking back, I should have stayed but German wasn’t good enough to get a job I wanted. I didn’t want to be a nanny forever. Moved back to states and worked the past 5 years loving my job. The only thing is that after 5 years, I STILL dream of moving back. I decided I’m going to start my plan and do it. I don’t love my life here and I’m not trying to “run away”. I know this is what I want. I have zero ties here and can drop everything for the most part.
My plan is to apply for the “job seeker visa” and spend the first 6 months in intense German school while applying. Lost all my German but that’s a work in progress. I was thinking of keeping my current job (work remote) but found out thats illegal. My money situation isn’t great but I don’t feel like that should stop me. Zero debt, 12k to use and for emergency use only my 401k has around 40k. Not ideal but could be worse. I have friends in Munich/Europe that will help me with the moving process. I know the pandemic is causing blocks but I’m going to talk to the German consulate if this is possible.
I was thinking I could even just travel there for 3 months w/o resident visa and try that way. I’m willing to bartend/wash dishes to make this work. Not trying to be shady/illegal but just explaining my willingness. Learn German like crazy and have a good job in the IT industry by this time next year. Now am I crazy trying to do this?? I don’t plan on moving back so is emptying my 401k dumb? It’s not that much money. First 3 months,I’d rent from wunderflats, bank account n26, provisit health insurance, cc points pay for airline ticket. I know some will say learn German first or save $ but I’m a person who makes the jump. Getting a plan together and making it happen. I would like to be there by December 1st. *throwaway just in case.
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2020.09.20 22:42 virtualpostmail Tools to Use to Run a Remote Business

As a small business owner, it’s critical to provide the right tools for your remote team to do their job efficiently. In order to make that happen, you need to find a way to encourage them to communicate and collaborate as a team from wherever they are. It will help if you stay in touch with them both individually and collectively to ensure that the business is in order. Fortunately, many tools can help you achieve this goal.


Asana is a project management tool that can help organize your company projects and ensure they are completed on time. Asana is an excellent tool for startups and small businesses that work with a small team because it allows up to 15 free users. This free plan will enable you to manage unlimited tasks and projects. It also has functions for team conversations and file uploads, which makes it easy to track deliverables because they are all in one place.


If you need any form of graphic design for your business, then Canva is the tool for you. With this tool, you can create professional looking graphic designs. With Canva’s drag-and-drop functionality and vast repository of paid and free images, it is easy for you or any other person to design beautiful documents. Another key feature of Canva is that it has templates for almost anything you would need to design. It doesn’t matter if it’s flyers, social graphics, videos, or even magazine covers. There are templates for everything.


CoSchedule is another software that you can use to organize your team and marketing
Calendar. With this feature, you can also loop your content marketing team into the conversation. This allows everybody to be on the same page with the management of the
business, as well as the different teams. In the same vein, you can use this tool to create a schedule for your social content and manage your social media channels simultaneously. Most importantly, you can use it to plan your content marketing efforts before publishing any of your posts.


Close.io is an ideal CRM for small businesses. This tool automatically allows you to log all your sales activity, emails, and calls to ensure that you have more time to close deals without having to worry about entering the data.


Need an email software? MailChimp allows you to send mail more efficiently with its easy-to-customize email designer. The fact that this software can integrate with plenty of other ecommerce platforms means that you can run your marketing efforts with automation. It also has a large collection of mobile apps that allow you to reach your customers in any part of the world at any time.


As a solution for those quick and convenient conversations, try Slack. It is especially important for remote businesses and small business owners with remote workers. This is a messaging app that allows for secure communication among team members working from different parts of the world. With Slack, remote work is pleasant and also more productive, as your team is more organized, and the channel of conversation is simple. It also has a feature that makes it easy to share files among team members so there is no excuse for your workers to send those mega-sized attachments to your email anymore.


Groove is perfect for small businesses, as it allows you to efficiently fulfill your customer support needs. Your customers can go through your knowledge base to find information relating to your products. They also have easy access to your customer service teams, which allows them to ask for personalized advice or ask personal questions relating to the brand. It also has a reporting metric that ensures accountability on all fronts by measuring customer ratings, average response times, etc. You can also sync your inbox with Groove, which will allow you to answer those tickets even if you are on the move.


There are plenty of tools that small business owners can employ to run their business and connect with their employees, regardless of where they are in the world. Remote work is becoming the new normal of our society, and these tools will ensure that businesses can run successfully, even from a remote location. The tools mentioned in this article are only a few out there, each of which you can use for different tasks.

About The Author

Thomas Lanigan is a professional content writer and offers assignment proofreading in such topics as blogging, marketing features, progressive education programs, and business.

Want More Remote Tools?

What are the most useful tools for a remote working team? You’ll be able to select from a broader variety of tools that will help you and your team keep the lines of communication open, manage projects effectively, and make remote work easier. Check out the 35 Helpful Remote Work Tools For Your Business.
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2020.09.20 17:07 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - Icare staff got tickets to Buble concert, flights and shopping vouchers Sydney Morning Herald

[AU] - Icare staff got tickets to Buble concert, flights and shopping vouchers Sydney Morning Herald submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 16:07 AutoNewsAdmin [AU] - Icare staff got tickets to Buble concert, flights and shopping vouchers

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2020.09.18 10:08 Aniseverse UPDATE: I could have chosen a better family, I don't know anymore

My first post about this family: https://www.reddit.com/Aupairs/comments/iskllf/first_few_weeks_as_an_au_pair_communication/
So since then, stuff has gotten better. I guess. The parents sat me down and they told me "the expectations they have for me" (I don't think they pay me enough to have f*cking expectations).
I'm supposed to make dinner for everybody (Including parents, but kids are more important) every night of the week. On Wednesdays, I also have to make lunch for the kids and myself. Fine, this is not unusual for au pairs to do. I'm still super lost with the cooking (not many ingredients other than frozen veggies (Impossible to make it yummy imo)), but I'll figure it out with time.
I also have to clean the whole house by myself. This includes mopping the floor, dusting and cleaning furniture on both levels, the kitchen is always a nightmare because I have to clean even the metal decorative part on the microwave (who pays attention to THAT?), dust the marble stairs and vacuum the second floor. The first floor is vacuumed by a Roomba. I also have to clean both bathrooms (including mine) and the toilets. I also have to iron the shirts for everybody (Host mom does the harder pieces though). The kids are supposed to tidy their own rooms.
Wednesdays were nightmares because I have to take the children to their activities. This meant 16 times back and forth (taking the kid to church, going home, picking him up, going home, then this all over again for 3 more activities; 4*4=16!!!!!!) When I told them that this a lot (by foot, no car or bike) the host mom was like, I quote "Well, I mean, this is part of the job." Then and there I realized that they see me as an employee. It hit pretty hard ngl I cried myself to sleep after this conversation.
BUT! They did change the timing of one of the activities, so now it's less. They also paid me the money when I bought ingredients for dinner. Which is nice and fair.
Another downside is that they don't pay me for my Navigo Pass. Since the student Navigo is 360 euros, it's like they don't pay me for an entire month because I'll have to pay it for myself. This is rather distressing as I don't come from a wealthy country (eastern Europe) and I worry a lot about money. I'm in the suburbs so not getting a Navigo is like locking me in the house, and the cost of tickets for the RER is adding up really fast.
What would you do in my situation? I feel like I could do much better (one of my friends is paid more than 500 euros a week, and they treat her super nice!!) I feel like this is not worth it. I could have made more money if I stayed home as a cleaning lady or some sh*t. I know this is not supposed to be about money but at the same time, it feels like they are exploiting me. BUT they are nice and friendly and I like them and the house. I think they are just not THAT wealthy like other host families (although they have a lot of cameras and other high tech stuff around.)
TL:DR.: Family is nice but I feel like I'm being exploited for cheap labour.
EDIT: I cleaned downstairs today and moped the floor upstairs and cleaned the bath. Host mom came down later, we haven't even greeted each other today and she asks me if I did the restroom (that I don't even use?) when I told her no she told me that "it would make sense to do it". I feel so humiliated, but I don't want to sound entitled? Is this allowed? I feel so bad because I know others are paid less than me, I don't have it THAT bad, but I still feel like sh*t...
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2020.09.17 14:16 anti-ideology69 Crowd Control is a Standup Comedy Battle Royale 27th of September

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVLY4USvFWM promo explaining
Crowd Control is a Standup Comedy Battle Royale – eight (8) comedians compete against each other in front of a room full of strangers. On offer for producing the maximum amount of laughter? Cashola and bragging rights as the Funniest Comedian.

Comedy’s answer to Rap Battles and the UFC, each Crowd Control face-off sees two comedians demonstrating their improvising skill against each other, creating a high energy, fast-paced and authentic comedy experience, where consequences matter!

This show will have you laughing harder than you ever have; and the drama that ensues will have you on the edge of your seat, right up until the winner is announced!

Due to current restrictions, tickets are limited, so don't miss your chance to be part of Brisbane’s best new comedy format!
Tickets: $15 (incl. booking fee) via https://www.standup.com.au/event/crowd-control-sit-down-comedy-club-0

https://www.facebook.com/events/1204637773233473/ facey link to the event
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2020.09.16 04:13 mr_lounds J'ai laissé mon char parké à la mauvaise place pendant 6 jours et j'y suis retourné pour trouver 1000$ de tickets sur mon dash. Croyez-vous que j'ai des options pour m'en sauver un peu? Avez-vous des expériences à partager?

Bon, pour commencer je tiens à dire que ce qui m'arrive est de ma faute. J'ai fuck up big time. C'est habituellement pas mon genre, mais faut ben croire que tout le monde peut se tromper! Je suis donc pas en train de crier à l'injustice du système ou de chialer pour chialer. Je suis plutôt en recherche de solutions (s'il en existe).
J'ai récemment commencé à travailler à distance de marche de chez moi. Gros changement dans ma vie de ne plus avoir à me déplacer en auto sur la rive-sud à chaque jour. Sauf que là faut je laisse mon auto parkée tout le temps (ce qui fait bien mon affaire). Mardi dernier, en allant déplacer mon auto pour éviter l'interdiction de stationner du lendemain sur mon côté de rue, j'ai trouvé une place sur une rue pas loin, où je ne me stationne pas souvent.
"Pas de besoin de bouger mon char avant lundi!"
Hey j'étais tellement content que je me suis pas rendu compte que j'étais parké dans la seule place sur la rue réservée aux personnes handicapées. Gros cave. Anyway... 6 jours plus tard (dimanche), je reviens. 3 tickets de 308$ chaque. 924$. Ouch.
Le point positif: j'ai pas eu 6 tickets! À 1848$ je sais sérieusement pas ce que j'aurais fait..
Le point négatif: ouch.
Est-ce que quelque chose dans le genre est déjà arrivé à quelqu'un ici? Pensez-vous qu'il y ait quelque chose que je puisse faire? Comme je dis je sais bien que c'est de ma faute. Mais 900$ pour une semaine de parking ça me fait mal un peu. J'aimerais bien contester mais j'ai de la difficulté à voir sur quelle base je pourrais le faire... mon auto était clairement où elle ne devait pas être.
En tout cas, si quelqu'un avait une piste de solution ça serait bien apprécié. Pis sinon ben, au moins vous aurez eu le plaisir de savoir que quelqu'un a eu une pire journée que la votre!
Merci d'avance et bonne fin de journée!
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2020.09.15 22:22 togeo [JP] Scorn of Demon Chimera (ADV & EXT)

JP Version Only
Scorn of Demon Chimera ADV & EXT


News: Link Moogle's Tips: (credits to Yilx for translation)
Missions: (ADV)
Missions: (EXT)
Raw AI: Link (credits to aEnigma)

Clear Videos

Youtube u/togeo 's EXT clear NVA Assassin Shadow NV Summer Fina & Daisy NV Summer Folka & Citra NV Sol Wild Card Ace NV Terra
Youtube u/niconutela 's EXT clear CG Daisy CG Folka (CG) NV Summer Fina & Daisy Great Mage Kefka NV Terra NV Physalis
Youtube u/Sinzar_ 's ADV clear (CG) NV Summer Fina & Daisy Sakura & Ayaka Rinora CG Lasswell Onion Knight Trance Terra Youtube u/Sinzar_ 's EXT clear (CG) NV Summer Fina & Daisy Sakura & Ayaka Rinora CG Lasswell Onion Knight Trance Terra
YouTube u/BlueberryAK97 's ADV clear CG Charlotte Rinora Sakura & Ayaka CG Vaan Magitek Warrior Terra Magitek Warrior Terra

Example Teams (without a video)

u/Witherweaver 's EXT clear Kimahri CG Pone CG Fina Magitek Warrior Terra NV Physalis (CG) NV Summer Fina & Daisy
u/JoestarOnANewLevel 's EXT clear CG Charlotte CG Kalmia Magitek Warrior Terra Yuraisha Sieghard & Ignacio Magitek Warrior Terra
u/hokagez 's EXT clear CG Warrior of Light CG Ace (CG) NV Summer Fina & Daisy NV Sol (BS) NV Physalis NV Terra
u/jgreat122 's EXT clear Sieghard & Ignacio (CG) NV Summer Fina & Daisy NV Physalis NV Physalis NV Terra + Relm

Scorn of Demon Chimera ADV

900,000,000 10,000 2,400 7,200 2,400 7,200
-- -- 1,500 (+60%) 4,500 (+60%) 1,500 (+60%) 4,500 (+60%)
The other stats, skills and AI are the same as the EXT version. See below.

Scorn of Demon Chimera EXT

2,100,000,000 2,000,000 4,800 38,400 4,800 38,400
-- -- 3,000 (+60%) 24,000 (+60%) 3,000 (+60%) 24,000 (+60%)


75% -75% -50% 75% 75% 75% 75% 75% 75%
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 0% 100%
ATK Break DEF Break MAG Break SPR Break


No Skill Name Attack Type Description
1 ストーンタックル Physical Physical earth damage (6x, ATK) to all enemiesReduce resistance to Earth by 200% for 3 turns to all enemies
2 ダークタックル Physical Physical dark damage (6x, ATK) to all enemiesReduce resistance to Dark by 200% for 3 turns to all enemies
3 なぎ払い Physical Physical damage (4x, ATK) to all enemies
4 切り裂く Physical Physical damage (4x, ATK) to one enemy
5 ウォーターブラスト Magic Magic water damage (6x, MAG) to all enemiesReduce resistance to Water by 200% for 3 turns to all enemies
6 エアロブラスト Magic Magic wind damage (6x, MAG) to all enemiesReduce resistance to Wind by 200% for 3 turns to all enemies
7 ソニックボイス Magic Magic damage (4x, MAG) to one enemy
8 ソニックボム Magic Magic damage (4x, MAG) to all enemies
9 魔力を吸い取った! Fixed Hybrid* damage (1x, ATK & MAG) as MP drain (100%) to one enemy
10 キマイラの邪眼 - Decrease Accuracy by 50% to all enemies for 3 turns
11 キマイラボディ - Increase DEF by 200% for 3 turns to caster (can not be removed)
12 ケアルジャ(sealable) (reflectable) - Restore 30% HP to all allies
13 サイレガ(sealable) (reflectable) - Inflict Silence (100%) on all enemies
14 体力減少により生存本能が活発になっている! - No effect
15 即死の邪眼 - [Death]Instant KO (100%) to one enemy
16 防御がアップした - No effect
17 病気状態で生存本能が鈍くなっている! - No effect
18 空間の効果で属性耐性が大幅ダウン! - No effect
19 魔なる空間 - Area EffectReduce resistance to ALL elements by 300% to all enemiesWarning: only affects your units and stacks additively with regular imperil.


Mode Actions
Physical Mode 1x [Skill 1 or Skill 2 or Skill 3]3x Skill 41x [Skill 1 or Skill 2]END TURN
Magic Mode 1x [Skill 5 or Skill 6 or Skill 8]3x Skill 71x [Skill 5 or Skill 6 or Skill 8]END TURN
MP Drain Mode Skill 103x Skill 15Skill 9Skill 13END TURN

Community Tips


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2020.09.12 18:05 wavycuddlepop No BS Day 12: Change of season triggers and what they are.

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well. Thank you for tuuuuuning in. :)
Obligatory personal check-in: No-Buy streak still going well. Sticking to my budget, although I splurged on take out + beers for date night. But then I ended up getting extremely ill, so hopefully, that means another No Spend day is in the cards for me this weekend. I am IMPATIENTLY awaiting payday so I can throw some kind of money at my $8k consumer debt. Yeah, that's 8k from July - August on home items (and an emergency surgery which was $2k of that).
Today, I wanted to discuss the yearly change of season and how many different ways it can impact our SA's.
Clothing - wardrobe refresh / the "summer dresses and sweater weather complex"
Clothing, shoes, accessories, and handbags are the first thing that tends to inspire our change of season shopping. Whether you store your off-season clothes or you are aware of all the items you own, the advertising and inspirational shopping motivators are in full force around every quarter. At the moment, we are transiting from summer to fall. I think of this as one of the most triggering change of seasons because shopping is at an all-time high! Our mindsets transition from 'summer freedom' to 'cold weather cozy'. We begin planning our hibernation wardrobe and what comfy clothes could make us feel best. We think of sweaters, booties, jackets, gloves, hats, socks, pajamas, and other 'fall staples' as CRUCIAL means for happiness to help us cope with the reality of colder weather and shorter days. We seek that comfort of coziness to help us manage upcoming holiday stress, the changing temperatures, and lack of sunlight.
Brands are bombarding us with the illusion of necessary capsule items and trendy pieces. Somehow we find ourselves skimming blogs for autumn's new statement piece and learning about how it will change our life. Influencers are showing off all the new items that companies have sent them. The pressure is real and the desire for new upgrades and updates is overwhelming. The same can be said for summer clothes and how we're sold on needing five different bikinis even though we plan to go swimming once or the most stylish french market tote. Our friends may suggest that wearing the same formal dress during different weddings isn't maybe so acceptable and so we search rentals and outlets for appropriate attire. We want new sandals and heels. We want to feel beautiful, look successful, and carefree. The desire for acceptance and perfection is overwhelming.
Despite spending a lot of money on a better cold-weather wardrobe last year, I still feel the desire to buy more items for this season. It's never going to be enough.
Quick caveat to add - Make Up, Skin Care, and Hair Care. The beauty industry entirely bases its marketing on seasonal changes. Inspirational color hues and scents tailored to help you achieve the EPITOME of Autumn Beauty, Winter Queen, Summer Babe, and Spring Lady. Aspirational styles ie. beach waves and glimmering bronzed skin, are exceptionally good at picking out our flaws and encouraging us to achieve flawlessness.
Home Decor - the pressure of Pinterest seasonal homes aka 'BuT iTs AuTuMn, CuTe DeCoR AaAaAAa'
The change of seasons coax our need to spice up our homes. This craving goes back to the desire for coziness and comfort. We're amused by pumpkins, plaid, textured blankets, Halloween ghosty ghoulies. We LOVE having something in our lives that can help us experience control and positive change. Just think about this - it's so relieving to be able to buy something for your home and have it positively impact your everyday life in a small way. This positivity is necessary as we grapple for the need to have a firmer grip on our lives. At some point, we have managed to develop coping mechanisms that convince us a slowly wilting gourd or a plastic dust figurine is the ticket to happiness. Social Media, Pinterest, are BOOMING with cute decor hacks and ideas. I often wonder what is up with out obsession with the change of season? We enjoy it so much yet we only allow ourselves that enjoyment for a brief period of time. If an item makes us happy, why do we take it out for 2 months and then store it again???
We have become so afraid of other people's judgment or simply feeling abnormal, that we can't imagine leaving pumpkins on our door stoop or a "FALL in LOVE with AUTUMN" pillow in our homes for 12 months straight. We do not want to decorate for ourselves because we like the items, we want to decorate in the hopes of joining into general group fulfillment where we feel like our social groups are functioning as one. Community is crucial to garner acceptance and self satisfaction. When we all decorate our homes, we have something to share with people. Finally, we crave something (ANYTHING) to look forward too. For 10 straight months we can't wait until we can give ourselves permission to pull our the apple scented candles and cute candy corn socks. At last, the time comes for the anticipation to subside and we feel happy for a time.
Holidays - how our family, friends, and peers make us feel and what that does to our shopping
This category can be viewed traditionally family-orientated holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas or 'start over' dates such as New Year.
I may be reaching when I say a lot of us have difficult relationships with certain people in our family. The holidays can be a very stressful and depressing time. We feel like we need to buy gifts (sometimes for people we don't even like), we are eager to present a certain image of ourselves to family, or we are reminded of our flaws by people who have, usually, known us the longest. Personally, my mother constantly makes remarks about my lack of polished nails or 'perfect' outfit choices for holiday events. It makes me feel criticized which makes me crave shopping for comfort. I want to fix my flaws and gain a sense of acceptance from her and from myself. Family dynamics can be complicated, especially during such difficult times in our world right now. Whether we shop to appease or to cope during these times, it's harmful to us.
Apart from triggering family, our consumer markets are flourishing with holiday themed sales. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, End of Year Sales! The promise of your dream items at deep discounts. It's irresistible. The voices creep in and that burning uncontrollable need to purchase is back in full force. However, we must be careful here and consider how likely that the items we've waited to buy on sale are items we actually waited on for months? Are the things we're buying limited to our list or is the excitement of discounts on other items causing us to add new things into our cart? It's a slippery slope when the prospect of saving money is on the line. Although we're not saving money by buying things we don't need.
Lastly, the prospect of a fresh start is tempting. We choose arbitrary dates like New Year or the day after Christmas or a new month to begin a journey. The time before this critical and life changing date is spent indulging our bad habits. We'll bulk up purchases before a No Buy, eat a lot before a diet, buy work out gear before committing to a work out plan. All of which are aspirational purchases surrounding the hypothetical that our lives will take a turn after a certain date occurs. Goals are set, temptations are curbed, we have the 'tools' (aka things) needed to succeeded. Then a wave of stress hits, our schedules change, we cheat once then twice. The old habits return and the guilt that comes with it is tenfold. We throw in the towel and resume our lives pre-fresh start, what was the point anyway?
Thank you for reading! At our week two point, just 2 days away, I will come back with resolutions for these triggers and help you guys better navigate the coming onslaught of change of season hype. For now, stay vigilant, stay sane, and hang in there.
Our incredible No Buy September group can be found here: https://discord.gg/CZ6e3c!
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2020.09.12 02:29 skingspan Data Mismatch Error - Berlin Time Trial Error

I know a couple of us got the data mismatch error and lost gold after applying tuning after the 8.7 update and improved their time. I feel really bad as I suggested applying tuning and rerunning the event.
Good news is I got my gold back. Just need to open a ticket and explain the situation, they know it's an issue. (use link below). Took about 24 hours but the monkeys came through.
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2020.09.11 23:14 Re1nt As per reports, Arjen Robben is probably making his official return as a player for FC Groningen this Sunday. I translated his full announcing press conference to let people see why he decided to come back as a player after 1 year of retirement and why for FC Groningen.

The title says it all really. The biggest dream of a lot of FC Groningen fans was seeing Arjen Robben returning to FC Groningen as a player. He always said it was an option. Unfortunately, he decided to retire for 1 year. But now he is coming back, played 2 games, one for 30 minutes and one for 45 minutes. And it looks like he is making his official debut this Sunday if everything goes well the last training. Why did Arjen Robben decide to come out of retirement? And why did he choose for FC Groningen?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqeyUTUasAU this is the press conference for anyone wondering
I apologize if there are any mistakes or typos.
A story about club love.
First the technical director (Mark Jan) told a story about how this all came together.
Mark Jan: Welcome everyone, I think this is an unbelievable day for FC Groningen and everybody in and around the club. We are incredibly proud that we are sitting here with Arjen Robben, one of the biggest football players from The Netherlands ever. As we all know the club is in a very rough period just like any other club in The Netherlands. Its beautiful to see what the campaign initiated by the supporters ‘laat ons weer eens juichen’ (this was set up by the supports to raise money for the club, also for example old players from FC Groningen such as Robben, Van Dijk, Suarez and Hateboer donated season tickets for people who can’t afford them) has done and we will never give up. The same as we didn’t give up in the case of Arjen Robben cause more than a year ago on the 19th of May 2019, we went to München and we talked with Arjen and we presented us as the new board of FC Groningen. (around this time the club got a new technical director and general manager). We told what our plans and ideas were, and we had a very good conversation. Obviously at the end our last words were: Arjen would you please come back as footballer for FC Groningen? At that time, it didn’t happen cause as everyone know, Arjen decided to retire, and the family decided to stay in München for one more year. At that time, it was disappointing for us but also a reason to stay in contact. After that we had a lot of conversations and we noticed that Arjen did miss playing football. During the campaign ‘laat ons weer eens juichen’ we had contact and Arjen asked: I really want to help you, but I don’t know how. Me and the general manager talked about it and we thought this could be a chance, we decided to take this chance and contacted Bernadien (Robben his wife). We made an appointment without Arjen knowing about it to visit once more in München. It was around 12:00 on the 21 of May 2020, in the middle of corona, we were in the car at 4:30. We forgot we couldn’t just walk in every gas station in Germany cause we needed mouth masks, we didn’t have those, luckily we had a hoodie in the back and I held that in front on my mouth so I still could pay for our gas at least. We arrived around 12:00 and Arjen reacted surprised. He probably thought: These guys are crazy. It was a beautiful day and we were welcomed with open arms, sushi was ordered from the favourite sushi restaurant of the family. We talked once more, held a presentation and made a video complication from the Netflix serie of Michael Jordan The Last Dance combined with footage or Arjen and the comparison between them, also to show what his mentality about playing professional football can mean for this club, for the players, supporters and everyone around the club. It was a beautiful moment because we saw the Arjen got a good feeling about it, eventually that day the last words were the same as before, the best way to help us, is to come back as a player for FC Groningen. After this, everything came together and now we are here. What I think is special is that Arjen won the league title everywhere he played, England, Spain and München, also he won the champions league with Bayern, made the winning goal in the final. That he decided to come back and play here, of course FC Groningen is a beautiful club but it’s a different level. That he does this says a lot about how much Arjen loves the game, but more about the person Arjen Robben. He stayed normal. This amazing for our club and we are very thankful.
Now Arjen told a story about why he decided to come back
Arjen: I don’t know what to add, cause Mark Jan already told it perfectly. For me personally, the same as I told more than a year ago in an open letter about my retirement. That was the most difficulty decision of my career. Also, because out of necessity. At the time I didn’t tell much about it but there were some physical problems, so I didn’t really have a choice. Then we decided to live one more year in München to relax and get used to the idea of not being a footballer anymore. I really enjoyed it to be honest, the time with my family did me good, I was able to do other things like skiing for example. Eventually you start looking for something, the sportsman inside you stays there. I already had contact with Erben Wennemars (an ice skater from The Netherlands) who came with crazy ideas for physical challenges he wanted to do together, eventually we decided to do a marathon which we trained for. Unfortunately, corona threw away that plan cause the marathon of Rotterdam got cancelled. Anyway, so I was already training physically even tho it is different than training for football, football is way more complex. As Mark Jan said I always stayed in contact with the club from the moment I left here as an 18-year-old boy. Of course, at that time it was Hans Nijland (who was general manager for 22 years and always said there was a place for Arjen in the club, whatever role he wanted). When these young guys took over, there was a lot of ambition, with a clear vision for the future. That appealed to me and because of times like corona, I think that played a big part, you start to think, and you know the move back to The Netherlands is coming, back to home, back to Groningen. You start to think, how can I help the club, at that moment I still didn’t have a feeling I wanted to become a coach or something in the board. Given that I still felt good physically, I think the year after I retired was really good for me since all the pains were gone. Then I said to Mark Jan: I think if I can do anything for the club, the most influence I can have is on the field. A week after the conversation with Mark Jan and the general manager in München I made the decision that I wanted to come back. And now we are here, I am already training football related for 5-6 weeks, we are on the right track, I don’t want to get to positive, but we are on the right track. But I have a good feeling for the future and for me the most important thing, this is something beautiful. I had a conversation with my wife this morning, how could we answer the question, why are you coming back as a footballer for FC Groningen? The answer is: club love. That’s why I am doing this, I wouldn’t do this for any other club. We are coming home, as a family, we are going to live here again, so this was the only option for me to come back as a player. I do this for the club, and I hope I get some enjoyment of it too, but I’m sure I will.
Time for questions!
Q: Arjen, do you realise what a wave of excitement you have released in the province Groningen the last 24 hours?
A: yes, I noticed some things (smiling). For us it was a double feeling because we left yesterday from München. Of course, me coming back was big news, but for us it was special cause after 11 years in München and after 18 years being away from Groningen we came back home. We had a little welcome home party with the family, at the same time the news of me returning was announced, but I left my phone on the side. After the party I did look and it was nice to see all the reactions of the people, that did a lot to me.
Q: You told about corona being a big part of coming back, can you tell more about that?
A: Yes, that played a big part. As you can see, how horrible the situation is, it does also bring some positive things. I don’t know what I would have decided if the situation was different. It did play a role because you are left thinking. For me on the first place was always this club, you are coming back home and what can I do for the club, what do you think you would enjoy the most. At this moment it is still playing football.
Q: Arjen, from playing and training with Lewandowski every day to playing with for example Postema every day, how do you see that?
A: I see it as a challenge, the level difference between Groningen and München is big. But I think what is important is that I mainly do this to help the club, that is part of it. I must be a good example and help the younger guys, even tho in ‘being an example for younger guys’ I don’t really believe in. I just have to do my part on the field.
Q: do you have a timeline in mind? Can you do this for 2 or 3 more years?
A: I don’t want to get to far ahead. Its good to mention here that this is an attempt to come back. We must see how physically everything is going to work out. Everything is looking good so far, I have been training in München with the fitness trainer there, he was also very positive. In that regard we have been training very intensively, football specific and it was going well. So that’s all very positive, the goal is clear, I want to be on the field playing games but I think it is also good to mention to prevent disappointment that it can verify from 0 or 1 games to, well I’m not going to say 34, cause I never achieved that in my career (smiling), to a lot. That is what we are going for. I have positive attitude, and I am going to try my best. That is not going to be the problem.
Q: Another thing, the same as 18 years ago, will you be coming to the club on your bike?
A: That’s a possibility. We bought a house here and it’s a not that far from the training complex, so its definitely going to happen yes.
Q: Can you talk about how much you missed football?
A: I think that’s a good question, that also shows how FC Groningen played a big role in this decision. Of course I love the game but to be honest the first 6 months after retirement I didn’t miss football, I am a sports man, I enjoyed other sports. If another club then FC Groningen came with an offer, even if it was a higher level or whatever, if Bayern came to me and asked me to come back, I think wouldn’t have done it. Well I don’t know how to explain it, it’s the combination, it’s not like I necessarily wanted to start playing again, that sounds weird and I definitely love the game. But it’s the combination with FC Groningen, that’s why I’m doing this. I wouldn’t have done this for another club that easily and plan a comeback.
Q: what do you miss the most about the game?
A: Just being on the field playing the games. But as I said, the first 6 months after retirement I didn’t feel much. I almost didn’t watch any football. Then the winter months come when it gets colder and it is longer dark, you sit inside more, and I started to watch a bit more football. When I started watching again the feeling came back a little bit, football will always be a nice sport. Then the feeling disappeared again. Then corona happened and everything started to roll. But what I missed about football is also working towards the game, I always thought that was very special. Doesn’t matter if it was a tournament with the Dutch national team, the important games for your club, every game was special. The home games in your stadium, those are very beautiful things, that is what you eventually play for. That’s what I’m looking forward to, the first home game in this stadium.
Q: Your talking about club love, but you also moved to PSV after 2 years. Where did your club love come from?
A: It is that I come from here, this is home for us. I grew up here, we lived here in Bedum (a village north of the city Groningen). This is my youth, I played in the youth academy here for 4,5 years. But I have been at Bayern for 11 years, that is longer than here. Under the circumstances I think that is logical, I made my debut here and you want to go to a higher level and I was ready for that step. So everything went really fast. Now you come back, this is coming home and FC Groningen is a part of that.
Q: Did you talk yet with the trainer about your position and role on the field?
A: That will be clear in the preparation for the season. We did talk about it but not very specific about playstyle, tactics or my role. But I am convinced we will work it.
Q: According to Mark Jan, your wife was one of the initiators for your comeback. How was that for you.
A: I don’t want to say it was surprising, but it also kind of was. I am also thankful, I think FC Groningen maybe have to be more thankful to my wife than I am (smiling). If you have been in the football world for 20 years and it stops, you step out and you have very fun time as a family. Then stepping back into the football world, you of course have to discuss it. But she also thinks this idea is very beautiful and she supported it. We were 18 en 19 when we left our parents houses and moved to Eindhoven together and this whole adventure we did together. And every time it was about my career, we went from club to club, from Eindhoven to London to Madrid to München, she did that for my career. Now as a family we are going home, that is a little bit different and maybe makes it a little bit easier. Then you still can say: that football, I don’t want that anymore, but she fully supports me.
Q: You also told you liked the vision of the new board, what did you like about it?
A: Just in general I think the club has potential to grow, here in the north there are not a lot of clubs, so also fans wise I think the club has the potential to always finish, let’s say, the top 3 is not realistic. But below that there are spots, if you can structurally finish there as FC Groningen, I think that’s a nice goal and also possible.
Q: Now with corona, if that wasn’t here, would you have been here?
A: I don’t know, we will never know, but those are if questions. I always say: if my little sister had a dick, she would have been my little brother. (smiles and looks at his mom) Nice he mom, nice statement. No but things go as they go. This is how it went, and we will never find out.
Q: FC Groningen is financially in a tough spot, can you tell about your salary negotiations? How quick was there agreement?
A: Quick
Q: more details
A: It’s not important, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just say it was very quick, both parties were happy with it.
Q: I talked with Hans Nijland (former general manager) and he thinks a step further. He said your next step could be playing on the European Championship 2021. What do you think about a comeback as international?
A: Lets just start at the beginning. The first goal is a group training, then a game, then even more games. That’s the goal. I don’t want to get to far ahead and I think they are doing fine over there. So its not like they absolutely need me.
Q: did you have any examples for players who made a comeback?
A: Not really. Obviously you have nice stories and bad stories. Some succeeded and some didn’t. I heard Perez yesterday (an analyst on Dutch tv) and he was a bit more sceptical. I don’t look at it that way, yes of course it can fail, so what? Then I don’t need to make this comeback? I want this and you will find out later if it succeeded. Maybe things don’t work out, physically or whatever, people will say I never should have done this. But yeah, then we will never find out. Why not? Shouldn’t I try this then? That’s my opinion. I have nothing to lose, really. My career is done, and I completed it, this is just a bonus. The goal is clear. Who is going to stop me from doing this? of course if you look at it critically, the level difference, is that going to be a problem? I am going in positive and we will see what happens. I am positive person and we are going to do this. We will see where this ends, maybe in 1 month, or maybe in 2 years.
Q: somewhere you needed confirmation about your fitness
A: Yes, it is a big compliment to everyone involved that we managed to keep this quiet for so long. I was surprised by that because I have been on Bayern training field 8 times and I am thankful for the fitness trainer there and Bayern that they gave me that opportunity to train there. After 2 or 3 times I was notice by I think The Bild and they were asking questions why I was training. But I said I was just doing this for myself to stay fit, and luckily nobody asked any further and started an investigation (smiling). It was important for me to keep this quiet cause I wanted to see if I was able to do this before announcing everything and then finding out physically it was not possible for me, but all the lights are on green.
Q: Is the contract for 1 year? And after that? Do you have ambition to become coach or do you have any agreements about a future role?
A: Yes 1 year. No, I don’t have that ambition yet and there are no further agreements. Its just about this now.
Thanks for reading 😊
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